How Long Can Your Human Hair Wigs Last?

With every passing day, human hair wigs are becoming the main demand and an essential part of females’ look worldwide. They help you enhance your look without damaging your bio-hair and come in different materials, textures, colors, and styles for you to choose from. You can select the wig of your choice and slay its style, the way you want.

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Some people like synthetic wigs while others prefer human hair or human hair wigs. The human hair wigs are harvested from real human hair which makes them looks human hair. It is really difficult to identify if you’re wearing a wig when it is made from human hair hair. This surely makes you worry less about the look of your wig.

Human Hair Wigs 

These wigs are usually made from Indian, Chinese, Indonesian or European hair. Chinese hair is straight and requires more effort and time to curl whereas European hair is less fine. This hair has a limited supply which results in European wigs costly. This choice of texture allows you to choose the one which is the closest to the texture of your own hair. You can buy whichever style you prefer, or even multiple! Human hair wigs are not everyone’s choice but liked by a lot of people because of a lot of reason, major being that they can be styled more frequently and heated more than the synthetic hair.

Based on some authentic surveys and laboratory tests, human hair wigs might last more than 3 years if proper care is taken.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

What Can Affect Your Wigs’ Lifetime?

If cared properly, human hair wigs can last 1 to 3 years which is a good deal for their owners indeed.

There are some major factors which determine the life of human hair wigs, mainly being;

  • Method of manufacturing

    The method of production of human hair wigs plays a considerable role in the longevity of the wig; whether the wig is machine-made or hand-made. The machine-made wigs are more reliable and long-lasting than the handmade ones. A machine-made wig would be more tightened. Mostly; the knots would not be done improperly and would ultimately lose less hair. Thus, a machine manufactured wig would last easily for around 2 to 3 years while the handmade human hair wig would require thickening after 9 months to one year.

  • Frequency of use

    Wigs are actually becoming a part of the daily beauty regimes of women and being used very frequently. Some women get permanent extensions while some prefer to use temporary wigs as they do not feel comfortable sleeping with the wigs. It is preferable to get human hair wigs with clips which make them easy to remove after use. This helps to maintain the human hair look of the wig as well. Also, removing the wigs before sleeping results in lesser damage by relieving them from consistent pressure while you are sleeping. It is advisable not to wear the wigs continuously for a long time, 6 weeks being the limit!

  • Length of hair

    The matter of wig hair length is not much different than the case of one’s own hair length. It is a universal fact that long hair is susceptible to more wear and tear as they tangle more. More effort and stress to detangle them results in increased breakage and thinning of the wigs which is not much favorable. Present days, women are more into medium-sized hair wigs. They provide a nice look with being long enough to touch or cover your shoulder, which is neither short nor long. This helps in easy maintenance and less weathering of the wig thus making them last for a longer period of time.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

  • Environmental elements

    Environment affects our body in many ways. The humidity and sunlight affect our skin as well as hair. The hair gets frizzy and rough in humid environmental conditions and high temperatures will also make your hair dull by depriving them of necessary moisture. Same way, a windstorm would also damage your hair. It is not good for human hair wigs to be exposed to a polluted and dirty environment. This would have an adverse effect on the hair and harm them. human hair hair wigs are comparatively expensive thus intensive care is a must.

  • Maintenance and care

    Maintenance of a wig is most important to give it a long life. Maintenance includes several factors like washing, drying, combing, ironing and storing.

    Human hair, if highly processed must be washed with special shampoos and conditioners to keep them in the best state. They can be dried by hanging them on a hanger to let them dry on their own.

Use of a hair-drier is not much encouraged. Similarly, hair styling tools that make use of heat should also be avoided.

human hair hair wigs have somehow more resistance to heat than synthetic hair but it causes destruction in the same way it does to our bio-hair.

Storage of wigs also helps to elevate their lifetime. Some people hang their wigs in the wardrobes and some wrap them properly and store in packaging bags. It is important to keep the wigs away from harsh environmental conditions, sunlight, and dust. Keeping them packed is the most efficient way to prevent the wigs from getting dirty and eventually, run-down.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs                        wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

Some Tips…

It is advised not to style the synthetic hair using a lot of heat because it damages the fibers and the wig wears off quite soon, which we definitely do not want. While human hair wigs can be ironed or curled just like we straighten or curl our own hair (better done by an expert than a rookie).

Note that human hair wigs may lose their styling on washing, unlike synthetic hair.

Another benefit of a human hair wig is that they can be easily washed the same way with shampoo we wash our human hair hair. It does need conditioning but not as much maintenance as the synthetic hair wigs. Though if the human hair wigs are highly processed, they require high maintenance.

Human hair wigs are a good choice provided that you can find the texture and build to withstand factors in your habitat. However, highly treated hair is fragile and need more care, which is all that’s worth for the human hair and soft look human hair wigs give! They are a bit expensive but if maintained properly, they last more than synthetic hair wigs do. In the end, that’s what all wig-lovers want!

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