Guide for Buying Wigs as Beginner

For those who are interested in buying wigs, here is a guideline for you, especially for those who find it very difficult and confusing in choosing a wig in a marketplace. There are different styles of wig available for your choosing. And there is a chance that picking a suitable wig can sometimes be a herculean task. There are lace front, human hair wigs, and several other wigs and hairpieces for women depending on the one you want. Picking a wig requires a certain level of understanding and paying attention to details. In this guideline, we are going to take you from A to Z on how to pick and buy wigs so as to have a clear and better understanding.


Nowadays wig status

Today the use of wig has now become popular most notably as the celebrities now wear them which have changed their styles and looks. This is evident in some celebrities who have publicly shown their love for wig both in real life and social media. Supermodel like Coco Rocha as of recently been seen in a different look than what her 1.1 million followers have been used to. Her followers have shifted their focus from her bleached, chin-length bob but rather been rocked by her followers in the recent release of her Balmain hair campaign in September which she appeared in a long fishtail braid curved around her shoulder. Celebrities like Rihanna, lady gaga, and Katie Perry, among others, have also publicly showcased their love for wigs. Wig makers like Darnell would, Tokyo Stylez and Shay Ashual is also not a left out as they have created a fantastical covetable wig looking natural. According to Tokyo Stylez, when you wear a wig on your hair, you don’t have to worry about your natural hair. You can keep it healthy and keep growing because the idea of wearing a wig makes you even look good and better than your real hair.


What is a wig?    

In the 21st century, the use of wigs has been popularized in America as of late by celebrities such as Tina Turner, Diana Ross, and The supreme, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Dolly Parton. However, Cher’s wigs are also known for wig wearing for four decades and have ranged from curly to straight, and from black to blonde.

There are many reasons why ladies put on wigs. Some put it on to hide their long losing hair as it is far less fitted to enter into the head other than restoring hair through surgery or even installing hair extension. Some women put on wigs to periodically change-up their looks and appearance. In films, it is also worn by actors as apparel to suit the character they portray.

In ancient Egypt, the hair of the men and women were shaved and cropped to the skin, and they often used wigs to cover their head. In fact, they even create the wig themselves to protect their heads from the rays of the sun. Some even wear it on top of their head. They use resin beeswax to preserve the wig so as to keep it in place. Other classical cultures that also make use of wigs include Jews, Assyrian, Greek, Romans, and Phoenicians.


A wig is a synthetic hair typically made from either human or animal hair worn on the head by ladies to cover or disguise baldness for fashion. It is a hairpiece women use to alter their existing hair. Wigs come in different colors, textures, lengths,and styles depending on your preference.  

In the present age, most notably with technological advancement, synthetic hair has come off age in recent years that you cannot tell the difference. The density and texture of synthetic hair feel and look like human hair. In fact, some of the synthetic with higher quality pieces are so real that if the human is not next right to it to compare. It is more expensive and durable, and it can last from 1 to 3 years.

In choosing a wig, it is essential for you to take note that wigs are of different designs so as not to mix them up. This design includes; the 100% hand-tied monofilament design, the Monofilament design, and lace front wigs


The 100% hand-tied monofilament design: the hand tied design involves individual pieces of thread or fishing lines. It gives a natural look by allowing them to stand freely. The “hand-tied” design involves a combined set of handmade and machine made hair strands to harmonize the end product or create balance.

The Monofilament design: the monofilament design offers a natural look and the synthetic fiber used on the cap to create an outlook appearance on hair growth on the scalp. It also allows the free flow of hair to be parted or combed in a different direction. It is important to note that 100% hand-tied cap monofilament is largely accepted to be the most comfortable of all monofilament

Lace front wig: the lace front wigs create an outlook that seems to be of natural hair growth along the hairline and allow the person wearing it to style the wig away that you will not recognize that they are wearing a wig. Some lace front wigs are reduced while others may require some styling personalizing.


Why do people buy wigs?

-    For decoration: one of the main reasons why people buy wigs is to change their looks and appearance. For instance, if you are a brunette, and you want to look like a blonde, a wig is an option, and the result is endless. That is why celebrities like Rihanna, Katie Perry, and Lady Gaga among others often change their looks and appearances using the wig

-    For necessary need (No hair): another reason why people make use of wig is to cover their hair in other to disguise their baldness or loss of hair

-    For cosplay: another reason why people make use of wigs again is to set up apparel or dress to suit the character they portray.

For less time or money: the wearing of wigs saves time and money. Instead of going through surgery means, which will cost a lot of money and time, it’s better to put on less expensive wigs.


How to choose your own wig

For those who want to buy wigs, the first thing that should come into your mind is the type of wig that will be best suitable for you depending on the look you want, and it depends on the shape of your face

Another thing you have to take into cognizance again is the size of the wigs. Though an average size of wigs tends to fit 95% customers. To determine the right size for you, measure the circumference for your head, behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, to your other ear and back to the frontline.

In making choices for your preferred wig, the weight of the wig is also very important. For someone who is slim, it is advisable to choose a light wig for comfortability.

The color of the wig is also an essential factor to take note. In choosing your color, one of the significant things you have to put into consideration is the complexion of your skin so that it will match your skin tone.


How to maintain your wigs

After making use of your wig, it is important to take proper care of the wig by preserving it. In doing so, the following are important.

-    First of all, before washing your wig carefully mixed the synthetic hair using the wide tooth comb from end to the root. After that, gently brush it and kindly remove the entire tangle from the wig with a wide toothbrush.

-    Put water on a bowl and make sure it’s not hot and wet the wig with water (Do not soak it in water) and apply shampoo and rub it on the wig. Wash it thoroughly and remove it from water for a few minutes

-    Rinse it after washing by putting it on the bowl again to remove the shampoo. Do not squeeze it; just remove it from the water you used in rinsing it.

-    Carefully remove it from the water and place it between the towels and pat dry. In doing this, never squeeze nor rub the wig while drying it. After drying it, remove it from the towel then you can now make use of it.


In conclusion, it is therefore pertinent to note that having discussed the various ways of how to make use of a wig, the types and different ways of maintaining a wig. We can, therefore, admit that wig is an alternative to those who have a loss of hair and those who want to change their look and appearance on a situated occasion.  

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