Human Hair Wigs Care -Say "NO" to Hair Tangles and Shedding

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Hair Tangles and Shedding

Human hair wigs tangles and shedding are common problems when wearing wigs. And the  factors that do result in hair tangles and shedding are mainly the hair maintenance practices, for example, leaving your hair dry and comb it gently.

That was just a brief overview. Let us now go into details in discussing some possible causes of hair shedding and tangling; and how we can get rid of them.

  1. Dryness

Your hair can develop tangles when it is not moist enough to prevent friction and hair tension. Some practices, which can result in your hair being dry include frequent blow-drying, using harsh shampoos to wash, exposing it to sun, wind and dry air, and frequently using chemical hair treatments among others.

  1. Materials, Processing, and Quality

The hair materials matter a lot when it comes to tangling and shedding. Because human hair is usually ultra-soft and silkier, so human hair wigs cannot tangle easily.

In terms of processing, human hair becomes prone to tangling due to the chemicals that treat it. However, hairs of high quality will not trap as comfortable as those hairs of less quality.

  1. Rubbing and Sweat

A buildup of sweat on the scalp can lead to hair shedding and damage because sweat contains lactic acid, which is not suitable for the health of your hairpiece.

Hair tangles will hence develop from sweat. However, they can also develop due to rubbing of hair against the nape of the neck or some fabrics.

  1. Damage

Most hair damages occur during styling. Using hot styling tools frequently can lead to the breakage of hair shafts, which then generates friction, and eventually, leading to the development of hair knots. A damaged hair does not give enough protection its inner layers, hence can lead to damage of the cuticles.

  1. Age and Wear

As time goes by, your hair will lose its original look due to wear or some biological reasons like the hair becoming less oily. Human hair wigs are like natural hair, whose hair fibers tend to shade with time due to some unavoidable reasons, like change in the hormones that control hair growth or wear.

  1. Lack of Natural Oils From The Scalp

From the biological point of view, our scalps produce some oils naturally, which are good at keeping our hair strands away from drying and developing knots. Wigs, on the other hand, do not reap the benefits of these oils, and that is why they end up tangling easily due to dry hair fibers.

  1. Human Hair Wigs Which Have Cuticles

Because human hair wigs are natural hairs, they also have hair cuticles, which needs severe maintenance or else they will develop tangles. Open cuticles, which results from not washing and conditioning your wig regularly, often results in more hair friction, hence causing hair tangling.

How to Care Human Hair Wigs


  • Please use the right hairbrush for your wigs. As an illustration, avoid using rounded brushes on tangled hairs because they will cause further hair damages. The best comb to use is a wide comb for it can get rid of tangles without inducing too much stress on your hairpiece.

  • As you chase the best combs to use, make sure that you are gentle when you comb human hair wigs. It is advisable to hang your hairpiece on a mannequin or a wig stand to brush your hairpiece effectively.


  • Use grease or oil to remove tangles and use cold or mild water to wash your hairpiece. Soak it in the water for about 15 minutes then rinse it with cold water. Do not attempt to brush your wig while it is wet.


  • Use personal hair care products on human hair wigs, which are good enough to get rid of some hair stresses. For instance, use a deep conditioner that is moisture-locking to finish washing your hair, to smoothen your hair and dry strands, and to give a clear path for your brush during brushing.

  • It is advisable to use a wig comb to brush your hair at this step. Comb your hair from its tips to its roots, while making sure that you hold your hair above.


  • Human hair wigs are like natural hair; they are not friendly with heat. For that reason, try to dry them naturally. Hot styling tools can dry out your beautiful hairpiece, leading to its shedding and tangling. Besides, do not wring your hair and do not twist it in a towel to dry it.


  • Do not use flatirons nor curlers too often for styling, for it will do great harm to your hair wig. However, when you use them, do not set them too low or high heat levels, proper temperature is just the best. Of importance to note, use oily conditioners and spray your hair a couple of times before wearing it.


  • For general storage, short-term storage, or long-term storage, always use a mannequin or a wig stand to store your hairpiece and keep it away from the reach of children and Besides, store your hair only if it is clean.


  • Human hair wigs can be colored as well as straightenedand curled. If you want to change the color of your wig, the best choice is to turn to help from professional stylists, they can give you guidance to avoid potential harm to your wig by coloring. Frequent coloring is not recommended for it will shorten the life expectancy of your wigs.

Other tips to Care Human Hair Wigs

  • Familiarize with the best washing practices to maintain your human hair wigs healthily. For example, always use cold water to rinse your hairpiece to prevent hair breakages.

  • While resting your head, try to secure your wig. Turning your head regularly while sleeping, your hair may end up developing knots. To avoid such occurrences, use a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton pillowcase, for they do not induce stress to your hair nor make them develop tangles.

  • Apply human hair wig care products, which does not have any alcohol content. Alcohol tends to dry your hair and to leave the cuticles in lousy condition.

  • Do not scratch your scalp by running your fingers or comb through your wig, so as to prevent its shedding.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, wig care

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