Can I Exercise with A Wig?

Wigs have become a norm among women, with millions donning wigs for various purposes- from spicing up beauty to concealing thinning hair. You can wear a wig to virtually any place, and it’s possible to exercise in it. Consider wearing wigs good enough for your comfort and convenience always. Go for it!
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Everything you Need to Know About Exercising with a Wig
Many women, especially those new to the wig world, wonder whether it’s possible to work out with a wig. The answer is a resounding “YES.”
Women can do almost everything in wigs, including working out and swimming. However, every workout enthusiast wants a wig that stays in place as they toss their bodies and count reps.
These tips will help you work out effectively in a wig:
1. Consider the nature of your exercise
The kind of workout determines the best type of wig to wear during the training. If your workout involves wearing a helmet, for instance, consider wearing an adequately vented wig to promote air circulation and prevent overheating.
Some wigs contain designated lining bands, which are ideal for water sports like swimming. It’s also plausible to opt for a synthetic wig for swimming in place of the more costly human hair wig hairstyle.
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs
Wear an older wig to the gym
During your workout, you’ll be sweating into and soiling your wig with hair oils, dust, and other substances. What’s the point of wearing your favorite wig to the gym when you can use an older one?
It’s recommendable to put on an older wig when working out. It keeps your primary wig from collecting sweat, hair oils, and dirt quickly, and extends its lifespan.
 Wear a shorter wig hairstyle when working out
Unlike longer hairstyles, shorter hairstyles are easy to maintain and hardly get in your way as you exercise. You can easily tuck the hair strands behind your ears, so they stay off the face.
Shorter wig hair also has little chance of matting due to excessive sweating. Thus, you’re more likely to feel more comfortable working out in short wig hairstyles than in long haircuts.
2. How to secure your wig when working out
There are numerous ways to secure your wig to your head and prevent it from slipping during your workouts. The most suitable method depends on the nature of your hair and how vigorous your exercises are.
Adjusting your wig
Most human hair wigs and synthetic wigs come with elastic tabs on the side panels for wig adjustment. You can use these tabs to secure your wig to your head as your exercise.
The wig will get loose after some time, so you may need to adjust the tightness from time to time. However, you’ll need more options to secure your wig for a better workout experience.
 wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs
Eight tips to secure your wig during workouts
Here are some tips to secure your wig as you exercise:
a) Grab a wig tape and headband
Workouts involve a lot of movement. Right from jumping to squatting, laying down, and even bending. Your wig needs to stay with you to the end. Wig tapes and headbands will surely save you the embarrassment of your wig flying off in a public place like the gym. At times wig tapes lose their glueyness, but don’t worry: a headband will still cover you for the session.
b) Put on a wig cap
Wearing wig caps may not be everybody`s thing, but believe me: you will need one. Here is why; wig caps prevent your wig from slipping, plus they are super comfy. Going for one wouldn’t hurt. Who wouldn’t want to be comfortable when exercising? The exercise may be strenuous or light, but you won't stand discomfort for too long.
c) Use silicon solution sheet
Sewing is one of the most secure methods of binding. With these sheets sewn in your wig, stretching out or falling off are not amongst the list of your worries. Sew one into your hairpiece, and enjoy a perfect fit like one of wig grip. Since stretching out is out of the question, you can use it for as long as you desire. They are flexible, and you can adjust to your best fit.
d) Apply baby powder
Though this sounds ridiculous, you need to hear more of it before you disagree. Wait till it saves you the stress of your wig coming off as you burn calories and keeping fit. Most hair products are oily, which may make wigs too oily. What follows is your wig slipping, shake a little powder to the roots to absorb any oil. Problem solved, no more slips!
e) A wig grip cap will do
Wearing one of these guarantees you comfort and more to that is confidence. It feels good to know you are looking perfect and nothing is about to bring you down. It is typically a cap with something more: a wig grip. An ideal attachment of your wig to one will be the ultimate solution for those with hair loss problems as well as safe for your exercise.
f) Using wig clips
Coming across a clip is not so rare in a female`s hair tools. Except, this one is attached to your wig. Wig clips create more firmness when you use them to secure your hair. The same applies to wigs too. A lot of them are metallic. If your wig doesn’t have one, you can sew it right away to serve you for your needs.
g) How about you use an adhesive
When you hear of adhesives, the though of stickiness matches in with no invitations. Yes, it is sticky but good enough for your wig when you have to exercise. The glue is applicable, just like the hair gel. It can be of help when mounting a wig even if there is no hair beneath! Try this with lace front wigs and you will love it.
h) A wig grip band
Likewise to a wig grip cap, a band can serve the same too. Luckily enough for bands, you can always feel them tight on your head because of its elasticity. That feeling is a constant reminder that your wig is in a safe position on your head. You can easily detect any movement and in case it wants to come off as you exercise, you will take it back to its rightful place.
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs
How to care for and clean your wig after exercising
The wig’s lining absorbs sweat and hair oils as you work out. Meaning you need to clean out your wig more frequently to keep it fresh and extend its life.
You can use skin toner or spray with dry shampoo to space out the time between washing your workout wig. However, regular washing is the best way to protect your human hair wigs from tangling and mapping due to excessive sweating.
Flushing the stink out of your wig
After a strenuous workout session, it may leave an unpleasant odor in your wig. Clean alone won’t dispel this odor. You need to soak your human hair wigs for about 15 minutes after workouts in bucketful solution of 1 teaspoonful of baking soda and 2-3 drops of purification fluid. After soaking, wash out the wig to liberate all stubborn sweat, smoke, or perfume odors. 
Pro tips for working out with your primary wig
Here are some extra tips if you’re exercising in your primary wig:
i. Use disposable wig liners
Disposable wig liners are composed of high-quality wicking material that soaks in hair oils, dirt, and sweat stains and keep the wig and natural hair dry. It protects your wig from undue excessive wear ad preserves its glamour.
ii. Wear a stretchy headband
An elastic headband pulls the wig’s layers from your forehead and nape of the neck, giving you free space to work out.
iii. Use a deodorizing spray to neutralize wig odors
After working out, it’s recommendable to take off your wig, turn it inside out, and spritz the inside with a solution of purification oil and distilled water. Let the hair dry out so all unpleasant odors can clear out before pulling it back on.
iv. Braid your wig before working out
Braiding your wig hair into French fishtails or a pigtail ensures it stays clear of your face while working out. It also saves you from washing your wig after each workout session if styled correctly.
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs
Working out in a wig is nothing to fret around. However, you need the right type of wig for effective exercising. It’s easy to exercise in various kinds of wigs, and the choice usually comes down to personal preference. While the tips outlined here are secure and useful, you still need to determine the best way to secure, clean and clean your workout wig to ensure it stays fresh and lasts longer.

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