How to Adjust A Lace Front Wig?

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Did you just buy a new wig and now you aren’t sure how to adjust it?

Are you thinking what are those hooks at the back of your wig?

If you are struggling with these questions in mind then we are here to help you.

This guide will take you through the necessary steps and guidelines to help you adjust your lace front wig with ease with comfort. So, let’s begin.

Are you facing any of these problems?

Do you feel that your wig seems too tight on your head?

Or maybe it is too loose and you are always worried about fixing it when going outdoors?

Do you think fixing that wig with glue or any other adhesive is just not comforting?

Moreover, do you think that your wig doesn’t look natural?

Well, if you are facing any of these problems then read on to find the solution.

Does your wig contain elastic?

There are several wigs out there that come with an elastic in the interior of the wig. If you understand the working of this elastic and adjustable straps, then you can master the art of wearing the wig in no time. These straps are known as Velcro straps. The Velcro straps are present on the nape of our wig or in other words, it is present at the back of your neck.

If your wig contains this elastic, then you can go for any particular style and wear your wig comfortably. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that these adjusters or elastic straps can be tightened and loosen according to your priorities. All you need to make sure is that your adjustable hooks are fastened with the Velcro to make it secure and fit in one place.

 How to adjust the lace front wig properly?

The adjustability of your wig depends upon the Velcro adjusters. By using the right Velcro adjusters, you can adjust your wig the right way.

Follow these steps to adjust your wig properly:

  • Learn to use your Velcro to adjust your wig properly. The good thing is that almost all the lace front wigs come with Velcro adjusters these days. These Velcro adjusters will help you to tighten or loosen the wig quickly and smoothly.

  • While adjusting the wig, make sure that you are adjusting it by keeping in mind the inches. At one time, you should only adjust it around half an inch. If you stretch it too much at one single time, you will only damage the band which is attached to your wig cap. Moreover, make sure that you are using only those slots which are on the inner side of the wig. Thus, adjust it carefully and make sure you don't tighten it so much that it starts irritating the scalp.

  •  You must take care of the capsize as well when it comes to adjusting lace front wigs. Although, most of the lace front wigs come with breathable caps you still need to make sure that the wig cap is not too tight or else it will simply affect your natural hair by suppressing it. Moreover, if you use the lace front wig which is very tight for a longer time, then you can cause permanent damage to your hair and your scalp.wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, hair wig

Some tips and tricks

  • You need to be very careful while adjusting your wig cap according to your comfort level and priorities. To do that, you need to make sure that you are measuring your head with a measuring tape. To do that, place the measuring tape in the center of your hairline, right in front of your head. This way, you will be able to know the exact hairline center and it will be easier to adjust your wig.

  • One of the important things you need to make sure is that you are not damaging the stitches too much by stretching it.

  • Sometimes your wig might also don't fit in if you have an excess amount of hair underneath. However, you can adjust this issue by braiding your hair tightly.

  • You can also visit a hairstylist who is an expert in wig fitting to get your lace front wig adjusted. Moreover, before wearing your wig, make sure that you check out the wig style to see if it suits you or not.

  • To adjust your lace front wig properly, you can also wear a cap under the wig which will compress the already existing hair and thus allow a good fitting of the wig by compressing the hair under the wig.

  • Another rule of adjusting the lace front wig is to mark the center part and then pull your wig entirely downwards so that it stays on your head and doesn’t fall out.

  • For proper fitting, make sure that you are styling your hair the same way as would do for your hair. Moreover, don’t use curler or hair dryers as they can damage your wig.

  • Although you can also use bobby pins to fit and set your human hair wig, however, we would recommend you not to use it as it may cause pulling and breakage of your human hair wig.

  • Our final piece of advice for you is to store your wig in the right place plus don’t forget to wash it every week to keep it in a good shape, fresh, shiny as well as long-lasting.

Feel unconfortable? Adjust your wigs now!

So, these were some tips, tricks, and ways of adjusting your lace front wig. Although it is easy to adjust your lace front wig, however, you are not a pro yet, then you can take the help of a hairdresser as well just like we mentioned in the guide before. That’s all about it, we hope that you find this guide helpful and interesting and it is going to be simpler for you when you adjust your lace front wig next time.

Happy hairstyling with your lace front wig.

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