How often should wigs be washed?

Sometimes some new wig wearers wants to know how often should wigs be washed?Well,I know it's difficult for beginners.
If you wash them too often, your hair will become very dry, but if you wash them too little, it will become super dirty. So where is the limit?
Today I will teach you to step by step, then maybe you will know how often you need to wash your wig. There are many factors can influence it.
1. Type of your wig, curly or straight

Curly wigs: once a week

I don’t suggest that curly wigs should be washed so often. Once a week is enough. Curly wigs are easy to be tangling. If you want to keep your wig for a long time, you should better not clean it so frequently.

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Straight wigs: twice a week
Straight wigs won’t be tangling easily compared to the wavy wigs, so twice a week is a good decision. Maybe you are shocked now because the times we need to wash the wigs just like we wash our natural hair. That’s right.
By the way, some people will ignore taking care of their natural hair when they wear wigs. That’s a mistake, this action will damage your hair. If you want to have healthy hair, don’t forget to wash your hair like you don’t have a wig.
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2. Your body: it depends 
Why do we need to wash our natural hair? Because of oil. Yeah, when you look at your head and think” Oh my, so many oils,so dirty’, you know you need to wash it because your hair is dirty now. But when we wear wigs, can oil work? I mean, it was worn our head, it doesn’t touch our body, our skin.
Well, the answer is yes. If your body produces oil easily, you can wash your wig once a week. If your body produces oil just a little, you can wash your wig once 2 weeks. It depends on your body.
3. Styling products: twice a week
Well, sometimes we wear wigs because we want to slay everybody, and styling products are really helpful. They can build up a nice haircut and make us look gorgeous. But at the same time, they will lead to irritation and damage. Especially too heavy products, or too many creams and sprays. I know it looks cool when you dye your wig and use some tools or products to make it totally different, but you have to know, it is bad for your hair. If you just want to try to do it just once or twice, it’s fine. But if you do it very frequently, I suggest you should better wash it more often, like twice a week.
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4. Place you go: it depends
When we wear wigs, the only thing we care is about the natural look. So here I need to go, don’t go swimming when you wear a wig, you can take it off when you swim, and put it on after you finish, but don’t, don’t wear it when you are swimming.
What’s more, you may worry about that will your wig slide when you exercise, like jogging, running, doing yoga. Don’t worry, it won’t slide easily as you thought.
But it doesn’t mean you needn’t wash it when you exercise, your body will become more sweaters than usually. When you go out and eat smelly food with your friends, you should better wash it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the smell won’t disappear.
These suggestions are based on my experience, and I hope they can help you. I like wearing wigs and cherish my wigs, and I hope my article will make you like wigs too.