How to Choose the Best Hair Topper

Hair thinning

It is known as baldness or alopecia; it is the loss of hair from one part of the head or body; psychological distress could prompt hair thinning. The most common type include: alopecia areata,male-pattern hair loss, and female-pattern hair loss, whichever you suffer from there is an ‘anti-scarf solution’ called a hair topper.


What is a hair topper?

These are miniature wigs that are used to cover a bald patch or simply adding volume and coverage to your head. They are usually used on the top part of the head, and they come in different sizes, lengths, thickness, texture, and styles. Hair toppers are either made of real human hair, synthetic fiber, or both. Hair toppers somewhat look like wigs only that it comes with less hair and specific to a covered area, unlike wigs that cover the full head. The question at heart now is, hair toppers and wigs which is best for you?

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Wigs or hair toppers, which is best?

I say the choice is yours. It depends on what you want and how comfortable you are with both. Below are the pro & cons of a wig and a hair topper.


For wigs

Pro- wigs are simply versatile; they are worn over the head and thus offer full coverage along with other benefits like easier styling, coloring, professional cuts, variety of styles, and more. Wigs of nowadays, especially human hair wigs, fit seamlessly and gives you a natural look.

Cons- first, you should know it’s expensive, and then there’s the heat and pressure which you can probably get used to, but one thing is sure, during summer, outdoor activities coupled with a wig on your head can leave your hair messy and sweaty.


For hair toppers

Pro- The advantages of this wiglet, is that it offers partial or specific coverage, less accumulation of heat, your bio hair is visible, mostly featherweight, and less expensive than wigs.

Cons- it requires styling after installing, and improper installment might damage your hair, and most of all, if you don’t get the right texture and color that matches your bio hair, it will look unreal. Justice would be done to this soon because you are probably wondering how to pick a hair topper suitable for you, well read on to find out!


How to choose a befitting hair topper

Now that you are sure you want a hair topper, what do you consider before choosing one?

  • The right measurement: this method is common when you are purchasing from an online store; it’s simple. Get a measuring tape and measure the area of your thinning/hair loss, adding an inch to each side; use this as a guide for your purchase. This point is not limited to only online stores; it can be used as a guide anytime!
  • The length and color: go for something longer, you can always cut and restyle in the future. For color, choose something similar or a complete ‘lookalike’ of your natural hair, keep in mind that your natural hair is still visible and going for a color that isn’t similar might look off.
  • Cost: hair toppers come in three kinds, synthetic, blend, and human hair; all are cost-effective when compared with wigs, but human hair toppers are a bit expensive than the former. So, if you have a budget, you might have to narrow your options down.
  • Human hair topper: allow me to state why this should be considered when you are picking out your hair topper. Firstly, this can be colored- this means even when you chose a topper that’s slightly different from your natural hair color, you could always color or bleach it and whenever you feel like going spontaneous and feel the need to color your hair; with a human hair topper there is no limitation, it can be styled in different ways and not forgetting it is long-lasting. The other side to this is you have to care, condition, and maintain it, and you are ready to slay.

Why human hair topper? Are other hair toppers bad? The answer is that other hair toppers are not bad, but it is no lie when they say everything has the best of its kind, and human hair topper happens to be the best. Synthetic hair toppers are good only that most cannot be colored or styled as they come in their already-made style and with shorter life span.


How to wear your hair topper

Just like wigs, hair topper has little or no difference when wearing them. The complex part may be styling your hair topper, which will treat shortly, but first, let's learn how to install a hair topper like a pro!


  • First, make a clean parting line in your hair
  • Open the clips on your hair topper
  • Place it above your head and hold (keep) the front up
  • Make sure to hold the sides clip up and away from your head to prevent it from forcefully grabbing your hair.
  • Now to fix the front and side clips keep the topper flush against the front of your head
  • Scoop the back and then clip it in.
  • That done, you can now style your hair and with the hair topper.
  • In case you have decided on lace front hair topper, just like the typical lace front wigs, all you need is hair glue.
  • For the lace front topper, when you install its best to place it an inch or half away from your hairline, this would give it a natural look.
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How to style a hair topper

It's easy! They are different ways to style your topper; you could color, curl as long as its heat resistance. You should know that the styling would be based on the area of coverage, as thinning might be at different parts of the scalp. Let us begin with the following-

General styling techniques

  • Get a mannequin head; it will make styling easier
  • Spray/sprinkle the topper with water
  • Comb through
  • Allow drying (air dry)
  • Then apply your protective heating spray
  • Curl or straighten your topper’s strands
  • Viola! Style as you wish

Follow this guide below for the different topper types.


1. Top hair toppers- this topper is worn over the head; most times, hair loss is usually at the top of the head; thus, this is the best option. Middle parts or bangs can be done here.


2.  Part hair toppers: with theses toppers, you can part your hair to the left, right, or straight from the middle like the famous Kim Kardashian part., with your scalp skin visible at the part where your hair separates.


3. Crown toppers: on the other hand, these are perfect for rectangular coverage and give volume to hair as they are mainly for the top back of your head. You could style this as you desire, although letting your hair cascade down your shoulders seem like the best option.


4. Other means include styling with headwraps, headbands, and any other piece to give you a more natural look.


Hair topper is an option!

Yes, friends, from all we have discussed, hair toppers can act as your wig if you are not into wigs and need air on your scalp, used as coverage for specific parts of the hair. And it is not limited! Just like the human hair wigs, human hair toppers can be colored and manipulated to soothe your style, as stated above. Now you can see how easy it is to pick a suitable hair topper, but some of us still have questions that burdens our dear heart- fear not!  The answers to all your questions are below!


Do hair toppers last?

They are long-lasting, six months for synthetic and blended and more for human hair toppers, honestly ladies it depends on you, how you maintain them, how you keep them. You could store them in a box or on a wig stand (mannequin) to prevent dust and prolong the lifespan and then opt for a good care regime.


Do hair toppers stay in place?

Yes, they do. They are equipped with clips to secure them on your head, but if you still don’t feel secure, although you are, you could use hair accessories to support the topper’s clips.


How do I care for my topper?

Frequent washing is unnecessary. You could wash it every two weeks as they do not receive oils from the scalp like your natural hair. Frequent washing may dry the topper out and thus reduce its lustrous look and life span. So, wash with a sulfate-free shampoo, use deep and leave-in conditioners, serum and allow to air dry, this would keep the texture soft and subtle. Always keep them on a wig stand to prevent them from picking up odor or getting tangled.

Hair toppers are trendy, don’t for one second feel they are not, so your hair is thinning? And you are feeling down about it top it up now with a lovely hair topper! 

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