How To Clean Halloween Hair Wigs


Imitating the character you so much like or fancy is fun as well as satisfactory. People use a lot of stuff on their hair to obtain looks they desire for Halloween. Some of which are not even hair products, hence challenging to clean. Remember, this is just for that day until another one pops up on the calendar. Your hair still has to look good and standard. Its beautiful look doesn’t end in the event of one day. Check out these tips on how to clean Halloween human hair wigs.

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1. Colored Hair Spray

Wigs deserve proper maintenance to last long and look good. After obtaining the color of your choice, it is now time to treat your human hair wig for things to go back to normal. To remove the colored hair spray, detangle the wig with a wide-tooth comb to avoid frizz. Fill a basin with warm water and disperse a full cap of shampoo in it. Immerse your wig and soak for a minimum of five minutes then, gently swish it in the basin. Rinse in warm water until free from shampoo and residue. Before hanging the wig on a wig stand, put it in a towel and blot it dry.

2. Hair Dye

Other than the common method people use to get rid of dye from their hair, you could want something more for your hair. As a caution from hair damage, you can minimize the chances by going natural. Human hair wigs could be destroyed by over the counter dye removers since some contain harsh chemicals. You can use what is locally available in the comfort of your home. Baking soda can help remove the dye and as well maintain your hair texture. Mix baking powder with a scoop of shampoo and rub smoothly on your wig. Rinse with warm water and use some hair conditioner. 

3. Gunk

Wigs have glue residue that builds up with time and sticks. A lot of this residue is from the mounting process and replacement routines for your hair. To keep a good appearance and a fresh smell, here is what you need to do. Using a damp cloth wrung from warm water, wipe the residue by rubbing. Remove any glue clumps or tape that comes off as you rub. If the tape is not removable, soak it in adhesive remover. Soak your hair replacement unit in cleansing solvent until it floats. Scrape off the residue then shampoo and condition.

4. Glitter

Glitters sound fun for Halloween wigs. The nightmare comes when its time to remove the glitters after they have made your day. The sparkle time is over, and removal is next. Run coconut oil through the lengths; doing this will slide the glitters off your hair. You could also spray the wig oilon your wig. Another suitable type of oil to use is olive oil. The second option involves blotting through your hair with a damp paper towel made wet by hair spray.


Apart from removing the products used on wigs, there are some other details that you shouldn’t leave out for a flawless cleaning. Get help getting your hair to a whole new level of neatness, ie average or slightly above your usual. The following are must-know tips when you possess a Halloween wig;

a. How to wash Halloween wigs

Having a messy wig after Halloween is definitely not good, especially if it is your favorite one. Before cleaning your wig, ensure that it is tidy. Brush it through to ensure it is smooth with straight ends and no knots. You can also spray the hair for easy detangling. Add shampoo to a full sink of water and submerge the wig in it. Swirl the wig smoothly as you hold its tip. Rubbing is not necessary since suds that allow soap through the strands form from swirling. Soak for another 20 minutes, lift the wig out, then rinse with cold running water. Lay the hair in a towel and squeeze out water. Hang to dry. When fully dry you can brush to remove the snugs or even style.

b. How to detangle

To do away with the knots, use a wig brush or wide- tooth comb to remove any tangles in your hair. Not just any comb or brush, this way you save your hair from breaking off. The best brushes are the ones with bristles that have rubber tips.  They will surely leave your wig smooth. Running fingers through the wig can be of aid too, but you have to do it carefully.

c. How to care for Halloween wigs

Human hair wigs are easier to maintain and affordable cost wise compared to natural hair. In contemporary society, wigs have become a compulsory part of dress code hence require proper care. Owning a Halloween wig is a reminder that it has to be available once again for another day of the same, thus need for proper care. Always have your hair ready. Detangle the wig, shampoo when necessary and clean before giving it good storage. If the wig is worn frequently,ensure it is washed after every two weeks to avoid foul smell.

d. How to store Halloween wigs

Wigs have different methods of storage, depending on the wig`s style. You can put your human hair wig on a foam wig head or fold and store in its original plastic bag. Ensure your wig is completely dry before storage. After shampooing, brush before storing it.Smooth brushing avoids change from initial styling and being squished.


Proper care for Halloween wigs guarantees a more extended stay and a good look. You also have an added advantage since this article shows you ways on how to clean your wig. Be it glitter, dye, gunk or colored hair spray. Get ready for perfect and well-maintained hairdos. Halloween after Halloween, you could keep your wig or have an improved one. In any case your preference for women`s human hair wigs changes and you don’t need the same wig anymore; take care of your new one with the tips above.

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