Creative Hair Styling Tips for Halloween, Parties, Masquerade, Whatever!

Wigs are amazing inventions that can help you transform yourself into something or someone you have always wished to become. Human hair wigs do not only have to be worn as an everyday look but you can also style them up, colour them and design wigs for an evening where everyone dresses up and our alter-egos come out to play. Yes we are talking about Halloween wigs! We are going to help you style your wigs for Halloween as well as help you look after them to ensure that they stay in mint condition.

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Human Hiar Wigs Are Styling-Friendly

You can buy cheap Halloween wigs from a costume shop but they never turn look the same on you as they do in the pictures. The best wigs for you to buy for Halloween are human hair wigs that you can style yourself as well as un-style them for another occasion later on in the year. Your wig will most likely come in a packet. Remove it from the packet and give it a good yet gentle shake. This will help get the hairs moving and get you ready to style your hair.

The following styling tips are best used on wigs that are made from human hair. The synthetic hairs tend to burn or break when you try and style them. It is best that you spend a bit more to ensure that you get the perfect look. A human hair wig is going to last you much longer than a synthetic plastic wig you get from a costume shop. The human hair wig will also let you style it easier and the hair style will stay in the wig for as long as the style will last for your natural hair.

Before you start to style the wig, you need to find the picture or character you wish to be for your night out on the town. Ensure that you buy the right colour wig or if you need to dye the wig, either do it yourself at home or you can get a professional to dye the wig for you.

Things you need before styling your wig:

1. Wig stand or polystyrene head to rest the wig on when you are styling it.

2. Hair spray.

3. Relevant styling products such as gel, mousse or even a straightening serum before you straighten the wig.

4. Bobby pins to lock in the upstyled hair designs or to keep curls in place.

5. Straightening iron, curlers or curling iron.

6. Paddle brush when needed.

Straightening the wig:

1. Before you straighten the human hair wig, you need to place the wig on a wig stand or polystyrene head.

2. Then apply a straightening serum to the hair to ensure that you do not damage the human hair wig.

3. You can then straighten the wig and apply a hair spray after to ensure that the hair stays in place and that you do not have run away strands of hair.

4. When you are ready, place the wig on your head, secure it and you are good to go.

If you have bought a synthetic wig, it is best that you buy a wig that is straight already as the straightening iron is going to melt the synthetic hairs.

Curling the wig:  

  • For an already curly wig

If you buy a wig that is already curly, do not brush it! This is going to ruin the curls as well as pull out some of the hairs in the wig.

If you have a human hair wig, then you can apply a product to the wig before you curl it. Curl it as you use normally would curl your natural hair and apply a hair spray to lock in the curls.

  • For a synthetic wig

If you bought a synthetic hair wig, then you cannot use any heated tools on the wig as the heat will melt the synthetic hairs. You can curl a synthetic wig by using plastic rollers and leaving it over night to lock in the curls. In the morning, remove the curlers and spray the wig with hairspray to ensure that the curls will stay when you wear it throughout the day.

Upstyle wig designs:

 Upstyles are the best to do on wigs as you do not have to worry about all the tugging that gets down on your own hair. It is best that you place the human hair wig on a wig stand before you start to style the wig. This is going to ensure that everything is straight and that everything is in the right place when you place it on your head.

Take your time when doing the upstyle because you want it to look as close to your Halloween costume as possible. You are going to need to use a few bobby pins to keep the upstyle in place and keep in mind that the wig still has to go on your head. You do not want to make the style too heavy as it can give you a headache when you are wearing it.

If you bought a synthetic wig, you can still create an upstyle however, it might not hold as nicely as it would if you bought a human hair wig. Do not forget to spray the hairstyle at the end so that your hairstyle does not move when you are trick or treating.

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Once the party is over:

Once the party is over, you are going to want to remove your costume wig and place it back on the wig stand. In the morning, wash the wig and let it air dry if it’s synthetic or blow dry it on a low heat if you bought a human hair wig. Once the wig is dry, place it back on the stand and cover it with a plastic bag. This will help keep the wig from getting dirty or ruined throughout the year.

Halloween is a time where children and adults let go for a few hours and dress up. Now you can have the perfect wig for the occasion!

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