How to Keep Lace Front Wigs On

Wigs have been an essential part of the fashion industry since ever. Some people experiment on their own hair but some do not want to damage their bio-hair and go with wigs of different colors and styles.
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Nowadays, wig users prefer hair wigs over styling tools on their own hair as it causes permanent destruction of natural hair in the long run. Wigs are available in many different varieties. Wigs can either be Synthetic (made from synthetic polymer) or Human hair wigs (made from real human hair). Human hair and synthetic hair both have great versatility in texture, style, and color. Other than that, the wigs could either be the traditional old ones, monofilament, full-lace wigs or lace-front wigs. Monofilament and full-lace hair wigs allow you to part your hair in any way or direction as the mesh and lace make it look like the air are coming out of the hair follicles. Lace- front wigs are also ideal for a no-wig look as the front lace part merges well with the hairline and gives the deception of a natural hairline.
Lace front hair wigs are in demand and quite popular among wigs users currently as they provide a very natural and light look. They give the false appearance of a natural hairline and therefore it is difficult to tell if you’re wearing a wig. They are made up of human hair, Hand-tied in the front and machine-made or exclusively hand made on the back as well. They usually have a 3.5-inch lace piece at the front. This piece can be cut and customized according to your own preference. Lace front wigs have a lace front and a thicker wig cap. The hair is stitched to the frontal lace by threads and to the thicker wig cap giving it a fuller yet natural feel. They are stretchy and easily cover the whole of the scalp that gives a neat sight. These hair wigs are also cheaper in price than full-lace front wigs though they also give the independence of styling the hair as you want.
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs
Why Choose Lace Front Wigs?
Wigs have always been a famous choice among women as not all women have long shiny hair, therefore, they have used wigs since ages to flaunt smooth gorgeous hair. At present, wigs are not considered a necessity but a fashion. People love using wigs to enhance their pretty styles. Wigs are the most trending nowadays. Wigs give more self-confidence to women by having silky beautiful hair. Lace front wigs give that natural look every woman dreams of. They set on the head properly giving it a typical hair look which seems as the hairs are ascending from the hair follicles. The lace of the wig can be customized as per your own wish such that it doesn’t show. The lace front wigs are available in different head sizes and you can find out the one which fits you properly. The stretchability though makes it possible to fit these perfectly and the thick wig cap helps it stay in place well.
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs
Perks of Front-lace hair wigs
Front lace hair wigs are the emerging choice among people of different age groups as they provide the false appearance of real hair. Some of the perks of front-lace wigs are:
  • Covers loss of hair due to any disease or worsening environmental conditions
  • Front lace wigs elegantly mask gray hair that comes out with aging
  • They give a healthy, silky, beautiful look to your hair without chemically treating your own hair
  • They are trendy. Front lace wigs help you stay updated with the fashion as you can apply different kinds of styling to the air.
  • Most importantly, they impart confidence to those who have lost their hair due to one reason or the other being alopecia due to chemotherapy or any other factors. This gives them the confidence and strength they need.
Ways to Keep Lace Front Wigs On
Beginners who use lace front wigs are very skeptical about the lace front wigs because they assume that by using the lace front, they might not be able to keep the wig in place or the lace might show-off ruining the look of the wig whereas this is not the reality. The extra lace can be cut to suit your hairline. Lace front wigs are the most comfortable and easy to use wigs available. They can be secured using adhesive glue. For a non-adhesive solution, pins or wig grip band is the ultimate choice.
Adhesion to the scalp
These wigs can be adhered with or without the use of adhesive glue. While using adhesive glue, your scalp, particularly the hairline should be free of oil and dirt. Now pour some glue on a blue blender or sponge and dab it over the hairline where the lace front has to be placed. The glue can also be applied with a makeup brush. Now let it dry until the glue goes transparent. Once the white color of the glue vanishes, place the lace front and adjust accordingly.
Use of Wig grip headband
If you are looking for ways that do not include the use of glue on the skin, wig grip headband is the one thing you need to get your hands on. This band has velvety texture on both sides which helps it stick well to your scalp/ hair and the wig as well. With this accessory, you can easily secure your lace front wig without the use of glue.
  • Firstly, tie the hair in a braid or just secure them so that they do not disturb while setting the wig.
  • Secondly, carefully place the Wig grip headband onto your scalp and secure it.
  • Now place the wig with precision over the wig grip band and adjust by pulling hair from a few places of the wig that helps it merge with the hairline and gives a natural look which is the characteristic of the lace front wigs.
  • Pluck some hair from the front and sprinkle some baby powder in the roots for baby-hair appearance.
  • Open the braid and let the hair do their job now!
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs
How Long Do Lace Front Wigs Stay On?
Front lace wigs can stay on for around 6 weeks but that does not apply to all of them. It depends on how you take care of them and specifically on how they are attached to the scalp.
Front lace hair wigs provide a natural and luxurious hair look that you can flaunt anywhere, anytime but you need to take proper care of them to make them last longer. 6 weeks is the maximum they can stay on but it is advised not to wear them for so long. To use an adhesive glue to stick them to your scalp or not is your choice. Try whatever makes you feel comfortable and slay your lace front wig. Happy Experimenting!

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