DIY Steps on How to Cut and Shape a Curly Wig

The goal of every hairdresser is to have a curly wig, which is shiny, healthy, and frizz-free. However, cutting them can be a little bit overwhelming; and many people prefer to seek assistance from hairstylists. If you believe in yourself, read our guide below, and get to know the techniques on how to get the best uniform haircuts.

Tools You Need

1. Wide-toothed comb

2. Pins

3. Cutting scissors

4. Wig stand/head

Rules You Need To Know Before Cutting

1) Determine the length of hair that you will be removing, for instance, whether you will be cutting one inch or two inches from the tips of the wig.

2) Avoid washing curly wig with shampoo because it will make the curls to frizz.

3) Do not overcut curly hairs because you may end up disturbing the hair pattern, hence making the wig to frizz.

4) It is advisable to wet curly hair after cutting it but before styling, so that the curls may restore their pattern to avoid frizz.

5) Use correct hair products like conditioners when wetting your hair, because they will not evaporate like water, therefore, defining your curls correctly without the frizz.

6) While drying your hair, either by using a diffuser or by air-drying it, keep your hand off the curls because you will disturb the curly pattern.

7) Cut curly hair in layers to give it shape, volume, and to ease its ease in movement.

8) Avoid using thinning scissors because they will make your wig look elegant at the ends, hence making it look thin and stringy. Blunt scissors, on the other hand, will cause blunt edges on your hair strands, therefore increasing the split ends.

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Steps for Cutting Curly Wigs

Follow the steps below sequentially, and choose the right method to cut your hair without destroying it.

Step 1: Detangle your wig

Support your wig in a wig stand first before starting. Untangling hair knots is more accessible when the hair is wet. Therefore, spray some conditioner to your hair strands, and then use your wide-toothed comb to get rid of the tangles. Start from the hair tips, and work your way to the roots of your wig, in a gentle manner.

Step 2: Prepare your wig for cutting

You can either cut curly wigs when they are wet or dry. Wet cuts are good at making the curls even and more versatile. Wet hair is also more elastic than dry hair; hence, it makes the strands to stretch more, resulting in a stable shape, which will hold for a long time.

However, most stylists prefer doing dry haircuts because it is less time-consuming. It is also easy to do pointing or notching to dry hair because there is no binding of the hair strands. These make it possible to refine the hair.

If you are working with dry hair, begin by styling your wig and lay the curls in your preferred manner before starting the cutting process. If you do not want the hairs, which you will be cutting, fall on your neck or cloth, wrap yourself in a towel. Position your mirror well so that you can have a clear view of the back hairs.  

If you prefer working with wet hair, then wash and condition it using appropriate hair products and leave it to air dry for a few minutes. Instead of washing, you can alternatively mist it with a light leave-in conditioner. Make yourself ready by positioning your mirror and covering yourself with a towel.

Step 3: Start cutting your hair

You can try any of the techniques below to cut your wig. We made them easy to understand, and we believe you will find them simple to do. Keep one condition in mind; always pin your hair correctly to fasten the wig on the head.

a) Search and destroy using a mirror

Part your wig into several sections. Grab one part and secure the remaining ones using pins. Use your sharp cutting scissors to trim the ends or the curves of your curls. Besides, while holding that part in front of the mirror, try to visualize and see damaged parts. You will be trimming those ends.

The position where you start trimming matters; begin with top layers, and go down section by section. Pin that hair section to separate it with the uncut hairs. Follow the same procedure for the remaining hair sections, and inspect them to make sure that they look the way you want them to be.

b) 2-cut bob method

Comb your hair and tie it into a low ponytail, but do not get it too close to your head. Pull the ponytail holder down, to leave an inch or two inches of hair hanging. Cut the hanging strands of hair and then undo the ponytail.

For the second time, comb your hair, but tie it into a high ponytail. Cut the strands across the top of the head. Be keen to maintain a length of about 2 inches from the hair tips. After finishing this step, comb your wig to remove the excess hair that you have cut.

c) Search and destroy using the twist method

Take a small portion of hair strands and twist or curl it around your fingers to expose the damaged ends. If you wrap it tightly, the split ends will pop out of the braided hair, and that is what you will be cutting. Trim a  inch of the hair strands to  an inch. After finishing, tie that part so that you can proceed to work on the other sections of your wig.


d) Search and destroy using fingers

In this method, you will have to pass your fingers through your hair strands to feel them. If you sense a damaged end, cut that part off, an inch away from the hair tip. Pin or clip that hair section after you finish working on it. Repeat the same process for your entire wig, and then comb it to remove the excess cut hair.

The only secret to cutting curly wigs is gaining access to the curls individually. You can cut them in a right or wrong manner, but if you go through the instructions above keenly, you will have nothing to regret. Learn the necessary knowledge to explore your beauty!









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