Are You Overheating Your Wigs?

Wigs have become the new trend for both hairstylists and domestic users. Women all over the world prefer buying Wigs and styling them rather than doing experiments on their own hair.
Therefore, while human hair wigs can act as a defense tool against harmful chemicals used in hair care products, they may be vulnerable to certain aspects like temperature themselves. Ultimately, it becomes necessary to look out for such factors.
Wondering if you are overheating your Wigs? Let’s have a look…
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The unknown mistakes

We all have a different perspective on how we do things.
Yes, even how we like to take care or style our Wigs. While you may think of doing something that you would not consider bad under normal conditions, it might be the worst thing you could do in that scenario, who knows?
Like ironing your Wigs at the highest temperature is a very common mistake, if you want an example. And it may start a fire, for a fact.
So, while you keep that in mind, think of what you could do wrong when it comes to the Wigs you have stored in your wardrobe.
Probably nothing, right? Wrong!
Call it misconceptions or misusage, most people do make critical mistakes that may endanger not only the health of their Wigs but also the people around their surroundings.
Here are some of the most common mistakes when dealing with heat and human hair wigs,
  • Using too much heat while ironing
  • Storing Wigs near a flame
  • Keeping them under direct sunlight
  • Using broken or too hot curling tools
  • Placing the Wigs in a very hot water bath while washing them
Many people practice the above-mentioned steps which, for the most part, are obvious mistakes but human nature suggests otherwise. Anyways, refrain from practicing the above-mentioned key points and use mild – normal heat while styling your Wigs.

What causes your Wigs to overheat?

Now, when it comes to overheating your Wigs, it may be because of artificial as well as natural reasons.
Here’s what possibly will cause your Wigs to overheat,

1. Overheating by Water

The first thing that can directly and majorly overhear your human hair wigs is the water you use to wash them.
Using very hot or hot water to clean your Wigs can significantly raise your wig's temperature to the point where it may get damaged.

2. Overheating by Hair Drier

Hair driers are the most common hair styling tool used all over the world. About 46 percent of women in the USA, daily use a hair drier to style their hair.
Thus, your hair drier can be a major contributor to the overheating of your beloved Wigs.
Blowing a hotter gust of air on to your human hair wigs can raise their temperature and damage the stitching of hair strands. Ultimately, this can lead to wig cap deformation and hair loss from the Wigs.

3. The Hot Summer Sun

It’s a sunny day, maybe you should try that cool wig you bought recently and take a bit of walk in the sunshine?
Not so fast!
Summer suns are especially hot and they can raise the temperature of normal human hair wigs as much as up to 40-45 degrees Celsius which is hot enough to cause a heat stroke.
Since the wig will be on your head this whole time, you might feel very uncomfortable. Thus, refrain from going outside when the sun is shining brightest. However, if it really demands that you should go out for whatever reason, take a bandana or a sunscreen with you.

4. Curling and Straightening Tools

The most dangerous of all the factors that can overheat your Wigs are the curling tools and hair straighteners. They can literally set your hair on fire.
Curling tools and hair irons can become extremely hot even with the slightest mistake and can cause serious fires.
They have, multiple times, damaged and set Wigs ablaze as reported by different news websites.
So, you should always pay keen attention to the temperature of your hair styling products whenever you are styling your lace front wigs.
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, hair wig

How to keep your Wigs from overheating!

If you have found that your wig is overheated for whatever reason, you may need to follow these instructions to keep it to the normal temperatures.

· Leave the Wig Be

The logical step after this would be to leave the wig as it is and wait until the temperature cools down. The air will suck out the high temperature and once the wig is on room temperature, you can go ahead and use it in any way you want.

· Refrain from Styling

If you have been styling your wig with hair driers, irons, curling tools, etc. you might want to stop that for a couple of days and give your wig a rest. This will compensate for the temperature changes and keep the damage done to the wig, to the minimum.

· Keep your Wigs Moisturized

The best way to keep your Wigs from overheating is by keeping them as moisturized as possible. Now, this may seem like a wise thing to do because it really is!
The moisture absorbs heat and does not let it reach the Wigs, thus, keeping them from overheating.

· Don’t Use the Wigs in High-Temperature Environments

Another step to not let your Wigs overheat is by keeping them in cold environments. As far as they are from a heat source, just as less they will absorb any heating radiations.
Typically, ovens, direct sunshine, electric heaters, etc. are the main causes of the involuntary overheating of a wig.

Final Words

It has been observed that overheating Wigs generally reduces their lifespan. Making the hair wefts and wig caps weaker and weaker, the Wigs are normally destroyed by the overwhelming heat of irons and blow driers overtime.
Anyways, keep the above points in your mind when you are checking your Wigs for overheating and you should be good to go. Happy Wigging!

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