Health Tips: How to Choose A Right Wig For Sensitive Scalp

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 Wigs are undoubtedly our favorite accessories nowadays. Wigs are available in so many colors and textures that you feel like trying all of them to give yourself a new look every day. Various kinds of human hair wigs are available to wear which makes us drool over them. Looking at these pretty wigs here and there but not being able to try it hurts. All of us love to wear wigs all day every day but not all can wear them due to some reason. Wouldn’t you be happy if I tell you that you can also wear wigs even if you have a sensitive scalp!

Which Scalps Need More Care While Using A Wig?

People with naturally sensitive skin usually complain about uncomfortable wigs. Also, cancer patients are not able to wear wigs due to skin sensitivity. When they lose the natural hair overtime during chemotherapy, human hair wigs are the best choice. Chemotherapy causes the skin to be sensitive therefore they don’t feel comfortable while wearing a wig but there are solutions to that as well because everyone deserves to look beautiful with the hair wigs and styles they opt for.

Choosing the Right Human hair wig for Sensitive Scalp

Choosing the right human hair wig for a sensitive scalp is not a difficult task and neither wearing a wig should be. You should not only be wearing a wig but also slaying it which means that putting on the wig and the feel should be totally effortless and easy to go. Taking a few things into consideration will help you get a flawless look with utter comfort.

 Patch test

For sensitive scalp, doing a patch test holds the utmost importance as we do not want to have an irritable scalp. Firstly, apply some of the wig adhesives to a sensitive part of your body like the back of your ear to check the effect. Apply the adhesive and put a bandage over it. Take off the bandage later that day and check if there is any kind of irritation or itching. Also check if any redness is present. If any of these signs are present, do not proceed with that kind of adhesive or the wig, there are other options for you. If the patch test comes out fine, don’t worry and wear the wig to flaunt your style.

It is also important to check if the adhesive sticks to your scalp. This might sound alien to many but adhesives do not stick to some of the scalps and thus the human hair wig doesn’t stay.

• Scalp protector

Scalp protectors are your best friend if you have a sensitive scalp. They are the go-to product in humid weather. Scalp protectors are great if you have oily skin as they help the adhesive bond to your scalp for a longer period of time. They also act as a barrier to prevent irritation by adhesives and glues. Thick scalp protectors are also available for those who think normal scalp protectors don’t work for them. These provide better protection to the glue and lasts longer.

• Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol 99% is the magic ingredient for preparing skin for the adhesion. Clean your scalp with 99% alcohol to make if free of dirt and oils that might act as a barrier between the scalp and the glue. This makes the application of human hair wigs to hair wigs quite simple. Alcohol evaporates quickly which also tends to increase the life of your adhesive glue or tape.

• Fabric softener

Fabric softener is also a choice available for those with sensitive skin. If the human hair wig is uncomfortable for your scalp by any means then using a wig cap is advisable. The wig cap also prevents direct contact of the human hair with a sensitive scalp. Silk and velvet linings are also available for the wig caps. If you don’t want to use the lining, use a fabric softener to wash the wig cap. This would soften the wig cap and get rid of any harshness that causes irritation. Also, it is recommended to check the hair products you are using on the wig as any of those might be a cause of the sensitivity.

• Wig caps

Wig caps are the ultimate barrier to any kind of sensitivity when it comes to a sensitive scalp. There are different kinds of wig caps available for people with a sensitive scalp. Comfortable wig caps are additional caps that can be worn before wearing the wig. This helps to keep the hair out of contact with the scalp and makes the experience convenient. Also, buying hair wigs with lightweight caps can be a preference. They are made up of soft, lightweight material best for summers. Lightweight caps not only make wearing the wig very comfortable but also allows the scalp to breathe. Selecting the right wig cap can be very helpful to avoid sensitivity reactions.

• Monofilament wigs 

Some people are sensitive to heavy and bulky human hair wigs as they are not very much comfortable to wear. Monofilament hair wigs can be an ideal choice for some. Individual hair is tied to the wig cap which makes it easy to wear and style. Also, this does not give a bulky feeling on the head. To add more comfort, you can wear a wig cap underneath the human hair wig.

What If the Wig Is Not Chosen Correctly?

Wearing wigs is a choice of women all over the globe but comfort is as important as the style or even more for some people. If you fail to find the right products and wig for your sensitive scalp, it can cause irritation and rashes and they might last for a long time.

We must invest a fair amount of time in choosing the right wig for sensitive scalp otherwise it might cause harm to the skin and we would not be able to enjoy the experience of wearing a nice human hair wig. Choose the right wig for yourself and flaunt your hair!

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