How To Curl Your Wig With No Heat

Investing in a wig is one of the easiest ways of having picture-perfect hair every single day. Fortunately, this is made easier with human hair wigs readily available in the market. However, after some time, the lustrous look that it has can wane off, making your wig look dull and boring.  Below are simple ways of how to curl your wig with no heat for gorgeous bouncy curls.


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1. Halo Curls

Begin by brushing your human hair wig until it’s about 95% dry to detangle all the knots and kicks s in it. Next, wrap a halo top to make a circle and place it snug around your head. Partition the hair in small portions and take pieces, then wrap it through the halo top, adding hair to the band. Repeat on the other side to ensure that the ends converge behind your head.  Let it dry for at least eight hours for great curls.

2. Twist Out

If you desire beautiful tight curls, then twist outs are a choice that you should consider. To get this look, first, thoroughly detangle the hairs on your wig. On slightly damp hair, add some hair products to ensure that the curl holds. Next, partition the human hair wig into small sections and twist them out. With this style, you should know that smaller the partitions, the tighter the curls will be. Leave them out overnight and untangle them when they are well dried out for great looking curls.


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3. Beachy  Heatless Magazine Waves

Whether you are on a professional set up or out with friends, beach waves always look great. To get this look, begin by cutting extra pieces of magazines that you might have in your house vertically to make long strips of paper. On freshly detangled hair, put on a bit of creamy hair product to prolong the hold of the curls. Partition your hair in tiny sections and wrap it around the hair until at least halfway through the length of your hair. Knot the end of the paper, securing the curl. Unwrap it after a full night o unleash beautiful beachy hair.

4. Heatless Mermaid Curls

One way of how to curl human hair wig without heat is through the use of curls. To get this look, begin by detangling your human hair wig and adding some hair products. Subdivide your hair into a small section and style it in the manner you would like it to be. Using hair ties, wrap the hair around into a knot and secure it into place. In the morning, unravel luxurious heatless mermaid curls.

5. Boxer Braids Curls

Fortunately, unlike heat resistant wig that won't curl,  human hair wigs act like real hair. To nail this look and get defines curls, begin by brushing your wig and ensure that all tangles are taken out. Divide the hair into sections and braid the individual parts up. Leave it to dry out for a couple of hours and unravel the braids to reveal beautiful curls.

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6. Lazy Curls

For those who desire to know how to curl a wig without heat but are not keen on extra work to get curls, the lazy curls are the way to go. For this style, begin with well oil detangled hair.  Secure this hair in a bun at the back of the head.  Finish by coiling the hair around itself until you have a tight, secure bun, give it a few hours to dry, and untangle for loose, lazy curls.

7. Pin Curl Method

The pic curl method is another excellent way to how to curl a wig without heat. To achieve this look, work on slightly damp well-oiled hair. Divide your hair into about one-inch sections and wrap it around your finger in a circle until you reach the base of the scalp. Using pins, secure the hair you have coiled to the bottom of the wig and leave it to dry overnight for great-looking curls.

8. Runway Ready Heatless Waves

For that off duty model look that is entirely enthralling, you will need just your finger curling wand. Starting from the base of your hair, divide the hair into small sections. Wet and add product as you go. Wrap each section around your finger until you reach the base at your scalp. To make it hold, add a bit of wax.

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9. Bouncy Heatless Curls

For bouncy heatless curl, that is voluptuous and exciting, why not consider using Flexi rods. Available in various sizes and colors, they are the go-to way of getting heatless curls. The best way on how to curl a wig with Flexi rods is starting on freshly detangled oiled hair. Partition the wig hair into small sections and add more products. Grab the hair, wrap it around the Flexi rod until you reach about one inch from the scalp. Secure the ends of the Flexi rods by bending them towards each other and let the hair dry. After a few hours, unravel the hair to unveil perfect heatless curls.

10. Head Band Waves

To make a straight human hair wig curly, consider the use of headbands.  The technique almost mirrors the halo band techniques but with less bulk. Start with hair that is nearly 90% dry and ensure that it’s sufficiently detangled. Place the headband on top of your head and divide the hair into two sections. Wrap the hair, adding a bit at a time until you completely wrap the whole of it. Let your human hair wig sit and dry completely for a few hours. Afterward, come back to perfectly curled hair that is breathtaking  


Having bouncy curls on your head the highlight of having gorgeous hair. Over time the easy way of doing this is through the use of heating tools like curling iron. Unfortunately, this destroys human hair wigs, making them unusable after a while. However, with the steps highlighted above, you can quickly and flawlessly get bouncy stunning curls.