Comparison of Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian Virgin Hair

Nowadays, hair extensions have become so popular that it can be hard to gauge how they differ from each other.

The most popular virgin hair extensions are Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, and Peruvian hair. They all originate from different regions.

Virgin Brazilian hair is a soft hair weave, requires little care, and its texture blends with different types of hair. They usually collect it from donors who are of African origin, Indian natives, and mixed Spanish.

The donors of Malaysian hair come from the regions of Southeast Asia-Malaysia while those of Peruvian hair come from the South American country of Peru.

With that complete detailed introduction, is it not wise to learn more about these hair extensions? Below are comparisons between these three wigs, their advantages, and disadvantages.wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, hair wigs                                      


When we compare Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, and Peruvian hair, we have to go into details on some specific features that make them distinct. Let us find out what those features are and how they make these three hairpieces different.

  • Appearance

Brazilian hair is shiny, soft, and smooth, and it comes in different textures and styles. It can be straight naturally, wavy, or make curly patterns. Its luster is low to medium.

Malaysian hair, on the other hand, is silky and wavy too but much more silky and wavy compared to Brazilian hair. It has a high luster, which ranges from high to medium. It makes a perfect wavy pattern when wet.

Peruvian is also wavy and silky but can be straight too. It has a medium luster. It has a texture that is more coarse and thick, as compared to Brazilian hair.

  • Hair Weight and Length

Brazilian hair is dense. In one bundle, the weight of a Brazilian hair ranges from 95g to 105g. They pack three packages in one order, and each hair bundle can have different lengths, ranging from 8 inches to 30 inches, depending on your request.

Malaysian hair is more massive, and the texture is thicker than Brazilian hair.

Peruvian hair is very light compared to Brazilian and Malaysian hair extensions. It needs fewer bundles of wigs to give the body a full look.

  • Durability

Depending on the use and maintenance, Brazilian hair can last as long as you want. If we take a rough estimate, it can go up to 12 months. To add on that, you can apply different lengths and styles to the hair curls. The hair also holds the curls for a long time.

Because Malaysian hair is robust, it has a longer lifespan. It holds curls well; they do not drop or become loose, hence maintaining the shape of the hairpiece. However, Malaysian hair reduces its shine after you wash it.

When wet, Peruvian hair curly texture becomes curlier. Even though it is curlier when it is moist, it can last longer, depending on the care and attention that you give it.

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  • Versatility

Just like other useful hair extensions, Brazilian hair also offers the versatility feature. It is available in different colors. Besides, it is possible to bleach it or dye it to your preferred shade, or even change its texture o suit your needs.

Unlike Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair blends well with typical relaxed African-American hair textures and other similar hair types. To be more precise, it combines with hair textures that are coarse and medium.

Just like Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is also versatile. You can also bleach or dye Peruvian hair to your desired color. This hair is flexible, and anyone can use it to have the desired look. Of importance to note, Peruvian hair is capable of holding its texture in good condition, especially in hot and wet conditions.

  • Hair color

A Brazilian hairpiece comes in a natural dark color. However, you can dye it or bleach it.

You can find Malaysian hair in black and dark brown colors.

Peruvian hair comes in dark, deep brown, and light brown colors.

Pros and Cons

In the above discussion, we have learned how to compare the three wigs. Nonetheless, that is not enough. We have to go the extra mile by learning the benefits and drawbacks of each hairpiece.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Brazilian Hair

  1. It is better in regions with humid conditions because it is less likely to freeze

  2. It is durable

  3. It blends well with many hair textures

  4. You only need a few hair bundles to have a completely natural look because it has a high density

  5. It holds curls longer

  6. It is extremely versatile

  7. You can recycle it as long as you want

  8. It is challenging to flat iron Brazilian hair due to its tight curls   

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Malaysian Hair

  1. It provides complete hair closure

  2. It lasts long with easy maintenance

  3. You can also reuse Malaysian hair

  4. You can iron Malaysian hair to shape it

  5. It does not entangle easily

  6. It loses its shininess after 2-3 washes

  7. It becomes dry quickly if you do not give it the proper care

  8. Malaysian hair products are expensive

Advantages and Disadvantages of Peruvian Hair

  1. It is light and comfortable to wear

  2. It is not extremely shinnying hence luxurious

  3. It is easy to style

  4. It is versatile

  5. It is affordable

  6. It has a wide range of patterns to choose from

  7. It becomes curlier when wet

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Which wig Is Better?

I know it is challenging to decide the type of wig you want to wear, especially for beginners. Nevertheless, you can still find a way out. Before choosing your best hair extension to use, you have to put many factors into consideration.

As an illustration, you need to know what kind of hair you have. Then, compare all the available hairpieces, and do not forget to look at their advantages and disadvantages.

After you collect all the necessary information, make your way to the best dealers in original virgin hairpieces then choose the wig that best suits your needs.


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