Fashion of Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs have sheer on the face side. The sheer has been installed on the front side to conceal the hairline and bring about a natural appearance for the wig users. The sheer has some hair strands hand sewn on it, and this makes it seem like an individual’s natural hair.  It is challenging for another person to tell that these hair strands on the lace are not the actual natural hair. 
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Advantages of lace front wigs 
  • The lace on the face side of your wig enhances a natural appearance.
  • The lace front wigs are available in different textures, which makes them suit different preferences of the consumers.
  • The feature of the lace front wigs can be accompanied in several types of wigs. Hence it can be installed in a short wig, curly wig, or even a straight wig.
  • Since the hair strands on the mesh are hand-sewn, you can repair your wig at home with no expertise help involved. 
Disadvantages of lace front wigs 
  • The front lace has a short lifespan of up to six months.
  • Styling options are restricted since the front lace cannot be pulled back like a ponytail. 
Lace front wigs with bangs
Wigs with bangs remain fashionable to the current days, and this can be seen through the number of celebrities that wear them. Some wigs with the bang have the front lace feature. This component enhances the appearance of the bangs and makes them more stylish.
Women wear wigs with a bang to make a statement due to armour associated with them. The individual wearing these wigs usually make a statement that shows his or her readiness to conquer the world. On top of this, a woman can wear wigs with bangs to mark new beginnings in their life, such as a relationship or a change in career. The different types of wigs with bangs that suit different occasions make it possible for women to rock them in different ways, and this is another aspect that makes them stylish.
There are different types of the wig with bangs in existence as outlined below.
Lace front wigs with clip-in bang 
Clip-in bang can be attached on your hair with much ease. The bangs are available in different colors, and this makes it possible to settle for one that suits your skin color. Moreover, since the clip-in bang is not attached to the rest of the wig, it makes it possible to use your wig differently. The clip-in bang allows buyers to customize them such that they will suit ones face by trimming the wig.
Lace front wigs with full bang
Women also have an option of wearing the full bang. For a full bang, the buyer purchases a wig that has a bang attached to it. Such a wig is always ready to use since no much styling work is involved hence saving on time. Furthermore, the full bang allows the users to be exposed from long short and sassy wigs.
How to install lace front wigs?
In most cases, you will be required to style your front lace after purchasing your wig. Nonetheless, the procedure of styling depends on the choice of the lace front wig that you have selected.
  • You have to mark the area that will be occupied by the lace front wig. This will be achieved by wearing a cap to represent the wig and determining the place where you want the wig to be positioned.
  • After identifying the place where the wig will sit ensure that you wash the hairline to remove all the dirt and oils. This phase is critical because it will make the front lace adhesive with the skin.
  • Apply a scalp protector after cleaning the skin as a way of ensuring that your skin is safe.
  • Apply adhesive on top of the scalp protector on the desired position and then stick the wig on it.
  • When the wig has a clip-in bang, you should attach it on the desired position on the hair. For both the clip-in and the full bang you will be required to style the bang such that it will align with your face.
Styling of wigs with a front lace is limited because some styles will expose the attached hairline. Thus ensure that your style does not interfere with the front lace.
Proper ways to care lace front wigs
For your wig to serve you for a prolonged period, you ought to take care of it in the following ways.
  • Entangle the wig using a comb with the wide tooth. This will reduce hair breakage while combing your wig.
  • Ensure that you have washed the hair with the appropriate shampoos and conditioners. You ought to differentiate between synthetic and human hair wigs to apply the recommended products for each one of them. Products made from natural products are more recommended.
  • Keep the lace front away from heat because it will loosen the adhesive used to keep it intact.
  • The styling of the bang should be done by expertise because if a mistake is committed, it will lead to permanent damage.
The lace front wigs are expensive, but there is value for your money when you purchase it. You need a wig that will create a natural appearance. The invisible lace front wig will make it possible for you to achieve this look. Consequently, despite their high price, you will get value for your money when you purchase a lace front wig because you will wear a wig that will enhance your appearance.  

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