Guide on Choosing the Right Hair Extension

There is no doubting the fact that clip-ins are the most user-friendly hair extension. The only challenge, however, is finding the right type of clip-in to suit your natural hair. Just as full wigs vary in style and quality, so does clip-in hair extensions.

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Clip-ins are available in both synthetic and human hair styles. Each has its unique length, thickness, color,  and number of sets. These are some of the factors that you must take into account when deciding on which clip-in extension to opt for. Remy human hair extensions are particularly popular, considering the premium quality hair plus its intact cuticle layer.


How To Choose The Right Hair Extension Length

Most of us find ourselves craving the looks of popular celebrities like Demi Lovato because of their beautiful, luscious long locks. We just can't get enough of them and we yearn so badly to look like them. This is actually possible. All you need to do is adopt the right techniques and use the same high-quality clip-ins. Lovato, just like most other top celebrities, use extensions.

The length of the hair extension that you choose is highly important in giving you a natural look. The challenge is that most people choose hair extensions that are either too long or too short for them. When you go with an extension that is too long, your hair tends to have a lopsided look and if you chose one that is too short, hardly would anyone notice that your hair had changed. Therefore, it is expected and advised that your extensions should be only a few inches longer than your natural hair.

If you are still in doubt then you should consult your stylist. Sometimes it can be confusing determining your hair length, particularly when you have layered or curly hair. If you are in doubt, it is advisable that you buy longer clip-ins that can be trimmed. This way, if the clip-in is found to be too long it can simply be cut or restyled.

How To Match Your Hair Color To Extensions Online

Trying to match your hair color to extensions can be somewhat challenging in person, considering the very many shades of colors that are available. But trying to do this online without the professional assistance of a stylist can be truly nerve-wracking. But don't be discouraged, there is a sure way out. Experimenting with these simple solutions can make the process a little easier;

1. Due to the different shades of color available, it is not unusual to be confused about which color is the closest match. If you are in this boat then you should go with the one that looks slightly darker, instead of choosing human hair which appears lighter, as the hair located below the crown is usually darker. Sun bleaching which occurs to the hair at the top tends to make it lighter than that below.

2. Your hair color should be determined based on your hair ends and not your hair roots. This is because this is the part of the extensions which you would see the most. If you wish you may switch things up and opt for something out-of-the-box if you are not someone who is big on coloring inside the lines.

3. Get a personal consultation

Basically, the greater the variation of your natural hair color that you put into consideration, the more natural your human hair will appear. It is not unusual for women's hair color to vary depending on whether you are looking at the ends of the hair, the middle, or the roots.

As much as you can, blend your locks. One tip: If your plan is to highlight a particular color in your hair, then it is advisable that you select a clip-in hair extension which matches that hair color. It is only natural for people's eyes to be drawn to differences.


How To Choose The Right Set

Before you select a clip-in hair extension you have to put certain factors into consideration, these include your schedule, your hair thickness, your beauty regimen, and hair texture. For ladies who prefer a quick getting ready routine, synthetic clip-in hair extensions are the sure way to go. There are so easy to install as well as remove, and if you were to choose synthetic clip-ins which match the style and texture of your natural hair, you wouldn't have to bother much about styling. Human hair extension is apt for ladies who want more flexibility. These type of hair tend to be more versatile; they can be dyed, style, and stretched with the use of heat tools.

Human hair clip-ins can also be designed for thin, medium, or thick hair. For example, Easihair's beautiful one-piece extension is best suited for long, fine hair plus it is available in a wide range of colors.

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There is no need to despair if you are a lover of synthetic hair, some of them can be heat-friendly, like the eight-piece set shown above by Hairdo. They can be personalized and styled exactly how you choose up to 350 degrees. Most sets come in varied widths allowing you to alter your looks every day. It is important to note that you don't have to use all the pieces in a set. You should experiment with the pieces to see how many you will be needing to achieve the thickness and volume that you desire.

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