Can I Bleach Human Hair Wigs And How?

A weave is a bundle of hair sewn right in your natural hair and can last for a couple of months with good care and maintenance. There are two major types of wigs; one is synthetic hair that is artificial while the other type is made of human hair and they are much better and easy to use and maintain than the synthetic ones. Blondes are always sounded like fun and getting that beautiful blonde look at home isn’t that hard. By proper use of bleach products, you can do it at home by yourself.
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Get Prepared

Before starting to bleach your wig, you need to do some preparations and collect all the tools. It is because it can save your time, efforts, and will let your wig bleached perfectly.

1. Assess the Risk

It is better to assess the risk before getting started. The bleach gives better results if you have not bleached them before. The bleach gives quick results on lighter colors hair. You can also bleach dark colors, but it will need more time, and it can also damage the hair. It is recommended by different experts that there should be a few weeks gap between you bleach the wigs. Human hair wigs start getting damaged if you bleach them frequently.

2. Prepare the Hair

Bleaching hair is not a simple and risk-free thing. It can strip off your hair from its body so keeping in mind a few precautionary measures can help and will not turn your hair frizzy and dry.
A couple of weeks before bleaching use lot of conditioning masks to make them strong and healthy. Also, you should skip and few days for washing the hair before bleaching. The freshly washed hair can cause trouble for the bleach to set best. It can also irritate the scalp.

3. Gather all Tools

Before starting bleach, you must make sure that you have arranged all the required tools on the list.
- First of all, you need to buy the right powder bleach and developer. Both must be of the same brand to get better results. The developer is basically a liquid which reacts with the powder and strips the color out of the hair. The developers come in many different volumes like 30 or 40. Higher the volume is, higher will be the strength of the bleach. For example, if you use the 20 volume developer, you will need more time for it to keep it on. While the 40 will be fast and will burn the hair before you know it. But if you use it with care, then it is quite better. If you are confused, just use 30.
- With that, you will need a conditioner and a toner. A plastic mixing bowl, plastic spatula, plastic tail end brush, and a pair of gloves. You should also have some old towels and clothes prepared in case of any need.

4. Mix the Bleach

Before mixing the bleach, put on your gloves and also wear an old t-shirt which you don’t mind getting spoiled by the bleach spills. Now carefully open the powder pack and transfer the contents in the bowl. Then pour in the developer. You should use 1 part of bleach powder and 2 parts of the developer. You can use a measuring spoon to do that if your bleach doesn’t come with scoops.
Mix both with the brush and make sure the mixture is consistent like yogurt. It should not be runny. Add more powder and developer of needed. Thoroughly mix them and make sure there are no clumps.
5. Prepare your Workstation
You can use a flat surface like counter, table, or ground and cover it with a large sheet of foil. If you are bleaching more than one wigs, use separate workstation for each.

Apply Bleach

Now its time to apply the bleach once all the other work is done.

1. Brush the Wig

Use your applicator brush and dip it in the bleach and coat well. From the top, start brushing the weave in large strokes. Keep applying until all hair are covered in bleach. Flip over the wig and start bleaching from the other side.

2. Fold the Foil and Leave

Keep wearing your gloves and fold the foil from each side over the wig until it is fully covered. Let is rest for 20 minutes.

3. Check the Color

After waiting for 20 minutes, check the color. If you think the color is not as much light as you wanted it to be, apply more bleach and let rest for 10 more minutes. For a slightly lighter tone, you can give it a 10 minutes time overall.

4. Rinse the Bleach

Wear the gloves and take the bleached wig to the sink and wash thoroughly with warm water. Keep rinsing until all the liquid of bleach is washed away.

5. Shampoo It

Use a neutralizing shampoo and wash the hair wig thoroughly. Repeat the process if you see the wig not washed finely. The neutralizing shampoo stops the chemical reaction of the bleach from being continued.

6. Apply a Toner

Now apply toner to your damp wig and place in a clean sink or on any old towel or cloth. After 10-15 minutes wash the wig. Toner basically helps the bleach not to turn in yellow or other tone but to remain white.
If you are fed up of using dark color human hair wigs and want to try lighter tones, then you can simply bleach it. Bleaching a wig is also almost same as the original hair bleaching, so it is not a complicated thing. You just need a few tools to be readily available before starting bleach. With a few simple and easy steps, you can bleach your wigs right at your home. so, buckle up and do not lay off your dreams of having beautiful hair. After the bleaching keeps proper care of the wigs by shampooing and conditioning.

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