All You Need To Know About Pixie Human Hair Wigs

It is usually challenging for many people, who have long hair and wish to know how they will look like if they cut their hair short. Some make mistakes while cutting their hair short, and they do end up looking funny. However, mistakes are inevitable, and the fact remains that; you can always go for driving tests before getting yourself a car.
Pixie human hair wigs can also be best for people who are going through treatments, which require shaved hair. For these people, they can wear these wigs as they wait for their natural hair to grow back. The design of pixie human hair wigs is in such a way that it is shorter in length. For that reason, you have to make sure that you wear it well before it wears you.  
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How to Rock a Pixie Human Hair Wig
  1. Soften your bangs
Choose the side of your face that will look beautiful with your bangs, to enhance softening of severe pixie cuts. Nevertheless, we all have different hair types. For those with top layers of their hair being longer, you will have to pull your bangs to one side, with the help of a round brush, smaller in size, and then blow-dry it.
If you want to achieve short bangs, flat iron your hair over your face, and then use your fingers to part it into some sections.
  1. Add hair products to your human hair wigs
Hair products will add some beautiful textures to your hair. With your favorite hair product on hand, massage it through your hair ends, as you try to pull your hair up and out. To smoothen the product, run some gel or hair wax through your hair using your palm, and then slick your hair back using a comb.
  1. Add volume to your hair
With short hair, you can achieve any size you desire. To begin with, add some lightweight volumizer to your pixie human hair wigs, and then go on with blow-drying it. For large hair volumes, you can choose to blow dry it upside down.
  1. Create a smooth and shiny finish
You will need some heat protecting serum to do this step effectively. Start with preheating your flat iron as you apply some considerable amount of the serum to your hair. After that, straighten the small sections of your hair using the flat iron.
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Different Styles You Can Apply To Pixie Human Hair Wigs
  1. Curly Pixie Wigs
You will need a curling iron to create waves in these hairpieces. Nonetheless, you will first have to spray heat protectant to your hair and then preheat your curling iron on a heat setting depending on the texture of your human hair wigs. Clamp some thin sections of your hair in the curler, and be keen to hold your curler in the right angle, preferably in a vertical position with a forward-facing clasp.
Continue wrapping the hair around the curler, until the curler reaches the roots of your hair. Finish off by loosening the curls by using your fingers to comb the hair. Do not forget to spray it so that the coils can last longer.
  1. Layered Pixie Cut
You will be going with thin hair sections because you will have to cut through the entire hair. So, pull a comb through the hairline, locate your fore and middle fingers behind the comb to make a V-shape, and then close them to cut the hair below them. Carry out the same process throughout the hairline.
Go ahead and use a rat-tail comb to separate the front part of the hair from the back. Each vertical piece on both sides of the ear should meet on the top of the head. After that, comb all the hair in front of your ears in a forward direction.
Cut all the vertical sections of your pixie human hair wigs on the back center of the head, and then proceed with cutting horizontal sections across the vertical ones. With the help of a fine-toothed comb, brush your hair upwards. Finish by creating a soft and round line, which follows the shape of your head.
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Reasons as To Why You Should Try Pixie Human hair Wigs
It is never too late to make inquiries. After all, no one knows everything, but through asking or research, we become rich in knowledge. Below are a few advantages of pixie wigs:
  1. Versatility
With pixie human hair wigs, you can change to any hairstyle that you want, until you reach to one that matches perfectly with the shape of your face. They come in either human or synthetic hair. However, human hair wigs always dominate over synthetic hair because it is 100% natural, and has the feature of styling versatility, even with hot styling tools.
Other than styling versatility, they also come in different textures. As an illustration, some may be straight or curly, while others may be in layers. You can hence, try to apply different textures to the same hair to achieve one that will suit your face or occasion.
  1. You Can Recolor Pixie Wigs
It is possible to change from one color to the other with pixie hair wigs. You can choose to either dye or bleach them. Furthermore, dying or bleaching these hairpieces is one way of giving your natural hair some relaxation or a break from recoloring it frequently.
  1. You Can Run a Test with Pixie Wigs
As said earlier, cutting long hair needs some commitments, and short hair may not suit everyone. For that reason, you can take a test using a pixie cut wig since they are economical and you can easily find them in beauty shops.
These hairpieces come in different styles; so, you can try various hairpieces to reach the one that matches your nape of your neck and the shape of your face too. Another advantage is that you will not have to pay first before dressing them to test them, so, you will be sure of making a wise decision.
Know Your Worth with Pixie Wigs
You can find your beauty with pixie human hair wigs. You only need to learn how you can rock in them when you purchase them, how you can apply different styles to them, and their benefits. Short hair is still beautiful, but it will be more appealing if you wear a wig above it.
Explore Your Beauty with Pixie Wigs
You will never know which type of pixie human hair wig looks good on you unless you try it. It is conditional to your bone structure and the features on your face, for example, your face shape and skin tone.  
Finally, yet importantly, try to enhance your looks by wearing soft clothes so that people do not confuse you with another gender.

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