DIY Tutorial to Make A Wig Cap

Before understanding the wig cap construction, let’s get to know the “wig cap”.

Wig Caps

In simple words, to make wigs, you first need to pass through the process of wig cap construction. They are the base for the whole wig industry and the first requirement for making wigs. Wig caps not only provide a natural hairline but also increase the overall appearance and feel of a wig.
A wig cap is essentially added to a wig in order to wear it comfortably. It acts as a barrier to protect the scalp and increase its overall coziness. It is a personal preference and not a specific requirement for a wig. Therefore, it is merely a choice for the user to make. Most of the people prefer having a wig cap in their wigs for added comfort or their personal mindsets.

Wig Cap Construction

Simply put, wig cap construction means preparing a wig cap to support and enhance your wig. There are a number of ways of how you can prepare a wig cap but, in the end, it is mainly dependent on the type of wig cap construction you choose.

1. Tools needed

Obviously, without some basic tools, you can’t make or break something. Same is the case while making wig caps, you can’t just take them out of nowhere.
Proper tool and following a defined process is required to make a wig cap.
Here’s what you might need when making a wig cap.
  • Human Hair Wefts
  • Lace Closures (Optional, you can choose other types as well)
  • Elasticated or Stocking Cap
  • Scissors
  • Polyethene or Styrofoam
  • Some Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Wrapping Tape
  • Take a measuring tape and place it on the very bottom of your head until where you want the wig to cover.
  • Do the same for the front.
  • Make sure you are covering all the sides.
  • Note down the readings.
  • Now, measure the head’s circumference from the left to the right ear.
All of these gears include everything you’ll need to make a great wig.

2. Measuring your head size

Wondering how you would know your head size?
Well, it is an easy job if you have the necessary steps written down.
Guess what, we have just the thing for you.
Read on for a complete illustration of how you can measure the correct size of your head.

Measuring the Head Size with a Tape

That’s it, the readings you’ve noted down can help you carve a perfect wig cap.
If, however, you want to skip all that fuss. Just follow this method to make a wig,

· Make a Mold of Your Head

The best practice to make a perfectly fitting wig cap is by making the mold of your head itself and then using it to make the basic structure of the wig cap.
To get started, fold your hair in braids like you would when wearing wigs.
Now, take a plastic sheet and wrap it on your head where you’d want your wig to be. Afterward, just put some wrapping tape on the plastic sheet and mark an outline.
Once you have done that, cut out the piece of plastic and further reinforce it by adding more tape on all sides of the structure.
All done! You’ve secured the base. Now it is time to move to the second stage.

· Modify and Setup a Styrofoam Wig Head

Modify a Styrofoam wig head and carve it based on your head’s shape.
You can buy a wig head from any wig shop.
After you have done that, place the wig head on a wig headstand and stuff the plastic wig cap structure with polyester foam and attach it on the Styrofoam wig head.
Place a netted weaving wig cap cover on top of the wig head and fix it in position with some pins.
Congrats! You have finished the second stage.

· Sewing and Finalizing

Now that the wig cap is ready to be finalized, sew your favorite type of hair on it. For this purpose, you can either hand tie the hair strands or simply let the machine do the job.

3. Making a wig cap – M2 (using the noted down readings for size)

While you are at it, you must be thinking about where to start and what to do. Especially, if it is your first time making a wig cap.
Let’s categorically divide on how and what to take into account while making a wig cap.

Step 1: Preparations

The very first step is to measure the wig cap and know your size and requirement.
Once you have successfully measured the correct size, you can go ahead and select the type of lace cap you need for your wigs. Either Human Hair or Synthetic Hair.
Finally, you will have to select how you want the hair to be attached to the wig cap. Whether they are sewn or hand-tied into the wig cap.

Step 2: Making the Wig’s Base

For this purpose, the base of the wig can be made using the same sized cotton or elastic cap that fits your head.
Make sure that this cap should be adjustable and a perfect fit at the same time to maintain a natural and adjustable look.
If the cap is properly set, it should look like real hair pouring out of a woman’s head.
However, if you want the wig cap to be more than that, you can always move to customizations and add new wefts and hair extensions at any time.

Step 3: Setting Up the Hair

After spending money and time on joining hair strands to the individual wig caps, you may be thinking of using Indian, African, American, or whatever type of hair.
Either human or synthetic, depending on your choice, you should make the wig cap covered with the hair as much as you can.

Step 4: Create the Wig

Finally, create the wig by stitching or pasting all the components onto the wool or cotton caps.
Make sure that the wig cap is properly secured and it fits completely on your head.
Later on, from this stage, you can redesign and add new components that can enable more features and whatnot, consider what you’ll do about the final design.

Final words

Finally, you have got the wig cap you worked hard for. Enjoy and slay the wig you’re planning to wear on top of it. Happy Wigging!

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