Best Wigs for Winter

Freezing temperatures, snowstorms, icy roads, dry air are all accomplices of winter. Wig, which is a woman's buddy, helps to rock each hair fantasies you have without stressing or manipulating your natural hair.

Wigs protect your natural hair from freezy temperatures and the dry air around which turn hairs from voluminous and shiny to flat and frizzy.
Also, deciding which wig to wear during this weather is very important; determining between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs to help battle the winter. Here are some tips to help decide on the best wig choice for winter.
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Human hair wigs are made out of real human hair; a beautiful blend of luxury and comfort that have soft and shine combination which flows and is difficult to synthetically replicate, it also gives an adequate natural feeling and looks.
While they can be the more expensive choice, they are also more lasting and with the proper care, they can last between 1 and 3 years.
Some of its features are:
  • Flexible styling ability: since this wig has similarities to natural hair, it can be styled, coloured or permed to make it appear just like your hair however you might desire for it to be.
  • Simple maintenance: although it might look like high maintenance but be rest assured because it is simple to maintain. All you have to do is wash it frequently,  then bring it to untangle and style, which is basically the same things you do to your natural hair. It can be styled however you want to with a curler or flat iron but don't overuse these hot tools as they might shorten its lifespan.
  • Comfortable to wear: they are comfortable to wear generally due to its good quality. This is very important because you should not be uncomfortable or feel any discomfort while wearing it. Therefore, make sure to buy the right size by measuring your hair to prevent it from being too tight or probably small to avoid discomfort. As the purpose or aim of getting and wearing the wig is to substitute your natural hair, so it should make you feel nice and good.
  • Variety: there are many human hair wigs to choose from and they are determined by their cap design and amount of lace material there is. Three most popular ones are full lace wig, lace front and 360 wigs and they all use a monofilament cap which is part lace and part regular cap material.
A full lace wig comprises of a cap that is completely made of the mesh material, that is, each hair strand is sewn by hand and this makes it the most natural and realistic wig type because the entire hairline and parting look very real.
A lace front wig as the name suggests only has lace at the front part of the wig. The hair is hand sewn onto lace and looks just like real hair growing out of the scalp which gives a very natural look.
A 360 wig has a strip of lace around the cap which creates a very realist hairline. Generally, the more the lace, the more expensive the wig is.
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Synthetic wigs are not frizzy and remain composed no matter the weather and it is better at holding its style even after washing. At times, it is difficult to differentiate from human hair because some of the high-quality synthetic wigs have texture and density like that of the human hair and except you place them side by side you won't be able to tell.
Some of its features are:
  • Easy to maintain: synthetic wigs are easy to maintain without hassle. It has a superb style memory, therefore you only need to wash it in cool water and shake it out and it goes back to its original style because your style and curl pattern have been grilled in.
  • Natural look: a good quality synthetic wig can also achieve the same natural-looking hairstyle of human hair that one might not be able to tell the difference.
  • Lasting colour: synthetic wigs also have superb bright shades because its fibres hold colours more thoroughly than that of human hair. That is, fading is not a concern as you can have any colour you want whenever.
  • Pocket-friendly: it is cost-effective in the sense that you can get more than one synthetic wig for the price of one human hair wig. Although it is great to have at least one human hair wig at your reach, synthetic wigs are also important because it can weather all situations.


  • Condition correctly: conditioning your wigs deeply prevents dryness, and frizz which the harsh winter weather will come riding with and make and keep your wigs in good conditions. It is also advisable to stock up care products for your wigs before the winter because a few days exposure to the weather without proper conditioning can ruin it. Also, it is extremely good to use a leave-in conditioning spray on your hair during this period.
  • Air dry: as you store away your summer clothing, you also need to do the same for flat irons, hairdryers, hot rollers and curling irons. This is because the aim is to keep your wig always moisturized and these things keep moistures out of hair. Therefore, the best way of drying your hair is by letting your wig air dry but you must make sure that it dries before you leave your house to prevent it from freezing.
  • Cover up: even after conditioning and spritzing your wig, it can still dey out. So, when spending a long time outdoors, take something you can cover and wrap your hair with like hats, scarfs and any other soft materials you have. In addition, for instances when you can't wash your wigs at night, cover them with scarfs or what have you because the air inside can be as dangerous to the one outdoors.
Going extra miles to take care of your wig will determine if you will rock a dry flat and frizzy wig all through winter or a shiny and moisturised one.
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