How Hair Loss Can Lead You To Your Dream Hair

Hair loss can allow you to have the hair you've always wanted! Wigs, toppettes and extensions give you options to be whomever you want to be (today)

Maybe this is your dream hair? Whatever your dream hair, you can own it!  Jon Renau Mila Wig, a line of wigs that A Wig and A Prayer recommends.

Experiencing hair loss, whether due to chemotherapy, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata or other autoimmune conditions can be devastating. You’ll go through the stages of grief and loss on your journey – but when you get to acceptance (even briefly), you might consider your dream hair.

We all have that image – the person we always wanted to be (whatever that might be) and she has HAIR. Amazing hair. Dream hair. That dream hair can absolutely be yours now. Yep! Hair loss brings the realization that we could, in fact, have the hair we’ve always wanted. Because all you have to do is buy it!

Make an appointment at your wig salon (but not a wig store), and sit down with your trusted stylist and talk about what your dream hair really is. Is it long? Short? Another color? Straight? Curly? Easy to care for?  Just by exploring what you’ve always wanted for hair, your stylist can show you options that are affordable, fun and will do a lot to get you not only back to you-you love, but maybe even transform you into you-you always dreamed about.

Maybe you’ve had this idea in your head that you wanted California blonde-kissed hair with long gorgeous waves. Maybe your big dream life was to take off, that blonde hair streaming in the wind as you drive in your Jeep down a sun-drenched coastal highway, your trusty dog by your side. Maybe your dream hair person is clad in a bikini, and she’s completely confident in how she looks. She’s got her surfboard, her backpack, and her freedom. At night, she sits around a bonfire (with a heat-safe wig!) and sips a beer with her friends.

Or maybe your dream hair is strolling down the Champs Elysee, in a beautiful faux fur coat, a red pixie with attitude and French flair. Maybe she’s dolled up in a gorgeous spring dress in the most romantic city in the world, with her beau by her side. 

Quite possibly, your dream hair is sleek and gorgeous in an edgy bob, as she takes in a modern art exhibition, in The Big City, her black gown and statement jewelry speaking volumes about her confidence as she moves through her world.

Or maybe your dream hair is relaxed, braided and casual in denim and boots as she chases kiddos around a picturesque farm. Your casual and happy dream hair is happy under a wide-brimmed hat, riding a gorgeous horse.

Whatever your dream hair is, whatever the you that you always wanted to be – you can HAVE that experience, by buying your own dream hair. Few of us get to do that and justify it. Even fewer are brave enough to do it. You might have to, but you can let it inspire, accelerate and change you in the process.

What’s your dream hair? 

Schedule an appointment to discuss your perfect you.

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