How to Color Human Hair Wig by Yourself?

You might be having the desire to go out of your way and try different colors on either your natural hair or human hair wigs. While human hair wigs are available in the market in different colors, you could lack enough money to purchase a variety of them. However, this should not be a reason why you should put on one color hair because you have an opportunity to explore by dying your wigs. The dying process can be carried out at home, or you can alternatively seek for professional help. The most significant takeaway here is that it is possible to color your human hair wig as well as natural hair wig.

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Go to professional or DIY?

Thus far, the article has made it clear that dying a wig can be carried out by a professional, or you can do it by yourself at home. The process of dying human hair wigs or your natural hair is easy, and it does not necessarily require you to involve expertise help. The most significant advantage of dying your human hair wigs is that you will save on some cost that you could have otherwise paid the expertise. Furthermore, the process is easy, and the guide provided in this article will ensure that you have achieved the best results.

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What colors flatter you best?

Your colored human hair wigs should achieve a flattering appearance for you. Otherwise, you could end up coloring your human hair wigs and dislike the results that you will have achieved.

  • Complexion

Your complexion plays a critical role when you are determining on which color to dye your human hair wigs. If you have dark skin, you should ensure that you chose bright colors so that your face will be dazzling upon wearing the wig. Some of the best color choices for if you have a dark complexion include different maroon shades. For this complexion, you ought to avoid human hair wigs that have a black color. If you are light-skinned, then you have a wide range of colors to choose from since there are no limitations.

  • Natural hair original color

Another critical consideration is the color of your natural hair. It should act as your reference point whenever you are choosing the color to dye your human hair wigs. This will enhance your comfort in your new color on your human hair wigs.

Step by step to color your human hair wigs

Below are the steps you should follow when coloring your human hair wigs or your natural hair.

1. Read instruction (such as dye instruction, YouTube video...)

You must comprehensively read instructions for the dye you intend to use. These instructions will create awareness of the best practices that you should observe during the dying process. It also specifies on people that are fit to undergo such a process. Note that if you are pregnant, you are restricted from dying, and such information is available on the instructions. Other critical details on the instructions are on the side effects to look out for and how one should react if they are noted.

2. Prepare tools you need

The next step involves the collection and preparation of the tools that you will need when during the process. Such devices include gloves and a container where the dye will be prepared. You should also have a comb.

3. Fix your wig into a wig stand

You must have a wig stand where you will hang your human hair wigs on in preparation for dying process. This ensures that it has retained its style and shape.

4. Comb or brush your wig

You should comb or brush your human hair wigs thoroughly such that it will not be entangled when you are applying the dye. Combing your hair while it has already been fixed on a stand will ensure that you are able to get a similar view of the wig as if it was on your head.

5. Wear gloves and mix the color

You must put on gloves when you are handling the dye since it can cause skin irritation. Additionally, you also risk living stains on your skin. It is recommended that you should use rubber gloves that you can dispose of after use.  You should then follow instructions on how to mix the dye and the developer.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

6. Apply the color

You are allowed first to try on the mixture prepared above on a few hair strands that cannot be easily seen. This will enable you to assess whether you like the shade of color that you have made. If you want it, you should soak your wig into the bowl with the dye. You should use your hands to spread the dye throughout your human hair, wigs gently.

7. Wait for the dye to set color

You should allow the wig to rest on a stand after applying the dye so that it can gain the new color. This process will take between 30 and 40 minutes.

8. Wash the wig

After you are satisfied with the color gain, you ought to wash your wig. It is recommended that you should settle for a shampoo that is color friendly. You should first eliminate the dye before applying the shampoo on your human hair wigs. It is further recommended that you should also use a conditioner on the tips of your human hair wigs.

9. Dry your wig

Pat your human hair wigs with a clean towel to drain the excess water. After this, you should also place it on a stand and allow it to dry freely.


DIY Dyeing Tutorial: From Black to Red

The above processes are an indication that dying your human hair wigs or natural hair can be quickly done at home without involving any expertise. This allows you to have fan in different color shades without having to part with vast amounts of money. Hence will enable you to explore different colors to achieve uniqueness and avoid the usual dull colors.

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