How to Cut Lace on Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

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Cutting your lace front wig for the first time can be a scary experience but if you follow this step by step, you won’t have any problems and you will be able to cut your lace on your own every single time.
The number one rule before you even start is to not cut the whole lace in one go! You are going to end up cutting a lot of the lace away but you want to do this gradually so that you do not cut too much. Remember, you can always go back and cut more but once it is cut off, you cannot reattach it and you are going to have to start again. There are a few steps you need to take before you even cut the lace. So don’t get all scissors happy and cut. Be patient as you want this to look perfect.
Tools you will need:
  • Wig stand
  • Lace
  • Sharp scissors
  • Clips
  • Tweezers
  • Spray bottle to damp your human hair wig
Steps to cutting the lace:
  1. Place your wig on your wig stand. Ensure that the wig is secure on the stand as this is going to make cutting in a straight line easy. Use some clips if you need to keep the wig in place. If you don’t have a wig stand, you can get someone else to hold the wig for you as steady as possible when you cut.
  2. Start to cut the lace. The sharper the scissors, the easier it is going to be to cut the lace. This is also going to help you get a straight and neat line. Hold the lace taut as you cut so that the lace will not fight you when you are cutting. Keep in mind that some of you might have a slight dip in your hairline so try the human hair wig on a few times as you gradually cut the lace on the wig.
  3. Ensure that you are cutting close the hair line. The point of a lace front wig is the natural look that it gives. You need to ensure that you are cutting the lace close to your hairline so that you do not have excess lace sticking out on the front of your wig. Some lace front wigs have a silicone band that is meant to run across your hairline, you do not have to worry if you cut into this band as you can use a gel band on your wig cap to help keep your lace front wig in place throughout the day.
  4. Now you get to cut off the rest of the lace. Start on one side of the wig and make your way to the other side. Remember to keep checking what the human hair wig looks like on your head every once in awhile whilst you are cutting. Try keeping the line as straight as possible and only curving it a bit if that is what your natural hairline is doing. You can leave up to 6.44mm of lace in front of your natural hairline but you do not want to leave more than that as the lace will start to show. If 6.4 is still a bit too much then you can start to cut some more off the wig.
Once the lace is cut and you are happy with how it looks, then you are going to need to pluck some hairs through the lace to create the illusion of a natural hairline. Don’t worry, we will tell you step by step how to do this.
  1. Wet the human hair wig and divide it into 3 sections. It is easier to pluck the hair when it is damp. You do not need to wet it until it is dripping but it does need to be wet. By dividing up the sections, you are able to tackle one piece at a time instead of trying to do it all at once.
  2. Now it is time to separate the first row of hair. Use a rat-tail comb to get the first layer of hair separate from the rest. This row should be about 3-6 hairs thick and allow your entire hairline.
  3. Start to pluck the hairs out. You are going to want to pluck 3-6 hairs and then leave 3-6 hairs. In other words you are going to alternate between a plucked section and a not plucked section. This is going to give you a more natural looking hairline. You can use tweezers of your fingers for this step.
  4. Section out another row and do the same as step 2 and 3 except instead of 3-6 hairs you are going to do 3-4 hairs.
  5. Ensure that you have not left any sections out. You want this to look as natural as possible to take your time when doing to plucking steps.
  6. If you need to go back and pluck some more hair, then do so until you are satisfied with the overall look of your lace front wig.
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Once you have are finished with cutting and plucking, place the wig over your wig cap. Secure your wig on your head and double check that everything is in place. Once you are happy with the end result, you are good to go!
As you can see, this is a time consuming processing however; doing it yourself gives you a satisfying feeling that you can accomplish this major step on your own. End of the day, cutting your lace front wig is not a hard thing to do. Your human hair wig is going to look natural and you are going to be prouder of your wig because you have done the finishing touches all by yourself.

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