How to Choose A Wig After Hair Loss?Martha Shared Her Story

Wig as a trend
One of the billion-dollar companies in the world is the hair and skin care industries, but the hair industry is our case of study.
Wearing wigs dates back to early Egyptian times and even  Queen Elizabeth I of England slew the red wig and wore a variety of colors of wigs to match her outfit. The use of wigs later migrated into the European culture before it became the wide fire of today, it is inevitable that with the welcoming hands of ‘our today’ culture, the wig has come to stay.
Today, the use of wigs are more versatile, like, dressing up ourselves more beautiful and catching hair fashion. But there are also some people wearing wigs for medical reasons, like alopecia areata, or chemotherapy, because they are suffering hair loss.
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How do you choose a wig?
 Many people who do not want to be embarrassed by hair loss often turn to a wig, but choosing a wig is not as easy as it sounds, but after reading this article, it will be as simple as drinking water! We took our time to visit a friend, who volunteered to share her story with us- her name is Martha.
Martha’s story- hello friends, I am Martha, a mother with two children, two years after my second child, I notice that strands of my hair would remain on my pillow when I sleep and sometimes excessive pulling when I comb through it. After a while, a large number would fall out even while there was no manipulation, then my hair got so scanty. I had to visit the dermatologist, and after a series of tests, I was diagnosed with alopecia areata, a condition where my immune cells attack my hair follicles. I was unhappy for a while, opting for scarfs and Barret but this was short-lived, as I found joy in wigs!
Hair loss (alopecia) is a common disorder; it is associated with different illnesses including anemia, stress, serve illness, hormonal changes, autoimmune disease and even through hereditary. If you suffer alopecia, there is no reason to feel down or avoid looking at the mirror, in fact, the fun has just begun; with a wide variety of wigs to choose from, you should worry no more, but the question is how do you select a wig suitable for you.
8 tips to consider when choosing a wig.
These tips would come in handy whether you are buying a wig online or through a physical store, be it human hair or synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are the best, after all, they are made from real human hair with the only downside being that they are expensive the latter on the other hand, with improved technology, is also very good, but sadly its lifespan barely exceeds six months (with proper care).
  1. The first thing is to make sure you choose a size that fits your head, and if you are buying online, you could measure the roundness of your head. A good wig online store, the sales rep will be happy to use that during your purchase.
  2. Make sure you are comfortable with the material used for the wig; some wig materials can be itchy, and frequent scratching could damage your scalp. You should make inquiries about the material used, if purchasing online, but buying from a physical store, all you have to do is test it out.
  3. To minimize itching, you can opt for light under caps, which you wear before putting on your wigs but keep in mind that it could cause heat.
  4. If purchasing from an online store, study the picture of your ‘wig of interest’ and request for a video, it helps you speculate the nature of the texture.
  5. After purchase, if your wig needs fitting visit a hairdresser for a professional cut or some stores offer to get it checked before final purchase. Although it is rare to see a wig that doesn’t fit but sometimes it is familiar with online stores.
  6. Be it online or our ‘everyday walk-in’ store, before picking a wig it is vital to take in consideration the shape of your face and if your desired wigs tally with it, you could request for model photos and if the store uses mannequin heads, look out for the shapes!
  7. It is smart to get a wig stand to hold your wig, and it also aids easier maintenance.
  8. With regular care, your wig will last long. So, slay proudly with it!
    With that said, we would be moving on to the next subject that has burdened the heart of some women, today we would discover if it possible for wigs to damage our natural hair.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

Do wigs cause hair loss?
The question has been asked many times and here are the answer friends- NO! Wigs don’t cause hair loss, wigs don’t damage our hair, not even lace front wigs could cause you hair loss! I have used wigs for the past two years, and my hair initially at a stagnant 10 inches is currently 14.6 inches- p.s. Keep in mind love, that I keep short trimmed hair. In conclusion, the only way you could lose hair while using wigs is if it wasn’t installed by a professional or for some reason the hair you chose is not suitable for your head- probably too tight!
How to pick a human hair wig
 We have almost covered the lion’s share of this topic, what’s left is…?
You got that right! The kind of wig to pick. Let’s consider another case study; for instance, you are interested in getting the human hair wig, what should you consider?
It's easy, follow closely;
  • Cost:  first consider how much you are willing to spend on a wig. A typical human hair-
    -100% human hair= $500- $1000
    -Remy human hair= $1500- $2000
    - virgin human hair= $ 3000- $5000
You know it might be expensive, but it is worth it!
  • Style:  Think about this- yes! Its an option, before getting that human hair wig, you should look out for the style, consider if you have the time to style it when in need, and do not go for a wig that will change your personality instead, a hairpiece that will soothe you. You should also know that the style of the wig i.e. whether straight, wavy, curly or kinky all come with different rates of manageability. So, choose something simple for your convenience.
  • Color: Human hair wigs come in different variety of colors. The best is the one that compliments your complexion, even if you want to test the waters, it is advisable not to go for ‘a shouting color’, at least try to get a wig that plays around the shades of your original hair color.
    Hint- to know if the wig color fits perfectly, hold it against your face under natural light.
  • Size: This is another crucial thing to consider, although we have discussed it earlier, where we stated that a wig shouldn’t be too tight and how to purchase one online, but a good number of sites give sizing details, so let that guide your purchase.
  • Longevity/Length: My advice here is to go for long human hair wigs because it can easily be styled and trimmed in the future, but short wigs are also fun, especially during summer. Still, the length you choose should fit your lifestyle and not the other way around.
  • Maintenance: Human hair wigs are easy to maintain, and they are long-lasting, an easy step is- washing with lukewarm water and shampoo, blow dry or air dry, apply necessary oils and lotion and its back to life, not that it died before.
  • Texture:  The texture of the hair here, is ‘life-like’, just as the hair on your head and so it should be natural to it feel out. If you are prone to dandruff or any other allergies you don’t need ‘coarse-nature’ strands or a voluminous wig, so keep that in mind.

Wigs alternatives if you do not want to wear a wig

  • Weave: I think this is a good option, sewing weave unto one’s woven hair is a form of protective styling, just make sure it is not too tight as it can also aggravate hair loss. Crochet is another kind of weave that can be installed through this method, so the choice is yours.
  • Hair extensions: if you are losing patches of your hair, have a stylist place extension to maintain your style, there should be no problem if it's done naturally.
  • Hair accessories:  this includes bandanas, caps, hats, scarves, and wraps, go for this if you don’t like wigs, and the bonus is they are fashionable.
  • Hairstyling: so you are suffering from hair loss, a wig is not an option, and you are in on styling your natural hair; well it is possible but don’t go for braids- yes dear, you have got to let those go, they can be tight, thus, promoting hair loss. Instead, get an excellent stylist and try short or layered looks, you will love it!
  • Just embrace yourself: some people are bold enough to embrace their hair loss which can be inspiring, but this is not a must and it doesn’t mean you are a coward if you can't go bald, its best to go with what you are comfortable with and if this is it, What the hell? Go for it!
A friend in a wig is a friend in indeed!
So far, it is no doubt that a lot has been stated about this subject, now my loves, you read Mrs. Martha's story, ways through which one suffer hair loss and how wigs benefited me, your underlying question has been answered and you see now that wigs don’t cause hair loss! We also briefed about alternatives to wearing a wig all these lead us to this point-
Benefits of using wigs
Sadly, my friends, I will be rounding off with this. We have come to understand the primary purpose of this topic which is to enlighten us on ways you could pick the best wigs, especially when you are suffering from hair loss (alopecia) and alternative options if you find wigs uncomfortable, further enlightenment includes-
  • To hide grey hair
  • It protects the hair
  • Saves you the time of styling your hair
  • It Saves your money with fewer visits to the salon.
  • You will never suffer ‘a bad hair day’, as wigs come styled.
  • It offers a variety of options, as one can go wavy today and curly next week.
Wigs, my friends enhance one’s beauty, but if you choose not to ‘wig it’ whether you suffer from hair loss or not, you remain perfect!

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