How to Check If A Wig Satisfies Its Price? Get 10$ Coupon Now

In a market full of similar options with different prices, it can be a tough task to find wigs that satisfy their price tags. Many people struggle while selecting wigs based on their price tags, most of them make the wrong choices because no one is there to educate them.

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Here’s how you can check if the wig is actually worth the price you are paying for,

What affects the price of a wig?

The following factors affect the price tag of a wig,

1. Hair Type

Normally, there are two hair types available in the market. They are priced otherwise based on their origin and nature.

· Human Hair Wigs

As the name shows, these wigs are made of real human hair. Human Hair Wigs are the most expensive types of wigs in the market and they are also the best option.
Because of using natural human hair in these wigs, they look more like “real hair” and do not give the impression that you are wearing a wig. This not only makes them the best-selling wig in the market but also increases their price tag. Especially if they are blonde colored, they will not be priced much higher due to blonde human hair being rare and expensive.
Thus, a human hair wig will be priced more than synthetic wigs in every market.

· Synthetic Wigs

These wigs, as suggested by their names, are made from synthetic or polymer plastic. Synthetic wigs are, thus, of much lower quality when compared to human hair wigs.
Synthetic wigs do not feature a close to the natural hairline and are ultimately identified when looked at closely.
Making synthetic wigs is much easier and the manufacturing cost is also low which makes them a cheaper option in the market.

2. Wig Cap

There are about four major types of wig caps that are employed to use by the general customer.
(Price: Lower to Higher)

· Monofilament Top Wig Cap

A monofilament cap will offer the most natural look of all wig caps out there. They have versatile styling options and provide a perfect illusion of hair growth from the skin. Being perfect to use with sensitive skins, they are one of the best options to choose from.

· Double-Monofilament Top Wig Cap

An upgrade to Monofilament wig caps which results in a silkier and softer wig cap is called the Double-Monofilament top wig cap. These wig caps stimulate even more natural hair growth and are very hard to spot.

· Lace Front Wigs

Being the most demanded design in the market, lace front wigs are, for the most part, queens of the wig industry. They are up-to-date and provide the best outlook to human hair as well as synthetic hair. When combined with human hair, lace front wig caps become the most expensive wigs in the industry.

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· Hand Tied Caps

The name says it all, hand-tied caps or 100% hand-tied caps feature hair strands tied manually to the wig cap’s base. They are, thus, the most realistic and natural wig designs. Hand tied wigs are generally expensive because if the worth of time spent in making them.

Comparison of The Most Common Wigs

The following comparison chart gives the best illustration between the most common types of wigs.

Human Hair Wigs
Synthetic Wigs
Natural Looks
Less Natural
Natural Hair (Build Material)
Synthetic Hair
Expensive Cheaper
Scalp Friendly Not Scalp Friendly
  • · Lace Front Wigs v/s Full Lace Front Wigs
Lace Front Wigs Full Lace Front Wigs
Base partially made of lace Base fully made of lace
Limited Style Options Versatile Style options like Ponytails
Cheaper Expensive
Does not allow movements underneath the cap Allows movements underneath the cap

  •   Monofilament Wigs v/s Non-Monofilament Wigs
Monofilament Wigs Non-Monofilament Wigs
Very Fine Build Material Low – Medium Build Quality
Provides Excellent Outlook Has mediocre level of detail
Expensive Cheaper
Contains one type of material (nylon, polyester, etc.) Can contain more than one type of material

Which is the best?

The best choice can be different for everyone. Due to the diverse nature of people visiting the market, it is very difficult to go for a specific option. However, we can always check the numbers of what’s selling in the market.
By far, nearly 92 million hand-tied lace front human hair wigs have been sold online and offline which makes them the highest selling design of the wig industry.
You can select the best wig for you by following these guidelines,

  1. Go with what you like
  2. See if it is according to your personality’s requirement
  3. Choose the best build material
  4. Check your budget

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Other Factors to Checklist While Making A Final Decision

So, you have checked, compared, and selected a perfect wig but it’s not over yet and there is still one last thing to do. Be on the lookout for these few options before you decide to unload money.

· Quality

The first quick checkup should be the quality of the product. A high-quality product will be obvious from its feel and looks. Obviously, a high-quality wig will be more expensive.

· Lifespan

The lifespan of the wig is the best illustration of how well it was made. A quality wig will have about two or three years of life in it while it may last up to five years if proper care of the wig is ensured.

· Versatility

The best feature in any wig is the number of styles that can be made from it. The versatility of a wig shows how good the wig is in giving looks and adding more to your personality through styling.

· Budget

Last but not the least of your concerns is the budget for the wig. Do not look to overspend if you have found all the required qualities in a lower priced wig. The ultimate goal should be to buy the best wig in the least amount.

If the above-mentioned steps are properly followed, you can rest assured about your choice regarding a wig. Just pay great attention to quality and do not settle for less than the desired requirements of a wig. Paying more for a wig while not having all the required options on the table will automatically result in a depraved verdict.


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