How should cancer patients choose wigs?

One of the most common and apparent side-effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. Due to strong medications and laser therapy, hair follicles become weak, and a result balding occurs. Fortunately, there are many options these days, which can help cancer patients regain their confidence. One such option is wearing a wig until the hair starts coming back.

It can be a pretty daunting task to look for the right wig, especially when you are already under a lot of stress. However, with the help of an expert or anyone by your side, you can choose the right wig for you. There are few things which must be kept in mind while choosing a wig:

  • It should look natural

  • It should be comfortable on your head. You shouldn’t feel any itching or irritation while wearing it

  • It must be budget-friendly as well as good quality

There are many stores out there that offer wigs specially made for cancer patients. You can visit such stores and ask them to provide your individual attentions since cancer patients are already sensitive and require extra care.

Can cancer patients wear wigs?

Yes, absolutely! Cancer patients can wear wigs all the time. They are free to try it just like any other normal person out there. However, their wigs must be of high-quality and should be comfortable to carry.

If you are someone who is facing hair loss due to chemotherapy, then you can use wigs which are specially designed for cancer patients. Although, the hair grows back after chemotherapy the volume and texture won't be the same as before. Therefore, you need to keep some alternate options with you, such as wigs and extensions.

So, yes, you can use wigs if your hair loss is due to chemotherapy, but you must keep in mind a few important elements before buying a wig:

  • It is better to use a natural human hair wig as synthetic fiber can cause an allergic reaction to your skin. Cancer patients have already a very weak immune system as compared to normal people. That is why they should be especially careful about their hygienic conditions. There is a high chance of catching an allergy from a poor-quality synthetic hair wig in case of cancer patients.

  • As a cancer patient, you are most probably going to wear your wig for a much longer span. Generally, a whole year is required to grow hair after chemotherapy is stopped. In some cases, hair takes around 18 months to grow fully. That is why your goal should be to look for high-quality wigs that last a long time.

How should cancer patients prepare for wearing wigs?

Before you make your mind to get yourself a wig after your cancer treatment, make sure to check your insurance plan. Many companies also cover either half or the complete cost of a wig for cancer patients. Moreover, you can also check various organizations which provide discounted or in many cases, free wigs to the cancer patients.

To prepare yourself for wearing your first wig, take care of the following factors:

  • Comfortable cap

Your wig cap should be comfortable to wear. Comfortable caps usually come with a thick base with hair fibers tied to its base. Thus, it doesn't only look natural, but it is also comfortable to wear.

  • Cap-less option

For cancer patients, cap-less wigs are another great option. These wigs have an open network of hair fibers which are attached with the front section of the wig. The base of such wigs consists of wefts which means that the cap isn't dense. Cancer patients who cannot bear dense material on their heads due to heat or sensitivity can go for cap-less hair wigs.

  • Shave your head entirely

Cancer patients might experience full hair loss or partial hair loss depending upon the intensity of treatment. In both cases, it is suggested to shave your head completely if you want to wear the wig.

  • Take advice from a doctor

Before buying your wig, don’t forget to consult your doctor. You doctor knows your exact condition and only he can give you the best piece of advice about wearing the wig and which one is better for you. Therefore, even before you go to any hair expert, try talking to your doctor for the best advice.

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