How to Dodge Hair Loss From Wearing Wigs

                          --A Brief Guide to maintain Perfect Hair while using your favorite wig


It has now been a tremendous supposition about wigs that they are the reason people suffer hair loss. The results from different studies led by well-reputed brands, however, have proved it wrong. Sorry to break it down to you old-timers!
The results indicate that the quality of the material used in making the wig does not play a part in damaging your natural hair. The only way a wig can damage your natural hair, by all means, is the way you wear it.
Let’s shine some light on the damage on your natural hair due to human hair wigs.

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Do Human Hair Wigs Cause Hair Loss?

There is no question whether human hair wigs have any effects on your natural hair because they, for sure, do but wearing these wigs in the wrong way can damage your hair far more than the stuff used in making them.
Wigs not fitting properly can cause excessive pressure on your hair follicles that are eventually weakened due to prolonged use of the wig. Additionally, long-term use of such wigs causes the health of your hair to drop drastically because of lack of air and decreased blood flow.
To overcome this, it is always recommended that you use wigs that come with wig caps having caps that allow airflow and do not put more than enough pressure on the scalp to keep the wig in place.
Mostly, mid-range and cheap options available in the market for Human Hair Wigs may be below the acceptable standards in this aspect and can contribute to hair loss more or less. So, it is a wise choice to opt branded and well-made wigs if you are looking forward to a prolonged use for them.
So, the question of whether human hair wigs will cause hair loss can be confidently answered with the phrase,
No, they won’t until and unless they are worn properly.”

Why do Human Hair Fall Because of Wigs?

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As much as hair fall is concerned, it might be happening because of a lot of reasons and wigs cannot always be the culprit. However, hair fall can be triggered by wigs ultimately. Human hair is delicate and is prone to problems like hair fall and thinning for simple reasons.
Wigs that put too much compression on hair follicles and their caps not having shacks to interchange air and allow your scalp to breathe are the main reason for hair fall due to wigs. Human Hair requires a proper amount of blood flow and air to be in their best shape. If anyone of these requirements is not fulfilled, their health starts degrading and ultimately, they start to fall off. Thus, always make sure that the wig you are wearing is not very congested and not too hard on your hair. Simply put, if you are looking to have healthier hair while keeping your wig collection, consider using wigs that have a breathable wig cap and a perfect fitting. Not wearing a wig cap can also damage your scalp and hair. So, make sure you are using a wig cap while setting up your favorite human hair wig.
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How to Avoid Hair Loss while Wearing Wigs

As much as hair loss can be a difficult problem to deal with, avoiding it is a much easier task. Follow these steps to maintain and ultimately own perfect hair.
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Make sure these things are taken care of and you won’t have to worry about the health of your hair while wearing a wig.

1.Wash Your Hair

It might seem like a common practice but it is a vital process for your hair. Sweat, dirt, and dandruff build-up while wearing a wig and this mixture can be harmful to the health of your scalp. A weak scalp obviously cannot support thick hair and eventually, your hair starts falling off. Hence, it is a very good practice to wash and clean your hair thoroughly to ensure their excellent health.

2.Moisturize Them

Before you put on your wig, make sure you moisturize your hair with a spray to eradicate the risk of developing dry hair. Dry Hair is more prone to breakage and damage. That is why moisturizing them should be one of your priorities.

3.Use Breathable Wigs

Hair and scalp can use as much air as they can get. Without proper airflow, hair becomes weak and the scalp, tensed. That is why experts recommend using wigs with holes in them so that your hair and scalp get all the air they need to flourish.

4.Trim on Time

So, you have taken care of your hair and they have flourished on your watch. Now its time to cut them to size and eliminate all loose ends. Start with trimming your side hair and then move to shorten them until you reach the desired length. Professional stylists recommend shortening your hair or at least trimming them once in every two months. This prevents hair breakage and improves their overall health.

5.Take Off Your Wig

Taking your wig off whenever you have the chance can greatly reduce the risk of developing any hair conditions. You should never sleep wearing a wig to avoid any excessive pressure on the scalp. In short, the less you have your wig on the better it is for the health of your hair.

In The End…

It is all up to the user of the wig to ensure he/she is taking all the necessary steps to ensure their hair stays in good shape. If the wig is properly maintained and it fits your head properly, there is no chance that your hair can be damaged.
Always remember to wear your wig in the best fitting and ensure no excessive pressure is being applied to your scalp.
“The good wig will feel good.”
So, if you are looking forward to having your hair in good health while continuing wearing your wig. Make sure all that is discussed above is followed. Happy Wigging!

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