I’m Using Dry Shampoo to Care for My Wigs!

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Wig care holds great importance for people who love their wigs. Whether it be human hair wigs or synthetic ones, both need good care for good looks. Virgin human hair wigs require the same kind of care our bio hair needs. From washing, drying, detangling to ironing and styling the hair, there is a set of hair care tips that can save your hair from any kind of damage. The use of the right hair care products also matters a lot for better hair. The shampoos, conditioners, serums used must be designed for the particular hair type. Dry shampoo is also a beneficial option that gives you an excess oil-free hair wig without frequent washing.

Dry Shampoos and your Hair

Dry shampoos are not a recently introduced product but they have gained quite a popularity in the past years. I consider dry shampoos to be a revolutionary product as they let you wash your hair without actually taking a shower. Where shampoos let you get rid of the oil present in the human hair wigs, dry shampoos simply absorb the extra oil.

Types of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has been used to reduce oil in the hair for a very long time but what if I tell you that there’s more to that magical powder than only oil absorption! Dry shampoos are of two types, one that absorbs oil and one that adds volume to your hair. Women have been loving this hack but now it is available commercially as two separate types with their particular properties to use in human hair wigs of any kind.

  • Volumizing Shampoo

This kind of dry shampoo is lighter and less powdery. It contains alcohol content more which makes it better for volumizing than grease cutting. This means you can also have the voluminous look without using a lot of hair strands.

  • Oil Absorbing Shampoo

The main purpose of dry shampoo has always been oil cutting from the hair. This kind of shampoo has more starch and is denser. This removes even the tiniest bit of oil but is sure to remove it from the wig as it leaves a residue afterwards.

Why Is Dry Shampoo So Popular?

You love that lip tint that doubles up as a blush or the conditioner you can use as a shaving cream? That’s because we all love multitaskers! Dry shampoo is the boss of multitasking owing to the number of benefits it provides.


More washes mean more damage to the human hair wig. Why? Because commonly the shampoos being used have sulfates which are not good for the hair. The more you wash your hair means the more amount of chemicals you put into them. This can result in drying of hair and also thinned hair strands which are more susceptible to breakage. Dry hair lets to have more gap between washes and saves you from the harm of these unwanted chemicals to give your human hair wigs a better lifetime.

  • Adds Volume

We all love to try the easiest and helpful hacks in our everyday lives. If you do not have the voluminous dry shampoo then you can use your regular oil reducing dry shampoo and apply a bit on the scalp. Brush it off to leave just enough to add volume to your human hair wig.

  • Less Heat Damage

Often in hurry, after washing our hair wig we grab the hairdryer and give our hair a blow-dry to dry them quickly. With less hair wash your human hair wig also experience less heat treatment preventing more damage.

  • Saves Time

Need to get to the office and woke up just 15 minutes early? Who got the time to wash your human hair wig, apply conditioner and blow dry it! On a late morning, dry shampoos come as the ultimate savior. Just sprinkle a little bit of it on our scalp and leave to let it absorb the oil and then brush off. All done in 5 minutes without any wait.

  • Fragrance

Dry shampoos not only remove the oil from your human hair wig but also give a refreshing fragrance to the hair.

  • Convenience

Many of having experienced leaked or busted conventional shampoo bottles in our overpacked luggage bags while traveling. Dry shampoo saves you from this hassle and worries as well provided that it comes in powder form which is convenient to carry and travel-friendly. Also, you can enjoy your vacation not worrying about your oily hair wig when you got this magic powder in your luggage.


Dry shampoo does not have any disadvantages if you use it in moderation. It works well if used for touch up once or twice in a week but using it every day can cause accumulation of the powder resulting in clogged pores.

Styling products should be avoided on the human hair wig after applying drying shampoo as it dries your air and can result in more heat damage.

How Do Dry Shampoos Work?

Dry shampoo basically works by absorbing the extra oil in our scalp. But where does this oil come from? Our scalp has hair follicles from which not only new hair sprout but they also produce sebum. Sebum is a natural oil that helps to keep your hair soft and smooth. When this oil is not washed, it accumulates and makes the hair greasy. The dry shampoo contains starch or alcohol that helps absorb these oils making the scalp cleaner and free of oils.

How to Use Dry Shampoo?

Using dry shampoo is very simple and does not require any expertise. You can apply the dry shampoo while wearing your human hair wig, very easily.

  • Firstly, remove any hair accessories like clips or bands from your hair wig.
  • Sprinkle or spray the dry hair keeping it 6 inches away from the scalp. Do not forget to spray it properly at the back as well for proper coverage.
  • Massage the dry shampoo into your human hair wig and let it settle.
  • Additionally, you can also blow-dry your hair for a couple of seconds to get the perfect volume.

Final Words

Using a dry shampoo to tame your wig hair and keep them free of oil is a better option than washing them frequently. This saves them from chemical damage and provides quick styling!

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