Basic Facts about Bleached Knots on A Lace Wig

You feel uncomfortable if your wigs look like wearing fake hair. 

When you purchase the wigs, you ever notice some small pores on the lace cap. You have to bleach those tiny knots for natural-looking hairs.

That's because when wigs or weaves are made, the creators generally knot individual strands on the lace. On unbleached laces, they are visible. That looks fake and unnatural. Therefore, many people choose to bleach before wearing them.

Bleaching knots is important to your beautiful hairstyle. It makes your wig look more natural.

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Where Do Knots Come?

When making a wig, the wig hair is ventilated strand by strand on lace and then creates knots at the base. With these knots, hair strands would keep secure. But when dark or any other deep color hair is used, these knots would be visible as small dots, giving you the unnatural appearance of hair. So, some people would turn to bleach the knots to make their wig-wearing more naturally. For some bleaching knots, it may not be a pleasant task, this is why the article here wants to introduce some tips.

Following types of knots are used to prevent wigs observations most commonly;

1. Single Knots: Single knot ventilation techniques are usually done around the hairline, creating a tiny knot on the base. Single knots don’t require many hair strands as double knots. But If a lace wig is made completedly using the single knot technique, it tends to be more expensive.

2. Double Knots: Double Knots techniques are used to the rest of the wig cap after the hairline. It requires more hair strands and is securer than single knots.

Why Do You Need to Bleach Knots on Lace Wigs?

What makes it need the bleaching? A good wig is made by hand tying strands on the lace. This creates knots at the base of the lace wig. When you have a blond hair or any other light-colored wig and lace front, the knots aren’t as visible as on darker colored hairs. This means that you can use them without fearing that it will look unreal, but when you use dark hair strands, the knots become looks you have tiny dots on your scalp, which isn't looking pretty and pretend you have fake hairs, which is why people like to bleach it.


Bleached Knots Or Unbleached Knots?

Bleached Knots Or Unbleached? For anyone who is going to buy weaves, it’s always a hard choice.  But some people may think both of weaves are just the same, which is not true at all, the biggest difference when you bleach the knots and when you don't is that whether you have a natural look of the scalp. Bleached knots will create an illusion that your wig grows from your scalp, while unbleached knots will leave small dots on your base.

(1) Pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Bleached Knots:


It makes your wig look like natural hair growing from the scalp. Hairs become brittle and dry by bleaching it like your natural hair.
It mimics the natural scalp and won't tell people you' re wearing wigs. Hair strands start shedding if you can't properly bleach the lace wigs.
You will get rid of tiny seed-like knots on your scalp and express original hair.

You can’t bleach jet black hair. Black hair is regularly made of synthetic fiber. 

Pros and Cons of Unbleached Knots:

Pros  Cons 
Unbleached knots can be used for longer.

The knots on the base will be viable.

Hair shedding will not happen as faster as bleached ones. It gives you unnatural appearance when wearing wigs.



If you want that your wig hair looks like growing naturally from your scalp. You need to use bleach. In my opinion, you bleach your frontal lace wigs for natural-looking beautiful hairs. Don’t be afraid of the bleaching process. It’s an easy step, and you can do it yourself with little care. However, it is okay if you don't want to bleach. You can use concealer to lighten color temporarily, but if you want a more natural look you should be considered bleaching.



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