Purchasing a wig is a great way for improving your daily look. Therefore, it can be described as a worthy investment. However, there’s much about maintaining a wig than just buying it.Therefore, understanding different ways you can keep your wig in proper condition is a big step. 

By reading this article you’ll get tips necessary to store your wigs. A wig needs to be stored in proper conditions without which it may decolorize and the hair fibers may also fall apart. Whether you’re looking to store human hair wigs or synthetic wigs, the methods of storage are ideally the same.                      

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Finding ways to store your wigs can do a lot for you. Here are some benefits of storing wigs:

  • Increased Longevity.

Storing your wig in good environmental can help keep it in good condition for longer periods. Some of the conditions you need to avoid include, exposure to direct sunlight, heat, and dust.

  • Maintaining their original look.

Finding proper ways of storing your wigs, can help maintain their original look. Wigs may fade in color and look less attractive if they are not stored in good conditions.
How to store wigs properly?

The ways of storage can be classified into three different categories. They include general, short-term and long-term ways of storage and maintenance. 

This article examines the ways in each category as you may see below


  •  Cleaning your wig before storage.

It's wrong to store your wig unwashed. Proper maintenance of a wig requires cleanliness. In order to keep your wig in perfect condition, wash it and ensure it is dry then keep it.

Keeping a wet or damp wig will attract molds making it lose its vibrancy.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and exposure to heat.

Direct sunlight or exposure to heat for long periods can cause harm. Such conditions decolorize your wig and make the hair fiber weak.

Storing your wig in cool conditions can help to maintain its color and also ensure the hair fiber doesn’t fall apart.

  • Using bedroom cabinets.

When you store your wigs in a bedroom cabinet, you can keep them away from young children and pets. Bedroom closets are also a good place to keep your wigs cool and dry. Lastly, it ensures you can find the wigs faster.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs                               


Store your wig in its original box.
If you frequently change from one wig to another, storing wigs in the original boxes is a good idea.

The boxes in which wigs are delivered have a special design to keep the wig in perfect shape. After cleaning the weave, comb the hair fibers, then put it in the box.
This will help maintain your wig’s shape and save space in your closet because the boxes are of regular shape and can be stacked.

Fold your wig.
Sometimes you may have disposed of the original box of your wig. But you still need to keep your wig well mostly when you’re traveling.

You can fold your wig properly from one side of the ear to another. Placing a tissue paper inside the wig will help to hold its shape and absorb moisture.

Carry a storage container when traveling.
Do you want to travel with your wig? No worries at all, because you can go out on that vacation with your wig hassle-free. Using the wig box or buying a custom one, can help keep your wig in perfect shape as you travel around.

You also need to carry a spare wig and a foldable wig stand to use when in a far location.


  • Use a mannequin or a wig stand.

Wig stands and mannequin heads are the best tools you can use to store your wigs. However, you may not have enough space to accommodate many stands for your wigs.

In such cases, you can have one stand on which you can store the wig you use mostly.

Wig stands and mannequin heads help maintain the shape and structure of the wig. However, wig stands require cleaning after some time of use. Always ensure they are clean.                                                                                                                              

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

                                                        Wig stand

  • Arrange your wigs according to style, color, and length.

You can organize your wigs according to their styles. Style is the physical appearance. It can be curvy, straight, etc.

When arranging wigs in your closet, make sure the labels indicating the style face outward. This will make it easy for you to find a wig in your closet.

Arranging your wigs according to color is a good idea. Colors like black, brown, blonde, etc. should be stored according to the specific category they belong to.

Wigs are in different lengths, short, medium, long. Storing your wigs according to their length can be a good idea. Especially if you want to pick a wig quickly in case you’re caught up with time.

  • Group your wigs according to the occasion and seasonal changes

Some wigs may be meant for specific occasions. These occasions can be events that may not happen so often.

Therefore, you require long term means of storing them. Organizing your wigs according to occasions can save you the hustle of trying to find a wig on the day of the event.

You can also have seasonal wigs on your closet. Your wigs can be organized according to the season you wear a certain wig.

Winter, summer, spring, etc. are some of the seasons that you may experience. You can organize such wigs according to seasons.


With the tips above, we hope you can no longer worry about the storage of your wigs. These tips also include how you can well organize your wigs in the bedroom closet.

As indicated earlier, purchasing wigs is a worthy investment. Therefore, you need to maintain their shape and overall look for as long as you can.

You need to be careful not to expose your wig to direct sunlight, excessive heat or dust, as pointed out earlier.

Organizing your wigs according to the guidelines above can help save your time when you're looking for a wig.

Do not forget to keep your wig in a perfect environment as pointed out earlier.

Following the tips outlined above will help you maintain your wigs properly.

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