How To Keep Your Weave Fabulous

Behind fabulous looks are commitment and excellent grooming skills. How well are you kempt? Lately, wigs have become a must-have in women`s wardrobes since they are trendy when it comes to attaining elegant hairstyles. Wigs come in different styles and textures that have to get proper maintenance to stay looking brand new. The following are tips to keep your wig glowing as the first time you unpacked it! Get on board.

1. Wash Your Weave

Human hair wigs catch dirt and dust when exposed to the open. Other sources of dirt could be from contact with your sweat or the oily hair products, which easily trap dust. When wigs stay for long without cleaning, they develop a bad smell. Stinking wouldn’t be such a pleasant word when used to describe your hair. Wash your weave at least once or twice a week depending on your preference.

2. Use Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner

Hair products such as oils and gels build up dirt on wigs. Shampoo your hair to remove debris and break the build-up. After dealing with the dirt, focus on the hair itself. If you would love to renew the wig texture, you can apply a leave-in conditioner. Conditioner detangles and also leaves your hair soft. It moisturizes hair and forms beautiful curls.

3. Choose Anti-bacterial Weave Spray

The ultimate way to bring full lace front wigs alive is by the use of anti-bacterial weave spray. Wigs take longer to dry and may end up getting smelly or worse, obtaining microscopic organisms. Take advantage of the spray`s ability to fight bacteria and give your hair proper care. It will give your wig the freshness you desire and the cleanliness it deserves.

4. Style Your Weave

Following several weeks of wearing your human hair wig, you will notice that some hair may have fallen out of place and changed the styling. It is time to pick up your scissors and do some trimming. Trim the wig to suit your preference or maintain its original styling. If you are not sure of how it will go when you cut the wig yourself, use the help of a hairstylist. You can also use tweezers in case you need to form baby hairs.

5. Daily Maintenance

Wigs are delicate and need preparation, especially if they are for everyday use. Detangle your lace front wig to make it smooth. Comb your hair with a wide edge comb. You can also brush through with a brush that has strands covered with rubber. No fizzing is a guarantee. For curls, bring them out as they should to retain its style.

6. Night Care

After a long day, it is now time to go to bed. If you have to remove your wig, ensure you keep it safe. You can wrap your  human hair wigs in the original packaging from the shop. For those who have the wig stands, it is even better for you. Covering your wig with a silk scarf is appropriate. Satin materials are non- absorbent; hence, your hair retains moisture.  You can still wake up to more mornings of glossy and shiny hair.


Some Tips

For some extra tips, keep your eyes glued to the content below. You will soon get to the top of the game.

1. Do Not Relax Your Hair Straight Away

When the scalp stays too long before getting into contact with chemicals, it gets sensitive. Therefore, relaxing your hair immediately after taking your wig out could turn out to be a little tricky. You could experience some burns, which are not suitable for your hair. Use the help of a couple treatments before going the chemical way. It is safer and efficient hair care.

2. Oil Your Scalp Not the Hair Itself

Hair needs to be moisturized to avoid dryness and breakages. However, oiling should be done on the scalp and not the hair itself. Human hair wigs become greasy when you apply typical hair products on them. When oiling your hair, limit it to your scalp. Escape the mess which follows too much oil on your wig. Do it cautiously, and avoid unnecessary worries.

3. Use Minimal Heat

 The worst thing you wouldn’t want happening to your human hair wig is getting a burn. Hair can sustain hot temperatures, but not too much. You should watch out for the amount of heat you apply on your weave since very high temperatures dry and break strands of your hair. Less heat is recommendable when straightening your hair stands.

4. Use Hair Products Selectively

Wigs need to be moisturized to maintain their glow and texture. However, not all hair products go well with wigs. Applying multiple types of products is harmful to your hair. Unlike natural hair, wigs will end up being greasy. Consider reducing the quantity of oil you use on your wig to get the best results with the few products you prefer.

5. Make a Visit to Your Hair Stylist

Professional hair stylists have experience with wigs and natural hair too. They handle so many clients with different hair needs hence may have answers to all your questions. You can also up your game by receiving services from these people. Make regular visits to get proper care for your hair. You will always get updates and remain stylish all the way.

6. Consider the Height of the Wig you Buy

Long human hair wigs are beautiful and tempting to wear. You could look at them and marvel the whole time, but here comes a question- will you be able to take care of it? When wigs are too long maintenance becomes a daunting task. The long strands easily tangle hence takes longer time for care unlike short wigs of lesser heights. Then you have work to do. Choose wisely.

Wigs could be a little costly; hence, purchasing them from time to time can prove expensive. Treat your wig with the tenderness it deserves to get stunning results. Keeping your wig fabulous is both appealing and pocket-friendly, therefore the best approach is to try out the tips above. Now, you can forget embarrassments and leave good impressions on people. Approach your career and social life with a different mindset. Look good for longer!


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