How to Hide Knots with Bleaching?



The knots that we are talking about today are not the kind of knots that you get when you move your head around too much or the knots that you get throughout the day. We are talking about the knots that are caused due to the fact that strands of hair are knotted into the lace of a wig to help keep the hairs in place. Some people might want to hide these knots and I am going to tell you how to do that.

Some people choose to bleach the knots, use concealer to cover the knots or upgrade to use a silk base unit. The process that you use is the same regardless of which method you choose to use.

Pros of covering your knots:

  • The hidden knots help make your wig look more realistic. It gives you the illusion of skin on your scalp.

Cons of covering your knots with bleach:

  • Bleaching is not healthy for your hair as it can make your natural hair brittle over time. This will result in breakage and your hair can shed.
  • Some people tend to only bleach the hair at the hairline or they bleach all the knots around the wig as a whole. Either way, if done properly, it will look amazing. If not, the knots can go orange or become brittle and break.

Cons of covering knots with concealer:

  • When you wash your hair, the concealer is gone regardless of where and how you place the concealer on your wig or on your skin. This process will need to be repeated every time you place your human hair wig on your head.
  • You need to make sure that you use the right shade of concealer as if you get it wrong, the skin tone will be different and you will lose the realistic look that we are trying to achieve.

Tools you will need to cover up your knots:

1) Wig stand- a polystyrene wig stand is best

2) Pins- 3t-pins are best suited

3) Face powder or foundation (make sure it is as close to your natural skin tone as possible)

4) Holding spray or hairspray (the stronger the spray the better)

5) A dense make up brush. This is the brush that you use to apply your foundation onto your skin in the morning.

Steps to covering up your knots:

1) Expose the lace.
Turn your wig inside out and then place your wig onto your wig stand. Make sure that the hair is out of the way and that the wig lays nice and flat on the wig stand. This first step works the same regardless if you are using a lace front wig, full lace wig or any other type of wig that you might have.

2) Use pins to secure the hair.
Now you can secure the wig by placing pins down along the wig. You want to place a pin down the center of the head and one on each side of the ear. We suggest that you use 3t-pins as they are the easiest to gab into the wig stands.

3) Apply face powder to brush and brush lace closure.
Now comes the fun part. If you are using bleach then you bleach the tips of the knots. Follow the bleaching instructions carefully and you will be ok. If you want, you can always send your wig into a professional and they will bleach the knots for you.

 If not, then you are going to place your face power or your foundation onto your dense makeup brush. You are then going to cover up those black dots which are in fact the knots that you want to cover up. Use your own foundation that you use daily for your makeup as that color is going to match your own skin tone.

4) Apply holding spray.
This step is vital and not a lot of people tend to remember this step. You are going to spray your hair spray or holding spray directly onto the lace and let it sit for about 10 minutes. The hair spray acts like a setting spray for makeup. This means that the foundation will not run or move during the day. Make sure that you spray the hair spray from a distance. This is going to help ensure that the spray covers the foundation evenly and without spider web looking strands in the wig.

You are then going to repeat this step as many times as you would like. The more times you do it, the more coverage you will get.

5) Pull the pins out
Now, you can turn your wig over and use a damp cloth the get rid of any excess power or foundation that you have on the hair of your wig. Make sure that you take all the pins out before you turn the wig over and do not forget that when using your cloth, make quick smooth movements to get the makeup off the wig without damaging the wig or hair fibers.

Covering your knots is important to help you wig look as natural as possible. Yes we all get knots in our natural hair but not in the locations of the knots where the hair strands are placed in your wig. If you choose to bleach the knots, you are going to need to re-bleach the knots every once in awhile to help keep your knots hidden as much as possible.

Let us know which method you choose to use and why. Both methods work well and have their own pros and cons but either way, as long as you hide your knots, your human hair wig will look as natural as possible and no one will ever know that you are wearing a wig in the first place. 

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