How to Choose Right Wigs For Large Heads

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Selection of the right wigs is extremely easy to do lest you have a larger head than normal heads because standard size wigs do not fit, or it may slip on your head effectively whenever you wear them. This can be really irritating for many people, and some may even feel stifled when they choose a wig that does not fit their large heads.

Choose the Right Size:

Following are some steps that will teach you how to choose the right wigs for large head’s people:

1. You have to know your head measurement

A large head is an extensive term, so you need to additional develop the term to a more detailed orientation, like shopping for clothes where you look for the perfect size that will fit you, choosing the right wigs also requires your own measurement.

There are four basic wig sizes for women’s wigs.

  • Child

Circumference: 18 inches to 19.5 inches

Front to back: 12 inches

Ear to ear: 12.5 inches

  • Petite

Circumference: 20 inches to 21.5 inches

Front to back: 13.25inches  

Ear to ear: 13 inches

  • Average

Circumference: 21.5 inches to 22.5 inches

Front to back: 14 inches

Ear to ear: 13.5 inches

  • Large

Front to back: 15.5 inches

Ear to ear: 14 inches

Circumference: 22.5 inches to 23.5 inches


Some scales of measurement for large heads

  • Head Size: Extra large

Circumference: 24-inches

Front to back: 15-inches

Ear to ear: 13-inches

Extra Measurements: 

Ear to Ear over front: 13-inches,

Temple to Temple round back: 15.5-inches,

Nape of Neck: 6-inches

  • Head Size:  Large to Extra Large 

Circumference: 23.5-inches

Front to back: 15-inches

Ear to ear: 13-inches

Extra 3 Measurements:

Ear to Ear over front: 13-inches

Temple to Temple round back: 16-inches

Nape of Neck: 6-inches

Now the question arises, which is your size?

This may look confusing, but it is really very easy to understand. When you have measured your own head, everything will be really easy.

Here are some simple and easy steps to do that:

Step 1: Start by drawing and binding your hair up and away from your face. If your hair is short, you can tie it by using cloth headband.

 Step 2: now, you have to measure the circumference of your head. Measure the distance around your hairline by using a cloth tape measure.

You can start at the center of the front hairline and drag the tape around to the nape of your neck towards back up to your hairline. Make a circle with the tape measure on the head. Mark the point where the tape ends and use the information of circumference size.

Step 3: now, you have to measure the length of the forehead down to your nape. By Placing the measuring tape on the center of the hairline at the top of your head, and bring the tape down to your nape. Mark the point where the tape ends.

Step 4: Lastly, you have to measure ear to ear. Hold the end of the measuring tape at one ear and bring it towards the top of the head and stop at the other ear. Mark where the tape ends and use the information to plaid what ear to ear size you have.

6 Tips to Find Best Wigs for Large Heads

Choose Your Hair Type

There is a lot of hair types in wigs that you can choose from. There are the three most popular hair types which you can choose for you.

  • Virgin Hair

Wigs that are crafted from virgin hair are the very expensive types of wig that you can find on the market. Virgin hairs are those that have never been in any sort of treatment before. Wigs that are made of real virgin human hair are the most adaptable, natural-looking long-lasting, and healthy look surrounded by any hair type. It is less stiff, and it does not look dull.

  • Remy Hair

Remy hair wigs are made of 100 percent human hair. This is generally non-virgin hair. That means the hair has gone through treatments such as coloring, and any other treatment. This wig hair type is budget-friendly, but the hairs are more disposed to damage, dullness, and dryness.

Human hair wigs are made of original human hair. This type of wig looks more natual and lasts longer than synthetic wigs with proper care. Crertainly, higher quality means higher price than fibre wigs. But on the other hand, you can wear human hair wigs for long in which it saves your money, too.

What style is most suitable for you?

The style of the wig which you choose to wear for an occasion or even through everyday life is very important. Some people are very particular when it comes to quality and style; they tend to reflect and hunt for stuff before buying them.You want your hair to be pin- straight, super curly, or in between it totally your styling and demand. Some people prefer to buy at least two wigs to have a variation in their look.

Like, you can have straight hair for an everyday look, and you can have delicious curls and waves for events or night out with friends. Both ways, these wigs have saved hair from harm and save time in getting ready. You should keep in mind that the shorter hairstyles are more manageable than longer hairs. They will help you, which works best for your face shape.

What colors flatter you best?

Choosing the perfect color that goes well with your skin tone will be super flattering. You can rock any hair color you want. However, more people pick colors that are closest to their natural hair color. It looks way more original. But recent trends include mermaid or unicorn trendy hairstyles or Kylie Jenner hairstyles. People are very choosy about the color of their wigs. There are hundreds of hair colors to choose from, including natural black, classic black-brown to ombre unicorn hair.

Some classical styling Tips for large heads

When having a little large head than average, it is considered to avoid fluffy texture wigs combined with excessive padding. Yet, at the same time, the hair does not need to look flat or dry. These styles of lace front wig for large heads that will work exceptionally for you. You will be surprised by the remarkable outcome.

  • Sleek bob with straight hair

A sleek bob is a classic hairstyle. In which the hair is jaw-length and little curly inwards at the end. This style gives the vibes of professional, sharpness, and efficiency. People from all walks of life like this hairstyle. In this style hair is straight, but this hairstyle will not add extra volume to your hair and gives the impression of a small head.

  • Side bang

Update your current hairstyle by cutting a side bang in the front and ready to be mesmerized others by how a small change can make such a big difference.

  • Long with multiple layers

The addition of hair from the outer side in different lengths should do the trick and enormously complement those with larger heads. It will work even better for people having thick and gorgeous locks of hair.

Final words

People from all walks of life must not be incredulous when buying wigs. Wigs are so much fun, and they are as good as styling without hair damage, which is frequently caused by styling tools and products. Most importantly wigs are cost-efficient and time savers, and you will never have to worry about the hairstyle you want to do. For a magnificent new look get yourself the perfect pair of wig.

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