How to Detangle Curly Human Hair

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We love wigs now, but hair wigs tangles always make us annoying.

Detangling curly hair can be a challenge for most women with curly wigs. Using a hair -care tool to comb or brush through your hair is referred to detangling. This aids in removing tangles and shed hairs that can cause matting, knots, and lastly, breakage. Curly hair requires a higher level of maintenance and care.

Detangling curly wigs should be done in the right way for you to get the best results. There are materials needed (right ones) and steps to follow that have been listed below. There are guidelines on how to detangle your human hair wig.

Materials Required

1. A wide tooth comb
2. A brush for curly wigs
3. A detangle spray
4. Any leave in conditioner
5. A wig head or stand

Some tircks before detangling

  • l Perpare an towl below wig to avoid making the floor slippery
  • l Divide the wig as different parts and consider each curl as a section to detangle.
  • Put an old towel below your wig so that the detangling solution doesn’t make the floor slippery.


Step 1: Place your wig on your stand

First, you should place your curly wig in a wig stand or a wig head. Then use a curly wig comb to comb your hair from root to end. Here is an important tip for you, if you don’t have a wig stand or head, just use a counter or tabletop incase to secure your wig.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

Step 2: Put a towel below the wig

This procedure is to avoid making the floor slippery when applying water, hair products and haispray. It is alternative, you can do the process in bathroom or use a cloth.


Step 3: Soak your wig or use hairspray.

Take a hair spray for culry wig to get wet or soak wig with water. When soaking hair in water, use warm water which makes it a lot easier for detangling. This will take about 10 minutes at most. Make sure you wring out the excess water from the wig and place it back on to your wig head.

You should add shampoo to the warm water if the wig is dirty and needs cleaning. You can also opt to wash your hair over the shower. If you use shampoo to wash your wig, you should then rinse the wig with clean water before starting the combing process.

Step 3: Apply Conditioner

Apply a palm full of conditioner in your hands then rub it completely throughout your wig. This helps to make the process of detangling the curls from the wig more easy Make sure to also saturate the tips of your wig.

Take out your spray bottle and spray some of the conditioner water/mixture on to the bottom tips of your wig. This added care makes sure that your human hair is not full of split ends or dry tips.

Step 4: Comb and Brush out Knots

Using a wide-tooth comb is the gentlest way to detangle curls. You should slowly brush out any knots starting from the roots of your hair to the tips. This process depends on how long your hair is and you should not rush as you comb out the curls.

You will not spend more than 30 minutes making sure that all the knots are removed. It is crucial for you to be very cautious because you do not want to yank the way, as this will make the tangles even more worse.

Step 5: Rinse your human hair wig

After you have successfully brushed out the not’s and tangles in your hair make sure to rinse it out. You will achieve this by lightly spraying water on the unit. This will help dilute the conditioner and reduce the greasiness that is left once the product dries up. Your hair shouldn’t be completely soaked to avoid washing out all the conditioner. Fully soaking your hair while rinsing it would mean that you would have to repeat the whole process.

Step 6: Dry your wig

There are two ways for you to achieve this either by air drying your wig or using a blow dryer. Air drying your wig takes about 2 hours for it to be fully dry. You should leave the unit on top of the wig head and give it time to dry. Using a blow dryer will take less time but might damage your wig if exposed to high temperatures. For preferred results you should let your wig air dry.


Mistakes to avoid

  • Do not detangle dry hair

It will be hard for you to detangle curly hair since the hair is not slippery as opposed to the wet hair which is easy to comb out due to its slipperiness. If you have to detangle dry hair, use oil to lubricate and reduce breakage.

  • Not combing the right way

Tangles are likely towards the bottom of your hair and that is why you should always start combing at the bottom which allows you to gently detangle each knot, rather than compounding them all toward the bottom and jerking your way through with a wide-tooth comb.

Using the proper tools

You should ensure you invest in the proper tools that will not tangle or pull out the hair from the wig even more. These include:

1. Brushes

Using the right wig brushes ensures that you do not loose much hair. This also ensures that you detangle your hair properly. A wide paddled brush is the perfect brush to use on wet or dry human hair wigs.

These tools are best for smoothing hair out in conjunction with a blow dryer. You should not use this paddle hairbrush at the beginning of detangling, since it will lead to the shedding your wig and your wig having split ends.

2. Comb

Use comb to detangle your curly hair wigs is convenient and affordable. When choose a perfect comb, you’d better use a wide tooth comb so to avoid damange to hair.

3. Best conditioner  

You should not just use any conditioner but rather the perfect one. Your conditioner should be hydrating meaning it should have enough water to product ratio to prevent your wig from drying out. Ingredients used to make your conditioner should be paraben and sulfate free.

This will make sure that the ingredients used will not be too harsh on the hair after application. You should always look at the back of the conditioner before buying the conditioner product to ensure the ingredients used are the best.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs


By following the simple steps listed you will be able to keep your hair tangled free. This is a great way to keep your wig lasting long and looking fresh. Human wig isn’t that cheap and no one wants to waste money buying wigs from time to time.

Taking care of your wig will make you look attractive and help you save a lot on hair money. With this in mind and doing it the right way your life will be a whole lot easier to manage.

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