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wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

You cannot look your best without a gorgeous hairstyle. Period!

Do you also believe that having a head full of hair makes you stand out of the crowd no matter where you are? These days, hair weaving is trending as the most use hairstyle. You will see many celebrities with great weaves. Not only African American but American women are also weaving their hair to make them look attractive and appealing.

However, weaving can often damage your hair. That is why African American wigs are becoming very popular. Many brands are launching these wigs.

Let’s move forward and learn why these wigs are so popular, how many types of African American wigs are available out there in the market and how can you maintain these wigs.

Why are African American wigs popular?

Wearing wigs is an old and popular tradition in African American. The history of wigs is linked closely to African American since the ancient Egyptian times. Many excavations revealed human hair wigs in several shades and styles. Those wigs are as old as 1550 BC. These statistics show that African American had always been a home to wigs. That is why African American wigs are still trendy worldwide. Their wigs aren't only excellent in quality, but they are also the most natural-looking wigs with a variety of styles.

Moreover, it is a trend in African American culture that they consider sleek and lustrous hair as a sign of beauty. But we all know that no one has time to spend long hours sitting on that salon chair and spending so much of their hard-earned money every week. That is why wigs are the best escape in this scenario. It is quick, it is healthier than your natural hair, and it is a one-time investment.

Kinds of popular African American wigs

Popular short wigs

Short wigs are one of the most common styles women prefer in African American. The maintenance of such wigs is easy, and they also come at a much lower price due to their short length. Moreover, many women prefer looking younger, and that is why they prefer short wig styles.

Short African American wigs mostly come in the synthetic hair fiber. That is why they are easier to style too, and their price is lesser than human hair wig. Short hair wig is the best choice if you are a working lady and you don’t have time to maintain yourself. Just pop it on your head and go to work!

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

Long African American wigs 

Let’s talk about long African American wigs now. Short hair wigs are useful when you are in a hurry, or it is your work time, but what about those weekend parties where you want to look trendy and stylish?

That's where long hair wigs come to your rescue. These wigs, with long and secure locks and heavy volume, will go with any dress, and you will look fresh and lively wearing them. Although their price is a bit more than short hair wigs they are worth the money you pay for it.

Open Weft African American wigs

African American is one of the hottest places on earth. To beat the heat, people wear smart clothes and try to keep them away from the excessive scorching heat. But here comes the problem of wigs which stay on your head all day long.

Many African American ladies complain about irritation and allergies when they wear wigs all day long in the hot summer months. However, you can also overcome this problem by changing the style of your wig.

To cope with this problem, open weft African American wigs are becoming very popular these days. Open weft African American wig consists of an open weft cap. It is a basic cap which isn't wholly sewn. Thus, there are lots of open spaces between the hair fibers for ventilation and air passage. Thus, the air keeps on circulating with-in your wig throughout the day, and your head remains cool and fresh. Many African American women have claimed that they don’t feel like they are wearing a wig.

Thus, if you live in a hot climatic area like African American, then benefit yourself by using open weft African American wigs.

Curly African American wigs

Curls are an essential and favorite style in African American. You will see 60% of the girls in weaves, braids or curls. That is why curly African American wigs are also trendy over there. These wigs come with tight and stiff curls, so you need to smoothen them using conditioner or any other hair-softening product.

These curls stay for a long time and hence, they are the best return of your money.

How to take care of African American wigs                                                            wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

Step 1: Combing

The most common cause of wig breakage is rough combing. It is highly recommended not to brush your wig while you are wearing it. To comb it, take a wide-toothed comb, carefully take off your wigs and place it on a soft surface. Now brush it with a little force starting from the ends. Make sure you keep your hand light. Remove any frizzes with your fingers rather than directly combing them.

Step 2: Shampooing

Taking care of your wig is as crucial as taking care of your natural hair. Don't forget to shampoo your wig using a chemical-free shampoo twice a month. Use lukewarm water to wash it. Make sure you don't leave any product inside the wig as it can damage it over the long run.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

Step 3: Conditioning

To maintain the look and feel of your wig, make sure you condition it twice a month. Especially for human hair wigs, conditioning, it is essential to maintain its quality and smoothness. You can find specially formulated products in the market which are made explicitly for wigs, including conditioners. Therefore, use such custom designed conditioners to cleanse and maintain the originality of your wig.

Your wig will stay with you for a longer time if you follow the simple tips we have mentioned above.



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