Do’s & Dont’s for Lace Front Wigs

Wigs, in simple words, a rescuer for people who need to have better hairstyling options without having to risk their natural hair or scalp. While there is a lot of stuff you have to watch out for when wearing a wig, but what matters the most is the effort you put in maintaining and styling it. Modern techniques have enabled women to style their hair in ways which they had only dreamed of before. Now, with lace front wigs in the market with the most natural-looking designs, possibilities are again “Opened” for women aspiring to make a change in their appearance.
A lace front wig, if probably taken care of, last a lifetime. However, there are some things you might have to do, and a few things you might have to avoid if you want your wig to last longer.
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Lace Front Wigs – Upkeeps & Watch outs!

Here are the things you should and shouldn’t do when you are using lace front wigs.

Things You Should Do

There are always the things you can do to increase life, looks, and feel of your wigs. But focus a wee bit more on these,

1. Buy A High-Quality Lace Front Wig

The first thing you must pay attention to is the quality of your wig. Wigs made from low-quality material, damaged human hair, or second base are more prone to wear and tear as compared to high-quality, genuine wigs. It is always recommended to buy from reputable retailers and brands to ensure premium build quality. Low-quality wigs will not only damage your natural hair and scalp but also start to fall apart in a short period, which adds more to the reason of buying high-quality wigs for use.

2. Secure Your Natural Hair

Most of the people buy wigs not only to try trending hairstyles but also to protect their natural hair from the dangerous chemicals used in the process. Subsequently, even when you have bought a wig, the risk is far from over.
You should pay a great deal of attention to the conditions your natural hair stay in, especially when you are wearing a wig. Always use the type of wig which not only allows air to pass through its base but also does not exert too much pressure on the scalp. It is a good practice to use a wig cap to secure your natural hair even further.

3. Use The Right Glue

If you are looking forward to keeping the wig on your head permanently or for an extended period, you might need to use glue to stick the wig to the scalp properly. Now, when the discussion comes to this, choosing the right adhesive can make a significant difference in how well the wig fits and grips your scalp. Therefore, use the glue recommended by the company for a specific wig or consult someone who has some experience in it to make sure that you are selecting the right thing before using it.

4. Use The Wig Cleverly

After you have put up a show with your wig and its style has won everyone’s hearts, it’s time to give it a rest. Make this a habit to take off your wig whenever it is not needed. This practice will not only add more years to the life of your wig but also allow your scalp and natural hair to breathe.

5. Take Care Of Your Wigs

The last but not the least, take great care of your wig. Do meek things like keeping it clean and shampoo it whenever you have the chance. Try to be gentle when putting it on or taking it off. Simple things like these will improve both the looks and life of your wig.
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Things You Shouldn’t Do

Never do these things or at least try to avoid the
following items while using a wig,

1. Wear A Wig Straight Out of The Box

A lot of people make a mistake of wearing a wig straight out of the box, which presents a health hazard to the wig user. Most of the wig manufacturing companies put preservation chemicals in wig packages to protect them from insects and smaller animals. These chemicals are destructive to human skin and may cause allergies and skin diseases as they are generally slow poisons. Therefore, always wash the wig and ensure it is properly cleaned before putting it on.

2. Leaving Natural Hair Unchecked

Don’t make a mistake by leaving your natural hair unchecked in the excitement of wearing a wig with your favorite style. Your hair and scalp are undoubtedly one of the most sensitive parts of your body and require much care for their excellent health. So, keep an eye out for allergies, rash, or other problems on your scalp and hair to make sure the wig is not doing any damage.

3. Rotating The Wig

Try not to turn the wig too often or mix it up with different colors every day as it will decrease its quality. Rotating the wigs will also cause them to lose their natural look over time, and you’ll face a more significant problem then.

4. Settle for A Cheap Wig

As told earlier, cheaper wigs do more harm than good and are bad for the health of your scalp and hair. The low-quality material used in making these wigs is often unclean, swarming with bacteria and home-based companies with processing errors in their products cause them to be unfitting, unnatural, and poorly designed material.

Final Words

The ultimate goal for any wig user is definitely to keep his/her wig in the best shape while using it to serve its purpose. If the mentioned steps are promptly followed and reasonable care is taken of the wig, it might last a lifetime, but analysis reports found that on average, a wig lasts about 3-5 years even if proper care is taken of them. But who knows how it might work out for you?
In the end, you might be the more exceptional judge of what should be and what should not be done in a particular situation.

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