Best Tutorial to Straighten Your Curly Wigs

Curly wigs are stylish, and they suit any event that you would wish to attend. However, these wigs require a lot of maintenance to keep them neat and attractive. Sometimes this tends to be challenging, which makes women prefer to keep a straight wig. Alternatively, some women prefer to keep straight wigs as compared to the curly ones. Nonetheless keeping straight hair always gives the desired outcome where the woman is attractive. Women fear to straighten their curly wigs because they fear that they could lead to permanent damages. This article gives you a tutorial on how you can straighten your curly wig and attain the best results.


Why are Straight wigs very popular?

  • A straight wig is attractive. A straight wig is characterized with shiny and sleek elements which quickly catch the attention of the people.

  • A straight wig allows you to trim the edges whenever the need arises to keep it neater.

  • Straightened wigs are lengthier as compared to the wavy wigs.

  • Women wear the straightened wigs to alter their experience with the curly wigs.

  • You can create different styles on your straight wig as compared to one that is curly.

  • Maintaining healthy straight wigs is easy because of the maintenance products such as oil flow through it quickly.


Can you straighten your wavy wig?

Yes. It is possible to straighten your curly wig.

Straightening a wavy wig is possible. However, the wig must be human hair wigs because other materials such as synthetic fibres cannot sustain the heat since they can melt. Examples of curly wigs that can be straightened include Brazilian Peruvian and Malaysian hairs. Nevertheless, it is critical to note that even though some curly wigs can be straightened, the wavy pattern used could make it challenging to achieve the desired result. Consequently, the time spent to straighten a wig depends on the complexity of the wig pattern. The more complex the pattern is, then the more time will be spent in straightening the wig.

It is essential to note that though straightening a curly wig is possible, you should know that such practices are damaging to your hair. The process leads to hair loss and other issues such as loosening the lace that has held the wig together. Hence after straightening the wig, proper management should be attached to it to ensure that it has served for a prolonged period. Based on this, it is recommended that you should purchase a virgin straight wig that will help you when a need arises.


How to Straighten Your Curly Wig?

You can straighten your curly wig at home if you are creative enough and have ample time to go through the entire process. This practice is encouraged because it enhances saving money. Alternatively, the practice can also be carried out by an expert. This article will provide a tutorial on how you can straighten your wig at home without seeking intervention from experts.


Ensure that you have the following items before commencing with the process

  • Flat Iron

  • Wide-tooth comb

  • Air blower

  • Oil

  • Hairpin

  • Heat protectant

Steps to Follow to Straighten Your Curly Wig

  1. Wash your virgin wig. The first step involves washing and conditioning the twisted wig. You ought to be wary of the shampoo and conditioner being used such that it is gentle and friendly to straight hair.

  2. Use a towel to drain the water from your curly wig without making it dry. This is a critical stage because straightening a dry curly wig will lead to more damages to the hair such as breakages.

  3. Apply the heat protectant to prevent the wig from any form of damages that would result from using heat. Smear the wig with the oil as you prepare it to be blow-dried.

  4. Divide the wig into small segments which you will use hairpins to keep intact. Thus it becomes easy  to comb each part entirely and this makes the straightening process effective.

  5. The next step is the actual blow drying where you will be required to use an air blower to comb your curly wig. Consider alternating the settings of your air blow between hot and cold to ensure that you do not overheat your wig. The straightening process is continuous since you must blow dry each segments separately.

  6. After you are done with the straightening process, pick the wide-tooth comb and smoothen the hair by pulling it from side to side. You can also apply some additional oil to your liking.

  7. Trim the edges to keep a uniform and desired length of your wig.

Tips for caring for your hair during the straightening process

  • Here are some things you should consider during the straightening process to ensure that you do not damage your wig.

  • Do not blow-dry your curly wig when it is dry because it will result in additional breakups.

  • It is recommended that you should not exceed temperatures beyond 3500C.

  • While it is possible to alternate your wig from curly to straight and vice versa it is not recommended because exposing the hair to heat more often will lead to damaging the hair.

  • Be keen on the types of product you use during this process. You should emphasize on natural products since they will be able to keep the hair straight.

  • You should use a wide-tooth comb during the straightening process since it will spare the wig fibres from breaking and this reduces its lifespan.

For a woman, the hair is the most important feature that they have since it captures the attention first and creates an impression. twisted wigs are attractive, but it becomes annoying when you are used to the same style all that. This demand for a change to a straight wig to break the monotony and this does not require you to purchase a new wig. You can follow the steps above to make yourself a straight wig from the curly hair that you already have. However, this process requires prior planning to ensure that you have adequate time to move from one level to the other.


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