How to Apply Weft Hair Extensions on Human Hair Wigs?

Weft hair extensions might be one of the best gifts of the fashion industry, providing you with different ways and options to attach them without giving the look of a wig. You can easily place them in your hair or on your scalp in the most convenient way you find. They are available in the market by the name of weft extensions or seamless extensions for the seamless wig experience we all want. They are not only the best seamless hair extensions but also quite simple to apply. 

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How to Use Weft Extensions?

Applying hair weft extensions is not very difficult as they are already made in a way that would not be much visible through your hair. Human hair weft extensions are made of human hair that is machine sewn into a sleek mass of hair to set along with your scalp. If set properly, the weft hair can never be visible reducing the chances of a wig malfunction.

· Tools required

Installation of a human hair weft extension is not a very complicated process and done in one way of your choice out of the many available! A few tools are required to get the seamless hair wig appearance that includes:

1. Hair weft

2. Comb

3. Hair clips

4. Scissors

5. Hair wig glue

6. C needles and thread

Steps involved

The human hair weft can be effortlessly installed to give your hair a voluminous look. They also help to give your hair a trendy look if you opt for an unconventional color of the weft. Let’s have a quick look at the steps involved in the application of the weft.

1. Pre-prep

When applying for a weft hair extension, you can select a color that matches the original hair color that helps you lift up the volume of your own hair. But it’s not necessary to have the same colored extensions rather you can have extensions of another that would give the illusion of highlights.

The good thing about human hair weft extension is that you can bleach them or dye them in the hair color of your choice.

2. Select the place on your head

Once you are done with bleaching or dying or hair weft, you can now move to the next steps. Foremost, the best practice is to determine the length you require for the human weft.

Select the place of the head where you wish to install your human hair weft that is one of the crucial steps in the application of a weft. Installing it a bit higher might peek through the hair or applying it a bit lower would not help much with the volume. The best place to install a hair weft is a bit below the center of the head. Separate the top hair from the lower ones and secure properly with clips before moving onto the next steps.

3. Cutting

The hair weft might seem a little longer depending on the location you plan to place the hair weft. The hair weft would not look great if it does not match the bottom cut of the hair or goes a little way beyond your real hair. Therefore, it is important to cut off the extra hair and give the ends a natural look.

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4. Application

You can apply your human hair weft in two ways when it is ready to be installed. The first method could be the use of wig glue.

Initially make a section of the hair for the application of weft by the use of glue.

Separate the top section and the bottom section by clipping them with the help of hair clips.

Place the extension along the parting and set it well.

Now start applying glue from one side to the other very carefully not to entangle any extra hair along the way.

Press the weft firmly to stick it properly and wait for the glue to dry.

The second method could be the use of thread and needle. For some people is more promising as the tread is tied well with your hair and not removed soon by itself. This method does not involve any glue or tape.

This could last a long way but asks for a little bit of effort.

Part your hair horizontally from the place we want to install our human hair weft extension.

Starting from one side, braid your hair into a concise corn braid.

When the hair is braided nice and tight, it’s time to install your weft.

Stitch your hair weft along the corn braid tightly with the thread and needle using a thread of matching color.

You can work your way up till the crown if you want to put more than one piece of weft extension.

5. Finishing

The last step of application is the cutting of edges. If you see that the hair weft goes to quite the end of the head near the ears, cut them off. The weft on the side should not go all the way to the corners.

6. Unclip

After you have applied your hair weft, you can unclip the top and bottom sections of your hair and let them fall on your hair wefts swiftly. The hair should not look elevated but only more volume with the smooth ever look.

7. Styling

In the end style your hair in any hairstyle you like. Blow-dry your hair or make a nice side parting if you want. The weft hair can be blow-dried, straightened or curled just like your own hair any day.

Final Words

You can now install the human hair wefts on human hair wigs with either of the two techniques. Attach the hair wefts carefully so that they don’t come off easily and don’t show through your hair. These hair wefts can prove to be a better option than other wig options as they are seamless and do not give a prominent hair wig look. Use your human hair weft extensions to slay your favorite hairstyle at any time. Have fun installing and slaying your hair wefts.

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