Find Perfect Blonde Wigs for Black Women

It is not a secret anymore that every woman wants to rock blonde hair or wig at some point in their lives. It doesn’t matter if you are not a natural blonde, all that matters is that you can experiment it through picking up and selecting from the numerous exquisite blonde wig choices around. It would also be a good time to experiment with so many feelings of full blonde hair, especially when you have experienced hair loss or have lost hair or going through cancer treatments.

So, if you are thinking of rocking any blonde wigs, be it a curly blonde wig, a hand-tied blonde wig with bangs, long wavy blonde wigs, blonde bob wigs, long straight sleek blonde wigs, long curly blonde wigs, short curly blonde wigs, or blonde ombre wigs, there is no need to stress yourself, just keep on scrolling to get the perfect blonde wig match for you.

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Find the Right Blonde Wig for you

When it gets to this point it is no more about asking if you can pull off wearing a blonde wig but if you can find the right blonde wig for you. One of the reasons blonde wigs are highly sought after is due to the fact that chemically dying hair can damage your hair.

  • Go for colors that are either darker or lighter than your skin tone to help create a contrast that accentuates your facial features.
  • If you are light brown or caramel, go for highlights or lowlights.
  • If you are medium brown or a darker shade of brown, the go for reddish blonde, honey blonde or even champagne blonde wigs.
  • If you are really dark-skinned, then the classic blonde would be a suitable fit for you.

If your selection is from the long wavy blonde wigs, blonde bob wigs, long straight sleek blonde wigs, long curly blonde wigs, short curly blonde wigs, to the blonde ombre wigs, then you need tips on how to wear them properly to give you the perfect look. As far as blonde wigs are concerned, there are steps to make it realistic and flawless. With a few tips, you can wear that blonde wig and turn it into a signature hairstyle.

1. Step 1 is to find the perfect shade of blonde wig for you – This is the most important step as it deals with going through what has been mentioned earlier to know and select the right or perfect shade of blonde that will look just perfect on you. There are so many shades of blonde out there in the world, we all have to agree on that. We have got the dirty blonde, the highlighted blonde, the honey blonde, the strawberry blonde, the ash blonde, and the platinum blonde. Select the right shade of blonde that accentuates your features and brings out the best part of you.

2. Step 2 is to make it look natural – The best way to make your blonde wig look natural whenever you rock it is to always bleach the knots of the wig. This bleaching helps give the wig a clean and natural look, as it blends with your natural scalp. It makes the wig look more natural as it blends seamlessly on top of your head and gives off the appearance that the blonde wig is growing out of your scalp.

3. Step 3 is to cut your blonde wig into layers – After bleaching it to make it look natural, try styling it by adding layers, trimming it down to a shorter length, or create a bang that will add dimensions to your facial features. Just find a feature that fits your facial features.

4. Step 4 is to wear a wig cap – This enables the natural hair to stay secure and ensure that it stays as flat as it can. Sweat and oil will build up under the wigs but the wig cap will prevent them from seeping into your natural hair.

5. Step 5 is to get partings for your blonde wig – Your blonde wig does not have a parting? Get one. A parting can get your blonde wig to look so much like it is really part of you. it also makes a huge difference in the style that your blonde hair takes. It makes the blonde wig look natural and suiting.

6. Step 6 is to not go for blonde synthetic wigs – Blonde synthetic wigs are prone to excess shedding, tangles, and knots. Try out the blonde human hair wigs instead as they are more natural-looking, they are less prone to shedding, they are long-lasting, and do not easily get tangled or rolled into knots.

7. Step 7 is to use light hair products on your blonde wigs – Stay away from using heavy styling products on your blonde wigs as they will only cause it to look oilier, give it a matte look, become stringier and more unappealing than before.

8. Step 8 is to avoid using heat styling tools on your blonde wigs – Not only are they enemies to your natural hair, but they are also enemies to your blonde wigs. This is because excessive heat styling with flat irons and curling rods can leave it brittle, dry and dull. Use other methods that do not need heat styling but if you must use heat styling tools, then it is advisable that you use the heat styling tools at their lowest settings after applying heat protectant products on your blonde wigs.    

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Black women have the potential to slay any hairstyle that they are given, especially when it comes to the beautiful, exquisite, luscious blonde hair wigs. We have seen various celebrities like Ciara, Zoe Kravitz, and Beyonce, all rock the beautiful, exquisite, luscious blonde hair wigs and put the naysayers to shame, making them know that the stigma that surrounds how badly and horrific blonde hair can look on women of color, especially blacks, are unfounded. 

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