Get Rid of Wig Static This Winter

Winter is here and it has brought brilliant outfits, wigs and woolen clothes with it.
While you are seeking the best woolen hoodie or a cap for warmth, think of all the static that develops in your hair when you’d use them to keep the chills at bay.
Usually, there are a lot of ways to get rid of the static charge that develops in your hair and wigs. However, here are some of the most effective ones,

Why Static Appears in Wigs?

Some of you might be thinking about why wigs develop static in the first place. The question is genuine and to your surprise, you might have played it while you were a little girl.
Remember rubbing your hair with a comb and getting hyped to see the hair sticking up to it?
Perhaps you were really bad in science, ha-ha!
Anyways, it is a basic science rule that if you rub your hair on certain surfaces, they will develop a small electric charge over time.
Since your hair rubs against different surfaces all day long, they develop a static charge which might give you an uncomfortable shock or a “pttck!” sound whenever they are touched or lifted.
In another aspect, static in your wigs can be a weird thing to carry.
Normally, wigs that are made of Human Hair, Human hair wigs, develop static charges because of various environmental or usage factors. Static can be developed from mere brushing, so, there is no escaping the wig-shock.
“How will you stop it?”
Here’s how…
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How to Get Rid of Wig static!

Worrying? Don’t!
Wig static is a common problem and it is very easy to confiscate.
There are about a million different ways to draw the electric charge stored in your wigs, out. These are the easiest ones, however.

1. Wash the Wig

Of course, the first thing you could do is to wash the wig.
Washing can be summed as an all-in-one process since washing not only removes the static charge from your wigs but also removes the dirt. This can significantly improve your wig’s health and give it a new refreshing look.
Use a conditioner afterward or a wig serum to keep the wigs from developing static again and again. You can also apply little amounts of oils or keep the wig-hair moist for the best protection.
To properly wash the wig, first, make a mixture of water and conditioner in a tub.
Then, submerge the wig in it and gently massage the hair. Leave the hair to dry in the air afterward.
Repeat until you feel all the frizz and static is out of your wig.

2. Use Anti-Static Hairspray

Another simple technique towards static-free wigs and hair is the “Anti-Static Hairspray.”
It is fairly easy to use because you can make it at home yourself.
For this purpose,
  1. Take an empty spray bottle
  2. Pour some water in it
  3. Pour a little amount of conditioner or shampoo
  4. Shake it well
  5. Put the spray lid
  6. All Done!
This homemade spray can then be used to clean out-static at any place. Just sprinkle the mixture on your wig and gently rub your hand to remove all the charges.

3. Try Deep Conditioning

Even though conditioning can remove most of the static, it might require you to wash your wigs two or more times.
To save yourself from that trouble, you can go ahead and deep condition your wigs.
This normally means to condition your wig thoroughly, covering all the hair strands.
Since the hair strands get an adequate amount of conditioner, they remain moist and loaded with enough oil that would prevent them from developing any static even when they are used for prolonged periods.
However, it is recommended not to condition your human hair wigs or lace frontal wigs very often because too many chemicals tend to have adverse effects on the health of your hair.
Therefore, take no chances and only deep condition when it is absolutely the need of the hour.

4. Brush Your Hair Properly

Experimentally, it has been found that 93% of hair static is induced when you are brushing your hair.
WHY? Keep reading!
Sometimes, call it being in a hurry or being habitual, you might brush your hair a wee bit too fast.
In such scenarios, you might find yourself not paying attention to the delicate details and leaving out major parts of the outlook just to save time.
It is a common observance that women when in a hurry, do not fully comb their hair. Not combing the hair from roots to tips results in a partial difference in their static energy which comes from the friction against the brush.
Consequently, a static charge is produced which can frizz your hair and make them look unnatural.
This charge can also lash out on you and give you an uncomfortable shock (not powerful enough to literally shock you, though).
Therefore, brush your hair from root to the tip and make sure to properly hover one of your hands on your hair afterward. That way, you can rest assured that no static developed in your hair while you were brushing your hair.
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Some daily driver tips

If you are a frequent human hair wigs user, follow these tricks to keep the static away from your wigs,

Final Words

Now that you have complete insight about the things you need to look out for and steps you need to follow, you can spend this winter in a carefree manner.
Saving your wigs from developing a static, you can enjoy a more comfortable and better wig experience. Don’t forget to pack a warm hat, it might snow! Happy Wigging!
  • Keep wig hair moist
  • Use quality conditioners
  • Always “air-dry” and do not “blow-dry” your wigs
  • Store your wigs upright or on a wig stand
  • Do not use a woolen wig storage environment
  • Do not try to remove static frizzes by force
  • Soak in cold water for best results


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