Lace front wigs are the personal favorite choice of stylists these days. From small town hair stylists to Bollywood stars, lace front wigs are rocking it all.

Lace front wigs have gained popularity owing to their natural and satisfying looks. They are present in a wide variety of options to choose from. Ranging from low to high quality and available in less and high prices, respectively. A good lace front wig might cost a nice amount for its quality but still, it shouldn’t compel you to sell a kidney for it (lol).

How much should be the Extra Amount?

As I have already told you about the demand for front hair wigs, it should not come as a surprise to you if I tell you they are fairly expensive as well. And considering the amount of work and options thy give you, it might be justified. So, no problems on the price tag at all.

Full lace wigs and lace frontals are very much liked by women all around the world. Women spend a good amount of money on wigs considering it to be a good investment for a long time rather than spending money on hair treatments every now and then, which also causes non-recoverable damage to your hair. The prices of lace front wigs vary drastically from $150 to even $3000.

A lot of people know that’s insane. Some people might be comfortable spending $3000 on a wig, but a common man thinks $300 are the most reasonable for a good lace front wig that would last somewhere between 6 months to almost 3 full years assuming they are taken proper care of.

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What Makes Wigs Expensive?

The price of a lace front wig can depend on many factors including the type of hair, the texture and also the type of lace sometimes.

· Type of Hair

The type of hair you choose for a lace frontal holds important value as there is a price difference between synthetic and human hair lace front wigs. Synthetic lace front wigs can be found between $25 and $60. This is due to the reason that synthetic fibers are used which does not hold that much value. Synthetic hair is liked only for their consistent hairstyle but human hair wigs are preferred because of many reasons including the natural texture and easy use of hair styling products and tools. Synthetic hair wigs also hold lesser audiences as they are mass made and not as intricate as handmade human hair wigs. Synthetic hair wigs made with premium hair fibers might have an elevated price.

The better option while choosing a lace front wig is buying a human hair lace front wig. Human hair lace front wigs provide a greater variety of textures to choose from. The wigs are made from human hair of different textures. The price of human hair lace front wigs ranges anywhere between $100 and $3000. The great difference of value is majorly due to the quality of the wig overall and the hairstylist. Different textures of hair also affect the price of the wig such that curly hair is expensive than wavy hair which costs more than straight hair. Bleaching or dying the hair can also add value to the price of the wig.

· Type of Wig Caps

A wig cap can play a major role in selecting the right type of lace front wig for you as spending money in the right place is necessary. The most common type of lace front wigs is 13x6 and 13x4. 13x6 lace front wigs are slightly expensive being more in demand. People who have a love for parting particularly choose 13x6 front lace wigs over 13x4 as the lace cap is manufactured in a way that allows overall 6 inches deep parting which is a good deal for anyone who loves hair parting. Also, the kind of material and technique of hair wigs matter a lot like monofilament wig caps are more breathable and comfortable than others, hence also cost a bit more.

· Type of Frontal Lace

A lot of people might not understand the importance but the front lace also adds to the price of a lace front wig. It might only seem to be a small part that merges well with the hairline but a good lace can give you the best wig experience. Usually, French laces or Swiss laces are used. French laces are more common in synthetic wigs. Swiss laces used in lace front wigs are more delicate it they give the perfect look to the lace front wig. This property of the Swiss lace also makes it expensive than the French lace.

· The Hairstylist

While choosing a good lace front wig, along with the material it is very important to select your wig weaver as well. An amateur hairstylist might be cheap but it might require you to redo your lace front human hair wig in a few months which would be a waste of money so it is advised to choose a suitable hairstylist that can provide you the style of your choice with best wig making. Human hair wigs are hand-tied very delicately and intricately and thus need proper care while making them. A good hairstylist might charge $600-$800 but this one-time investment would go a long way.

Should you Spend or Should You Not?

All these factors might play an important part in determining if the cost of the wig offered is justified or not but still the cost of a human hair lace front wig cannot be fixed for any reasons as they are handmade and require lots of effort. It’s always better to make a one-time investment when selecting wigs but never hesitate to make your research before buying a human hair lace front wig and only selecting what seems the best to you! Your front lace wig should be the most rocking when you slay it!

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