Essential & Easy Guide on Human Hair Care in Summer

When summer comes, it may be an uncomfortable time for wig wearers. The hot and humid weather during the summer months can make your head feel sweaty, smelly, and itchy. Human hair wigs, in particular, make you feel uncomfortable during the summer. It is so because manufacturers build them from real human hair, which makes them substantially more than synthetic wigs.
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Therefore, taking care of these wigs can be a daunting experience. However, you'll have to do it because you can't lose that expensive wig you paid a fortune. For you to get the best outcome, wig care in the summer is what you need to understand. This article has compiled tips on how you can take care of your human hair wig and maintain its condition in summer. Take a look!
  • Avoid direct heat
Keeping your wig near any heat sources will damage it. You need to avoid exposing your human hair wig to hair dryers, ovens, boiling pots, hot car trunks, etc. Whenever you're going out into the hot sun, you need to cover your head with a hat. It will help to protect your wig from the sun. It is advisable to keep your human hair wigs away from direct heat so that you can maintain their health and increase their lifespan.
  • Choose a shorter look
Try short wigs in the summer. Long wig hairs will cover up to the nape of your neck. It will prevent air circulation into the cap and make it feel too hot. However, if you don't like short wigs, there is another option for you. Braid your hair to the side and also try to pull it slightly up to allow air circulation. These methods will help to keep the hair wigs fresh and avoid smelly hair.
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During the summer, your body can get sweaty. It can lead to clogging of body oils in the scalp and hair fibers. You need to wash your wigs at least once a month to remove the dirt. However, do not over wash them or do it so regularly because it may damage the hair strands. Cleaning your wigs will help to maintain their look and also make you feel comfortable during summer.
  • Wear lighter colors
If your closet is full of dark colors, try finding out some brighter colors for the summer. Figure out yourself in a black wig during the summer? Even with only dark-colored wigs in your closet, you should not walk out of your house like that. Dark colors attract and absorb more heat. You, therefore, need to go out of your comfort zone and find something that will look nice and won't be affected by the sun.
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Carry a small bottle containing witch hazel, a drop of essential oils and distilled water. Applying the oil on your scalp will keep it cool and refreshed. The spray will help clear out any stench after a long day of exposure to heat. You can also consider using water to wash just the cap and condition the rest of the wig to maintain the hair strands. These will help you to keep your wig hair in the summertime.
  • Avoid chlorine and salty water
It may sound a little hard to do, well because it's summer! However, it's the best thing to do if you want to take care of your wigs. Chemicals like salt and chlorine may cause the hairs to become weak and fall off. Whenever you're out on vacations, you should at least try to avoid getting into the water with your hair. You can easily maintain it in this way and make it more durable.
Wearing lace-front wigs in the summer is good because they are light in weight and will allow you to feel more relaxed. It has a 2-3 inches lace in the front of the cap. There is also maximum circulation of air because of the open wafting that is throughout the wig cap. It will help to reduce body sweat and ensure the wig stays in an odorless condition.
  • Repairing
Due to the hot sun, lace front wigs may start shedding since they are usually single knotted. However, there are ways in which you can repair those hair strands. If you see holes forming on the wigs, you can use permanent adhesives to fix it. You can sew in an extra piece of hair for your lace front wig. It will prevent your wig hairs from falling off while still feeling light and also maintaining that look you always desire.
  • Proper storage
You can never sustain your wigs long enough if you don't find an appropriate room for them. During the summer, there may be dust all over; therefore, storing your hair in areas that dust cannot reach them is a safe practice. A plastic bag will work well or try keeping it in its original box and arrange in the bedroom cabinets. It is the best way to control dust that takes away the color from your wig.
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As a wig lover, summertime should not prevent you from trying that wig you just purchased. By keeping these tips, you can take good care of your wig hair and make sure they maintain their natural look in the summer. As explained in this article, human hair wigs are so different from synthetic wigs when it comes to a change in season to the hot months. Therefore, learning how you can maintain your hair is essential.
Consider following these simple tips to ensure you feel comfortable whether you're going out in the sun or you're just staying indoors. It will help you to remain confident and also do justice to your body, of course, walking around in discomfort injustice to your body. Going short, lighter, maintaining cleanliness, avoiding excessive heat, wearing cap-less lace front wigs, and avoiding chemicals in water is the way to go.