How to Bleach Knots on A Wig?

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Sometimes, when we buy a weave or an hair extension, we are surprised to find small dots on the base, which just tell people you are wearing a wig! Actually, when making a wig, the hair is ventilated by hair strands and create knots on the base. If you have dark hair, the knots are quite visable and give you an unnatural appearance of wearing wigs. Don’t worry, bleaching the knots can be an effective way to improve your beauty.

Begin with Preparing Some Tools You May Need

  • Bleach

Before anything else, you should have a bleach purchased. Using bleach of premium quality is much necessary be an effective way to improve your beauty.

  • Aluminum Foil

The next thing you need to have is an aluminum foil for parting the hair and then applying bleach on them.

  • Developer

The developer comes with the bleach and in different volumes. The volume number determines the intensity of the bleach and the color level.

  • Mixing bowl

The mixing bowl is used to mix the cream and powder of the bleach and then using it for applying on hair.

  • Brush

The brush is used to mix and apply the bleach on the hair.

  • Blow dryer

If you need to dry the hair, you can have a blow dryer, but it is not necessary.

  • Mannequin head

The mannequin head is used to set the wig on it for going through the process of bleaching.

  • Cap and gloves

Bleach is intense, and you should save your hands from direct contact.



Come to the Topic: How to Bleach the Knots

Bleaching knots can be very difficult and risky if you don’t have any proper instructions about it, so we are here with some important steps on how you can bleach the knots.

Step 1: Transfer a portion of the bleach cream in the bowl. You can then add some developer for mixing with the bleach. Make sure that you mix very well. And also make sure that the mixture is thick enough to apply on hair in good way. So, the bleach doesn’t leak through when you apply the mixture to your closure. If you do any mistake, then it does not bleach the roots of your closure. 

Step 2: Place the closure on the piece of aluminum foil. Pinup the closure if there is any baby hair in your wig. Then, turn over the closure and bring it for facing the lace grid side.

Step 3: Now, use the brush with soft teeth and then dab the bleach on the lace. Put on sufficient bleach to the lace, and while doing this, be sure to apply the bleach on all of the knots you have in the closure. After this, flip on the right side of your wig up and then apply the the aluminum foil in lace closure.

Step 4: This is not much important, but you could get some pins and then hold your wig against the sides of the mannequin head you have. 

Step 5: Wear the plastic cap over the mannequin head and try the blow-drying your lace closure just as it is worn on the mannequin head, and then covered with the plastic cap.

Step 6: Examine the closure after every four minutes. Let the bleach set on until you can see the knots on the closure anymore. Wait till the knots are turned honey blonde color, use water to rinse out. You can also use a neutralizing shampoo for suspending the chemical processes. Wash after five minutes.

Step 7: Let your lace air dry. If you cannot wait so long, you can blow-dry. But it is best to let your hair air dry after a chemical process to avoid damage. 

Step 8: You also need to have gloves to protect your hands.

Still Some Important Tips for You

  • Just do not oversaturate the wig closure with the bleach, as this can unintentionally bleach the hair.
  • Also make sure you get the right developer volume as we suggest the 20 to 30 number volume.
  • Do not make the bleach runny.
  • Brush all the baby hair and pin them so that they do not get bleached.
  • Make it sure then you apply sufficient bleach on knots.
  • Leave the bleach for sufficient time and then wash thoroughly.
  • Wash the lace closure with shampoo and protect from chemicals. 

I hope this how-to bleach a lace closure guide helped! Need a quality lace closure or frontal that can be reused for up to 12 months?
Please notice, almost all lace wigs were bleached knots at the front hairline. Bleached knots can make the hair natural like the real hair grow up from your scalp. But for the beginners, we do not suggest you try. Because a step error will lead the bleaching to fail. If bleached wrong, it will lead the hair to shedding or even you can use that wig anymore.

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