Expert Tutorial to Wear Lace Frontals

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Lace frontal wigs have been a hot favorite of everyone for a long time now. Have you been seeing your favorite celebrity showing off her beautiful lace front wigs and you dread having that look? Wearing and flaunting that lace front wig is not very difficult if you install the wig in the proper way. 

If you haven’t been able to get that perfect look with the human hair lace front wig then you are at the right place where we would let you know how to slay that wig with proper installation.

What Are Lace Front Wigs?

Lace front wigs, as the name already tells are wigs having lace in the front. Sounds fancy? However, it is more convenient than fancy. Human hair lace front wigs are made of human hair collected from different origins of the world like Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

The women of these origins are paid to grow their hair hygienically and then the hair is collected from them. The hair is then washed and dried and made into wigs and extensions.

Lace front wigs have a piece of lace at the front. This piece of lace makes your hair wig look more realistic by blending well with your own hairline.

How Do Lace Frontals Work?

Lace frontals are great if you want a seamless look without an apparently artificial hairline. They are even better for people who do not have a lot of baby hair.

Saying this does not mean that you cannot wear lace frontals if you have edges rather not just a good option if you have numerous of them as it would be difficult to merge them with the lace front.

You can simply install the lace frontal wig near to your hairline and it will give your wig an indistinguishable look.

Lace Frontals Vs Lace Closures

A lot of us would pick lace front wigs over lace closures any day due to various reasons like;

  • Lace front wigs provide better coverage than lace closures as they run down to the sides of the head.
  • Lace front wigs lay flat on the scalp and do not look obvious.
  • Lace closures are less versatile and have to be sewn into the scalp whereas human hair lace front wigs need to be bonded into the place.
  • Both the kind of wigs come in different sizes; lace closures usually come in sizes of 4x4 or 5x5 and lace frontals are available in size of 13x4 and 13x6.

How to Install A Lace Front Wig?

Mastering how to install a human hair lace front wig can be a milestone that would help you achieve your best looks in no time.

· Tools:

Some tools you would need to install the human hair lace front wig are:

  • Lace front wig
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Tweezers

Installing the human hair lace front wig needs a bit of precision and care to get the proper appearance.

· Methods

The installation of lace frontals includes a few simple steps

1. Tie the Hair

Firstly, brush your real hair well and tie them. You can either tie them to the back if you are keeping them open to add volume but the preferred way is to tie them up in cornrows to provide a better place for the lace frontal to set.

2. Wear the Mesh Cap

Now if you plan to wear a mesh cap beneath your lace frontal, this is the time to wear your wig cap in place.

3. Clean the Hairline

Once your hair is nicely and tidily tied up the initial step is to clean the hairline with a cotton swab. You can use alcohol wipes or makeup remover to make your hair free of any dirt or makeup.

4. Cut the Extra Lace

Next, you need to cut off any extra lace on your lace frontal so that the lace does not hang off from the wig.

5. Apply Wig Glue

You can apply the lace front wig by using glue or adhesive tape.

If you are going to apply the lace front wig with glue, select the right glue for your skin first rooting out any possibilities of an allergic reaction.

Start applying the wig glue from one side of the hairline to the other. Try to avoid putting the glue on your edges.

When the glue is properly applied, start installing the lace front wig before the glue dries off.

Press the lace frontal firmly to make sure it is properly stuck to the hairline.

6. Apply Adhesive Tape

Another method is the use of adhesive tape. The adhesive tape is available in a curved shaped to fit along your hairline.

Nowadays adhesive wig tapes are available in rectangular shapes that can be cut according to your needs.

Cut a strip of adhesive tape and stick just on your hairline avoiding any edges as it may damage them while removing.

Carefully stick the lace frontal to the adhesive tape and press for the wig to set properly.

7. Pluck

The last step is finishing the installation by plucking baby hair to give it a very natural appearance. Pluck some hair from the hairline with tweezers to make it look like natural edges.

8. Hairstyle

When your human hair wig is properly installed, you can slay any kind of hairstyle with your lace frontal whether it is a ponytail or elegant curls!

Removing the Lace Frontal

Removing the lace frontal wig is also a work of great care as it might also ruin your own hair if not done properly. It is better to get it removed by a professional but if you want to do the task yourself, you would need a C22 adhesive solvent spray. This spray is in an oil form and makes your lace frontal come off easily.

You spray it over the hairline and leave it for a few minutes before taking the human hair lace front wig off.

Once the lace frontal is removed, use rubbing alcohol to remove any kind of glue still present on your hairline.

How to Care for Your Lace Front Wigs

Your human hair wig can last longer if you take care of your wig rightly. A few considerations that might help are:

  • Use of proper products preferable water-based
  • Use of moisturizer
  • Less use of heat styling products and tools
  • Regular washing
  • Proper storage

You can master the skill of installing a lace front wig if you are patient and calm. A human hair lace front wig can be applied easily but needs a little bit of care to do it in the best way. I believe a lot of you might not find it difficult to install a human hair wig now also have noted down the tips for a long-lasting lace frontal! 


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