Everything You Need to Know about Peruvian Hair Weaves

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Are you interested in all things Peruvian weaves from styles and types to care tips? Do you find it difficult to get quality information about Peruvian weaves? 

It's not just you; there is less information on Peruvian hair compared to other hair types like Brazilian hair.

In this article, we'll be discussing everything about Peruvian hair from its origins to its different types and most importantly how to care for it. 

What is Peruvian hair?

Have you ever wondered what makes Peruvian human hair different? Peruvian hair is a human hair that originates from Peru. There are grades to Peruvian hair just as you have in Brazilian hair. The higher the grade number, the higher the quality. So, a grade 4a hair has more quality than a grade 3a. 

Peruvian hair is steadily growing in popularity for a host of reasons.

  • First, it’s the cost. You'd love to save some money on wigs if you could, wouldn't you? It's easy to save money on Peruvian hair because they are voluminous and bouncy, so you'll need less Peruvian hair to get the volume you want.
  • Also, Peruvian human hair wigs are very durable which means you can use them for a longer time. 

Origin of Peruvian hair

From its name, Peruvian hair is gotten from hair donations made in impoverished areas in Peru. These hair bundles are then packaged and sold all over the world. 

Peruvian hair is much sought after because of its compatibility with almost every hair type from straightened African American hair to Caucasian hair. But most importantly, it has quite the edge over Brazilian hair.

For instance, Peruvian hair can withstand high temperatures without being damaged. The same cannot be said for Brazilian hair. Other advantages include volume and weight.

Peruvian human hair wigs have more volume and are lighter so you can have more volume for less the number of bundles. That's some great news for all hair lovers out there. 

Features of Peruvian Hair 

If you aren't knowledgeable about human hair wigs and weaves, it is easy to mistake one type of hair for another. After all, they all have that luster, shine, and feel that human hairs have. 

There are slight dissimilarities between the different types of hair and if you want to get yourself Peruvian hair, the following are some features peculiar to Peruvian hair. 

1. Various patterns

Peruvian hair offers quite a range of selection. You don't have to pick from a small pool of choices if you want to get Peruvian hair because Peruvian hair has so many curled and non-curled patterns. 

2. Natural-looking

One of the most embarrassing things ever is someone noticing that you added new extensions because they don't blend in well with your hair.

One of the biggest advantages that Peruvian weaves have over Brazilian and Indian weaves is how natural they look. 

Their soft luster looks perfect on both African American and Caucasian hair. With Peruvian hair, you don't have to worry about someone pointing out your extensions because they'll blend in. 

3. Different styles

Would you like to go for a new look? From straight weaves to kinky and Yaki curls, Peruvian hair has so many different styles to choose from. 

Don't get stuck with one hairstyle, you can enjoy versatility with Peruvian hairs by getting different styles and changing them out. 

4. Coarse and thick texture

With so many human hair extensions in the market, it can be difficult to know if you are getting the original quality. 

If you don't know how to tell one human hair type from another, you might end up being duped by a savvier seller. 

The main difference between other human hair types and Peruvian hair is the hair texture. 

Peruvian hair is thicker than other hair types. So the next time, you want to buy Peruvian hair, feel the strands between your fingers to test for coarseness. 

5. Voluminous looking with light hair

Am I the only one who would kill for a voluminous, healthy-looking hair? I think you do too. Everyone knows volume is important and that's why we need extensions to give our hair the volume we want.

When it comes to volume, Peruvian hairs have quite an edge over other types of human hair. Unlike Brazilian, Indian and Mongolian hair, the hair strands of Peruvian hairs are thicker, coarser and very light in weight.

You can have twice the volume for less the weight and number of bundles. If that isn't a great deal, I don't know what else is. 

Types and styles of Peruvian hair

Water wave Peruvian hair

The water wave Peruvian hair can be made into a lace front wig and used for pretty much any occasion.

How to Care for Peruvian Water Weave Hair 

  • Carefully comb the waves with a wide-tooth comb from bottom to top. 
  • Wash your water weave regularly to avoid a build-up of dirt. Finger comb the waves while washing and let it air dry.
  • Use non-alcoholic moisturizers to keep it glossy. 
  • For nightly maintenance, put your Peruvian hair wig into braids. Be sure to leave the ends un-braided. 

Peruvian kinky straight hair 

Nothing beats the Peruvian straight hair. It is sleek and silky. Made into a human hair wig, it can be worn for formal events. 

How to care for Peruvian kinky straight hair

  • Wash regularly to avoid a build-up of dirt. Do not rub the hair together while washing to avoid tangles. 
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to comb out any tangles that form and to keep the hair flowing freely. 
  • Regularly deep condition your wig to ensure that it remains smooth and easy to comb. 
  • Roll it up or keep it braided at night. Remember to keep the ends free if you braid them.

Jerry curly Peruvian hair

Jerry curly Peruvian hair is great for informal occasions and can be used as a hair extension or a wig

Peruvian kinky curly hair

The kinky curly hair is great for all hair types. With slicked edges and a well-installed kinky curly human hair wig, you're ready for the beach. The care instructions for the Peruvian kinky curly hair are below. 

Peruvian yaki curly hair

This Yaki curly hair is perfect for all their types but most especially for African Americans as it looks like permed kinky curls. The care instructions for the Yaki curls are below. 

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How to care for Peruvian curly hair?

The care procedure for straight Peruvian human hair wig is different from that of curly hair. Preserving the curls on your curly Peruvian wig is the goal and to that end, there are things you should never do like sleep with wet hair. 

The care routine below is for all types of curly Peruvian hair which include kinky curls, Jerry curls, and Yaki curls. 


You can wash your hair as often as you like but you must wash at least once a week to keep it neat. Sweat and dirt can cause tangles that you do not want. 


You have to be careful while combing your curly Peruvian hair. Start at the bottom and comb towards the top with a wide-tooth comb. Always comb regularly to avoid tangling your curls. 


Conditioning is very important if you want to maintain your curls. You must deeply condition your air every time you wash to keep it moisturized. 

Night Routine 

To preserve your curls, comb them out and put them in big braids. Cover the braids up with a satin cap before you sleep. 

Peruvian hair is one of the top human hair extensions in the market today. In almost every way, its advantages in weight, durability, and cost have made it a favorite. 

Whether you're getting Peruvian hair as a wig or in bundles to install later, there are so many styles you can choose from. 

Just be sure to look out for the defining features of the Peruvian hair to be sure you're getting what you want. 

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