Are Human Hair Wigs Expensive?

When we talk about wigs, 100% human hair wigs come in the most natural wigs category. They can be quite expensive because of their total being human. But do not forget that they are worth the price you pay. The blended human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs can be less expensive, but they are also not of high quality as compared to human hair wigs. The human hair wigs can cost from $700 to $3000 depending upon the length, color, and styles.

Having a perfect hair day is the most important thing for a lady. It boosts up the confidence and makes you feel great and awesome for the whole day. Here are a few things you need to know before going to spend your money on human hair.

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First, all human hair is not created in the same way. They can be different just like naturally different hair of anyone. If you think they are expensive then they will be perfect, then it is not right all the time. There can be quality differences always. That’s why it is better to keep your needs and desires before buying these expensive wigs.

Secondly, you pay price and get value. A good cap takes dozen of hours to make and fine craftsmanship involves in it so that you could wear style and elegance. So, it is better to think this way that your spent money hasn’t gone in lame.

Moreover, you can also save your time and money you waste at hair salons. You get a whole lot of effort in getting curls or color or haircut. So it’s perfect to have a hair extension that is already colored or styled in your desired haircut.

For looking beautiful, it is not a bad thing to spend some money on you. Human hair can be expensive, but they have a lot of perks that you will forget about the money you spend. We will discuss this thing later that how and why purchasing a human hair wig can be worthy but before that, we will take about the human hair wigs compared with synthetic wigs and will know the difference between these two.

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

It is quite difficult to select an appropriate hair wig when you have no experience with it. By seeing too many options that may or may not look perfect apparently, you can get overwhelmed. This thing can make you select the wrong type of hair extensions which you can regret later. So before spending your thousands, first get some knowledge about different wigs and then go for buying one that suits your needs and budget.

Natural human hair is the ones which directly comes from human and act like the real ones. Whereas, synthetic hair is made of artificial fibers processed to be looked like real and natural human hair. So one is natural and the other is artificial. Apparently, they may seem the same but beneath the surface, they have differences.

Here we will talk about the pros and cons of both types of hair extensions.

  • Versatile – Human hair wigs are versatile when it comes to styling. They can be colored or styled quite easily just like natural hair. On the other hand, synthetic hair cannot be straightened or curled nor colored. Although, there are heat-friendly synthetic hair wigs also available there are still many limitations in it regarding styling.

  • Texture – human hair wigs come in human hair texture which is so many. You can buy one match to your own hair texture for getting it more real. The synthetic hair wigs, however, have unnatural shine which makes it look artificial than natural.

  • Longevity – Human hair has long-lasting time as compared to synthetic hair. They typically remain for 4 to 6 months maximum.

  • Color Selection – The natural hair does not come in too many color options as compared to synthetic hair. You can find too many colors in the synthetic hair category which is good but not as good in front of other advantages of human hair.

So, it has come into the knowledge that human hair wigs are much better than synthetic hair in terms of reliability, shine, styling flexibility. The human hair wigs are weather reactive as they can get frizzy or dry in different weather conditions.

Why Human Hair Wigs are worthy of your purchase?

Ever wondered why wigs are so much expensive? Just like clothes and shoe brands, wigs are also the apparel item and need craftsmanship skills. Purchasing a wig is worth the investment and buyers buy them because of their reliability and long-term usage. Human hair wigs have some features that make them worth the purchasing.

Customization is one of the major factors you pay for. You want small hair, curly hair, colorful hair or any other type of hair, you have the options. The expensive wigs are made according to the fitting sized that is why it does not bring any issue regarding the size while wearing it.

  • Natural Hair Used

The human hair wigs have natural hair which directly comes off from someone else’s head or not the artificial ways that increase their demand and people prefer to buy them rather than buying synthetic wigs.

  • Durability

The human hair as we also discussed earlier, is more reliable and long-lasting than any other kind of hair because they do not need too much maintenance and care. So it is worthy to spend thousands on one durable wig that multiple rough wigs.

  • Styling

The human hair can be styled in any way just like natural hair which makes them more valuable and demanding. So, the services of stylizing come at a heavy price.

  • Installation

Wigs do not mean to tell someone that you are wearing a wig. And natural human hair makes it sure. So it is a worthy thing that people actually assume that these beautiful and shiny silky hair is your own.


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