Differences between Brazilian hair and Indian hair

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Wigs are not only a fashion accessory but also the expression of thoughts and events.
They not only eradicate the fear of harming natural hair but also add more to the personality of a woman. That is why women nowadays do not wear wigs to have a voluminous hairstyle but also to look more gorgeous. Therefore, it is very important to know which kind of human hair wig compliments your look the most. Brazilian and Indian hair is quite popular among people and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is better to give it proper research before investing an amount in human hair wigs.

Brazilian Hair

By the name is given, Brazilian hair is 100% natural human hair that is obtained from parts of Brazil. These women are paid to grow their hair and then the hair is collected from them. Brazilian Virgin hair is in its absolute natural form without any kind of styling products or tool used on it like perming or dyeing to change the texture of the hair.

· Features

Brazilian hair is also completely natural human hair free from any treatments. They do not undergo any kind of chemical treatments to give a very raw human hair feel to the client. Brazilian human hair wigs are very soft and smooth making them the favorite of many females. Another amazing feature of the Brazilian hair is the proper alignment of cuticles that prevents tangling.

· Pros of Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is well known for its thick, bouncy and silky look. That’s why they are the most used human hair wigs. In contrast to Indian hair, Brazilian hair is less frizzy and holds hairstyles better in humid conditions. A wonderful money-saving feature of the Brazilian hair is its density. Brazilian hair is denser and needs lesser bundles of hair to provide a fuller look. Isn’t it a great option for wig lovers!

· Cons of Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is undoubtedly durable and long-lasting but proper care needs to be done.
Brazilian human hair wigs hold hairstyles better but they have tighter curls which makes it difficult to straighten.

· Style Options for Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is available in a great number of varieties for the wig lovers.  They give a good bounce and volume to the hair and are used for straight, wavy and curly, all kinds of hair.
 wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, hair wig
1. To let you know, Brazilian straight hair is not dead straight and gain a wavy appearance after a few washes but you can surely straighten them using a straightening iron.
2. The wavy hair maintains their styles for a longer time than Malaysian and Peruvian hair with proper care and management.
3. Talking of the curly hair, Brazilian curly hair is available in every kind of curls from S locks to Z locks and everything in between. These curls stay tighten for a long period of time if handled in the best way.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is obtained from women of Indian origin. Indian hair has very fine density just like other hair of Asian region. People in India donate hair in temples as a ritual and do not expect any monetarily returns. The hair is then sold out by the temple management to hair extension businesses and the money made is used for betterment of the society that participated in the ritual.

· Features

The Indian virgin hair also lets you have the raw, natural feel of the human hair without any kind of processing. They are very silky and smooth and do not tangle easily. The Indian hair has more of a wavy texture so if you are looking for some bomb wavy hair wig then Indian hair could be your top choice.

· Pros of Indian Hair Wigs

Indian hair is the most high-quality human hair present in the market for extensions. They are light and bouncy and they mix well with any kind of hair. African-American women often flaunt this kind of hair because the brown Indian hair blends nicely with their natural hair. As Indian hair are naturally more wavy than curly, you can easily curl them with a curling rod anytime you wish! One noticeable feature of the Indian human hair is the length. The hair is lengthier than any other human hair wigs and extensions.

· Cons of Indian Hair Wigs

Virgin Indian Hair wigs are expensive being in their natural most form.  If not handled properly, Indian hair wigs may lose their natural shine.

· Styling Options for Indian Hair

Indian hair is also present in various styles majorly straight human hair and wavy human hair.
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1. Wavy Indian hair is of great quality and holds the waves for a good period of time. They are cut from one donor and usually maintained in longer lengths. All the hair has properly aligned cuticles that prevent tangles and keep the beautiful wave style.
2. Straight Indian hair is not very straight rather a bit on the wavy end but that is how naturally straight hair is supposed to be, right? The straight Indian hair has a very smooth and silky texture. The best part is that you can style your straight Indian hair in any way you want like dead-straight, curled or dyed. These wigs can last from 6 months to a year depending on how you take care of them.
3. Curly Indian hair is thick with luscious locks that blend beautifully with almost all types of hair. It has a simple yet gorgeous wave pattern in dark hair shades. Shedding is minimal if a suitable comb is used.
Brazilian and Indian hair is both natural hair and of the best quality. They provide a voluminous look to your style with grace. If you want thick and bouncy hair then Brazilian hair is a good option for you or if you like wavy and silky textures, Indian hair is the one for you. Choose the best human hair wigs for yourself to experience the bouncy thick natural hair and style them in your way of choice. Happy styling!
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