Buying a wig or Making a wig?

Human hair wigs have become an essential part of today’s lifestyle. It has become a main article in the hair profession. Most people like wigs that are not just for covering up flaws, but also for fashion and style. A human hair wig allows people to change their hairstyle without making any type of change to their hair or spending several hours in the parlor. It can be difficult to choose between making or buying a wig because both have their own pros and cons. We will discuss both and leave the choice for you to decide.

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Making a wig

First, we will have a discussion on making a wig.

Materials required

  • Stocking cap
  • Styrofoam
  • Virgin human hair weft
  • Pearl headed pins  

Steps to make a wig

1. Initial Preparation

For making a perfect and comfortable wig, you need to select the type of lace cap you want to use. You should decide if you like to have real human hair or synthetic hair, and then in the last dedicate your time to sew the hair in place.

2. Hair Preparation

It is always advised to have the highest quality hair, whether it is any type of hair in the world. You can use any type of virgin human hair texture for your wig. Hair wefts, about three bundles, would be enough. You can either choose one length or several different lengths depending upon what type of layered look you want to have.

3. Wig creation

This is the most key step of all. First, sew the wig under the edge of the cap so it can be worn in a high ponytail. Now, sew by using the top and full method for secure wefts. After that, make sure you secure the edge of your weft before flipping it over.

4. Final Touch

After your wig is completed, you can test it by putting it on. You can trim the length of hair as you like. Now your own handmade wig is made.

Pros and Cons


  • You can choose color, length, hair texture which suits your demands
  • You can easily save a lot of money by designing your own wig
  • You can confirm comfort by placing it perfectly to your head size
  • You can make sure that it fits well within the fullness of your original hair
  • You can use your creativity to make it more advanced
  • It will be a unique wig. No one will have a wig like yours


  • Glue can get chaotic if you show any carelessness
  • If glue gets wet and you do not dry immediately, the glue will be not sticky anymore 
  • Wig can be a little rigid at first but will loosen up a little after a couple of wears 
  • Very time consuming
  • So much care is required
  • Chances of ruining all your work just by a small mistake

Buying a wig

Now, we will discuss the option of buying a wig.

Important instructions to follow

There are a few instructions that should be kept in mind before you buy a wig which is stated below.

1.Selecting a wig

First of all, you have to choose if you want to buy a synthetic wig or human hair wig. Select a wig according to your lifestyle. The wig should be in accordance with your skin tone and must look great on your face.

2.Fitting the wig onto your head

When you have selected a wig for yourself, you have to make sure it fits on your head. For this purpose, you have to measure the circumference of your head. Now buy a wig according to the size of your head. Now, you are ready to put on your wig.

3. Testing the comfortability of the wig

This is the most important step to follow while buying a wig. You must make sure to buy a wig which is comfortable for your head. Do not buy a wig in a hurry. Make sure it is comfortable and fit for your head. You can use an adjustable band to make sure that the wig stays in place.

4. Taking care of the wig

Human hair wigs have a very high chance of getting damaged very easily. You should be careful about your wig, or otherwise, the wig will be unwearable. You must protect your wig from heat. avoid wearing wig while you are in the kitchen. Wash human hair wig with mild shampoo and conditioner while wash synthetic wig with synthetic wig shampoo and conditioner.

5.  Brushing your wig

In the last, you should always brush your wig before wearing it. Keep in mind that always brush the wig when it is dry and use a wig brush for this purpose. This will protect the wig from getting damaged. A normal brush or comb can stretch the fibers of the wig.

Pros and Cons:


  • Buying a wig can save you so much time.
  • The lesser effort required while buying a wig than the effort required for making a wig
  • It is the best option in emergencies
  • Variety of wigs available
  • All kinds of features available
  • Different colors and hairstyles are available for all the wigs


  • Buying a wig can be an expensive option which can disturb your budget
  • Finding a wig according to the size of your head is a drag
  • Unavailability of your favorite style on your favorite wig
  • Chances of low standard material used for making wigs


Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. That’s why it is quite hard to say which option is better on the basis of advantages and disadvantages. It mainly depends upon the choice and interest of the person who wants to wear it.

Final Words

Factors like money and time are very important for that. If a person has time and wants to save money, he should make his own wig. And if he has enough money and wants to save time, he definitely should buy it. Now, if a person has both time and money, it all depends upon the choice and interest of the person. If he has an interest in creativity, he will make his own wig, and if he is not very adventurous, he will buy it from market. 

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