Do you really know how to care Human Hair Wigs?

Women need a different hairstyle for every occasion. You might get bored with a particular hairstyle you carry every single day. To change the way, you look and try new styles, and there are tons of ways you can adopt. The best way is to use a human hair wig.

Human hair wigs are easier to manage, and you can straighten it, curl it and turn it into any style you want. You can even perm it, bleach it and use any hair dye you want. It is just like your natural hair, and no one can tell the difference.

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However, human wigs are delicate, and you need to really take care of them just like your natural hair. Maintaining human hair wigs is not difficult, but it needs enough of your time and efforts. You shouldn’t take your human hair wigs for granted as it is costly as well as delicate.

Let us take you through some of the tips and tricks through which you can easily manage your human hair wigs.

    1.Keep them away from excessive heat

Excessive heat is not only bad for your natural hair, but it is worse for your human hair wigs as well. It can damage the hair strands and can affect the overall quality of hair.

Therefore, keep your human hair wigs away from excessive heat and high temperature. Try to avoid overly-heated flat irons, straighteners, and curlers. Even if you want to use them, keep the temperature moderate. Too much heat will not only make your human hair wigs lose shine and glossiness, but it will make them prone to breakage and damage.

    2.Wash them carefully

Don’t forget that although human hair wigs is natural but it still isn’t your natural hair. That is why washing it is a bit different than your natural hair, and you need extra care not to wash it frequently.

It is therefore recommended to wash your human hair wigs once or maximum twice a month. However, if you wear it every day, then you can wash it once every week.

    3.Dry your wig after washing

If you are in a hurry and you want to wipe your human hair wigs immediately after washing, then use a dry towel only. Keep your wig away from the blow dryer. DO NOT use it as it may cause damage and unnecessary dryness to your human hair wigs.

Moreover, do not place your human hair wigs in the excessive sun, and the sun exposure can damage your wig as well.

    4.Condition your human hair wigs

Your human hair wigs require proper conditioning, just like your real hair. Your wig can become dry and frizzy over time. That is why it is essential to keep it in good shape and condition it twice a month.

To condition your human hair wigs the right way, take a small amount of conditioner and spread it on your human hair wigs evenly. Don’t forget to spread it all the way from the top to the bottom, leaving the base area where the cap of the wig resides.

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Leave it in the wig for about 3-5 minutes and gently comb the hair to detangle the strands and make them smooth. You can also use your fingertips.

Now rinse away the product from the wig by keeping in under mild warm water. After all the product is washed away from your hair, the next step is to put human hair wigs under cold water to maintain its shine and glossiness. Dry it just the way we mentioned in the above step.

    5.Brush your human hair wigs

Brushing your human hair wigs is also not the same as you brush your natural hair. You need to keep a gentle hand and brush it very carefully. To do that, search for a wide-toothed comb made up of wood. Brush your wig gently without putting any stress or pressure at the base and the ends of the wig. You need to avoid maximum breakage of your wig.

Moreover, even if you want to style your wig, don’t forget to keep away hair sprays and other styling products.

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Other Tips and Tricks to maintain your human hair wigs

  • Make sure that you wash away all the product from your human hair wigs before styling it. Leaving residue inside your wigs can be damaging for your wigs.

  • Do not wash your human hair wigs with hot water as it can damage the cap.

  • Do not sleep or swim wearing your human hair wigs.

  • Store it in a place free of humidity and excessive heat.

  • You must keep in mind that your wigs will lose hair overtime.

  • Keep your wigs away from chlorinated water and salt water.

  • Do not go in direct sunlight while wearing your human hair wigs. It can damage your hair strands and lighten its color as well.

  • Do not use hairpins that are too harsh on your human hair wigs. They can cause breakage and lose of hair strands.


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